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Happiness Hangout, November 29, 2017


Happiness Hangout with Lori Peters will be discussing how to lower holiday stress with the help of your loved one. Instead of getting annoyed, learn how to work together in harmony to have a much more peaceful holiday season.Guest David Schroeder, LMSW and Life Coach will be joining me.

Guest, David Schroeder

Guest Occupation: 
Licensed Social Worker and Life Coach

Guest Name, Elise Hicks, Quantum Astrologer

Elise Hicks, Quantum Astrologer exclusively offering S.P.A. for the SOUL™
Elise Hicks, Quantum Astrologer
Quantum Astrologer exclusively offering S.P.A. for the SOUL™

Elise Hicks has been a practicing astrologer and metaphysician since her father’s gift of an astrology reading for her eighteenth birthday.  What was truly special about this gift is the fact that he had been given only six months to live when she was just twelve years old.  Happily, he lived nine years longer!

His healing journey became the white rabbit event that triggered much discovery for both of them.  She often refers to her Dad as her first guru.   Now, some 40 years later, her studies have evolved into a field that incorporates metaphysics, quantum physics, and psychology into her astrology practice.   Her goal is to empower her clients into self-discovery and limitless possibility.

Guest, Janet “JJ” Sawyer

Guest Occupation: 
Consultant, Life Coach, Business Coach

The Holistic Health Show, November 4, 2017

The Holistic Health Show with Dr Carl O Helvie

The Holistic Health Show with Dr Carl Helvie and guests Clayten Stedmann and Jeffrey Stegman, Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE)


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