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Words Women and Wisdom Show with Yvonne E L Silver

Guest, Julia Langley, founder for LANGLEY ENTERTAINMENT: Create Confident Commanding Keynotes

Guest, Frank Leeb, Deputy Assistant Chief in the Fire Department of New York, Author and Speaker

Guest, MaKenzie Tiegs, Podcast Host of Raw Thoughts Podcast and Former Paramedic

Guest, Paul Combs, Fine Artist, Illustrator, Cartoonist, and Firefighter/EMT

Guest, Laura G. Hanson, Former SWAT Operator, Certified High Performance Coach, Wellness Coordinator and Author

Guest, Michael Laidler, Author, Speaker, Federal Corrections Training Officer and Former LEO

Guests, Dr. Pamela Arnell and Nick Davis, Executive Director 22ZERO and Founder 22ZERO

Guest, Shawn Thomas, Founder of 1st Responder Conferences and Retired Sheriffs Deputy

Guest, Chad Michael Bruckner, Former LEO, Author, Motivational Speaker