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Guest Name
Allen Sovory
Allen Sovory, Songwriter, Performer and Knowphest Founder
Guest Occupation
Songwriter, Performer, Knowphest Founder
Guest Biography

Allen Sovory is an established figure in the Los Angeles studio scene, and has toured with Lenny Kravitz and Sheryl Crow. A successful songwriter and performer in his own right with a critically-acclaimed album; his talents have been called upon by Eric Clapton, Disney, and 20th Century Fox. In recent years Sovory has been in a hiatus as Allen embarked on a profound inward journey that led him to a greater understanding of our Universe and the conscious force that connects us to each other. Re-emerging into a largely unexplored realm of creative expression Sovory will be serving KNOWPHEST with a powerful new kind of performance that engages its audience in life-changing meditation.

KNOWPHEST is produced and managed by Next Level Consciousness, LLC, a California-based Event Production and Media Firm that promotes and encourages positive self-expression, sustainable business practice, and a shift in education. It is owned and operated in partnership by Allen Sovory II and Caleb Bartlett. Both are entertainment industry veterans who are working toward positive change in the world.