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Breaking The Silence with Dr Gregory Williams

Guest, Wykesha Dixon, Bay Area Turning Point, Shelter and childcare services, outreach and education, help from domestic violence

EMDR Clinician, Trauma Consultant for Emergency Responders, Retired State Trooper

The Spark with Stephanie James

Guest, Jaemin Frazer, Author, TEDx speaker, coach, The Insecurity Cure

True Voice with Dr Fred with guest Sam Morris

Leadership Brilliance, Bad demographics and clients, activating amazing individuals, the true voice course

Breaking The Silence with Dr. Gregory Williams and guest Dr. Tracey Marks, Psychiatrist and Author

Breaking The Silence with Dr Gregory Williams

Guests, Cendie Stranford, Sandra Golden, Melissa Baltazar, Jason Melendez and Ruth Salady

Sound Healing with David Gibson

All the frequencies for all the different parts of the body

The Reality of PTSD When Children Die

Throughout his 46-year career as a Fire Captain and Investigator, Patrick Wills had seen more than his share of trauma and death, but it wasn’t until he responded to a tragic fire that claimed the lives of three young sisters that he unknowingly descended into total PTSD.