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The Spark with Stephanie James

Guest, David Essel, positive thinking movement

True Voice with Dr Fred

Global Madness, Working together to solve a global problem, Acceptance of purpose

Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator Peter Elste works closely with Clinician Scott Alvord on the Danbury Police Crisis Intervention Team. Together, they respond to calls involving mental and behavioral issues to help connect people to available services.

Mindfulness and performance consultant for the military and first responders and athletes

True Voice with Dr Fred

Guest, Anders Gustafson, fishing guide, wilderness protector, and entrepreneur.

Breaking The Silence with Dr Gregory Williams

Guest host, Curt Williams, with guest Tiodolo De La Garza, AODA Therapist at the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center

Sonny Provetto is a former state trooper, EMDR clinician and a trauma consultant for police departments and emergency responders nationwide. He runs the Vermont Center for Responder Wellness, a comprehensive treatment center for first responders, which uses a multi-disciplinary approach to healing traumatic stress.

The Spark with Stephanie James

The Longevity of Love; A User's Guide with Gene Gates

Gene Gates is an exceptional human being.  He is truly one of the funniest and most open hearted people I have ever met. His current career is  as the president of Gene Gates & Associates, a full-stack sales, marketing, communications, and podcast company and president of Podcast Architecture. 

For over two decades he and his wife were hosts of an award winning morning radio show, The Gene and Julie Show. 

Crisis Team Coordinator and Crisis Clinician

True Voice with Dr Fred

A voice traveling through the world, piercing through noise, becoming activated, vocalizing back