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Beekeeper, Educator, Beekeeping Facilitator, Honey Farm Co-Owner, Apiarist, Mead Producer, Honey Producer
Teacher, Beekeeper, Honey Wine Hobbiest, Bee Researcher, Mead Producer, Apiarist, Honey Farm Co-Owner
Molecular Biologist, Bioregenesis Researcher, Scientist
Author, Religion Blogger, Researcher, Writer, Reiki Master, Bioenergetic Healer, Chi Healer, Columnist
Neurosurgeon, Nutritional Product Formulator, Neuroscience Researcher, Writer, Author
Professor, Chair, Inventor, Reviewer, Doctor, Nutrition and Weight Loss Researcher, Editor, Writer
Transcendental Meditator, Mystical Experience Doctor, Professor, Teacher, Writer, Workshop Facilitator, Researcher, Doctor in Comparative Religions, Humanitarian, Editor, Lecturer, Trainer, Author
Author, Traveler, Dancer, Flower Essences Researcher and Developer
Doctor of Medicine, Hospitalist, Writer, Author, Consultant, Researcher
Wellness Coach, Nutrition Educator, Culinary Expert, Author, Entreprenuer