Jasmine Iwaszkiewicz

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Jasmine Iwaszkiewicz
Jasmine Iwaszkiewicz
Cold Springs
Personal Development Sopecialist, Seminar Facilitator, The Academy of LIFE Cofounder, Master Life Guide, Properity Coach, Journey Practitioner, Reconnective Healer, Talk Show Host

Jasmine Iwaszkiewicz
Personal Development Specialist
Seminar Facilitator

Jasmine – Co-Founder of The Academy of LIFE – is a Master Life Guide and Prosperity Coach, Accredited Journey Practitioner and Reconnective Healer

Having healed excessive abuse and trauma in her own life, Jasmine is able to address with ease, compassion, wisdom and undertsanding any challenge that may be impeding her clients’ happiness, health and overall well-being.

With a very direct, compassionate and multi-dimensional approach, Jasmine brings clarity, openness, awareness and resolution to her healing and guidance sessions.

Jasmine is gifted at assisting people to find freedom from inner turmoil and physical dis-ease. Guiding others to neautralize limiting beliefs, supersede past experiences, overcome suffering, release core cellular memory, discharge repressed emotions and create a new life from the inside out is Jasmine’s passion and joy.

By accessing heightened states of consciousness with her clients’, information and awareness come from the subconscious mind. Once this is brought into conscious awareness, permanent and immediate change and healing can, and does, take place. Providing practical skills that can be applied in daily life allows for Jasmine's clients to elegantly and independantly transform every facet of their lives.

Constantly evolving, Jasmine is able to bring healing and practical LIFE integration to all people regardless of issue, experience, age, gender or belief.

As an author and group facilitator, Jasmine is highly regarded by those whom work with her.

Additional healing modalities Jasmine may use during a session include: Universalis, Shamanism, Quantum Touch, NLP, Hands on Body Work and much more...

Jasmine is available for: Individual Sessions, Relationship Sessions, Energy Healing, Facilitators Training and Workshops.