Benjamin Schmidt

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Benjamin Schmidt
Benjamin Schmidt
Cold Springs
Personal Development Specialist, Seminar Facilitator, The Academy of LIFE Cofounder, NLP Master Practitioner, Neuro LInguistic Programming, Counseling Hypnotist, Reconnective Healer, Trainer, Talk Show Host

Personal Development Specialist
Seminar Facilitator
Benjamin Schmidt

Benjamin – Co-Founder of The Academy of LIFE - is a Certified: NLP Master Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming), Counseling Hypnotist and Reconnective Healer.

Benjamin’s strength lies in his gentle warm character, and his practical approach to healing and personal evolution. Being naturally curious about people, relationships and communication, he studied Psychology, Business Management and Philosophy at the University of Toronto.

Benjamin’s desire to live a happy life, and to help others do the same, propelled him to face, and heal his own suffering. He applied compassion, understanding, love and integrity to free himself from the games of power, abuse, and conflict he experienced in his body, and his relationships.His search for “how to be happy - simply” and “what works permanently” inspired Benjamin to study with many Master Healers and Teachers. He specifically understudied Masters who consistently produced lasting results with their clients.

Benjamin Schmidt noticed a common thread amongst the modalities he practiced and studied. He discovered that profound change happens quickly and easily when an altered state of consciousness is accessed, allowing for previously unconscious resources to be mobilized.

Benjamin specializes in blending modern healing methods with traditional shamanistic healing concepts. He teaches his clients how to easily move in and out of altered states of consciousness, and to access the core of their issues.Benjamin then guides his clients to construct new ways of moving past difficulties with Love, Integrity, Freedom, and Empowerment.

Benjamin has mastered the art of helping his clients create new perspectives and experiences. This makes change timely and uncomplicated. His clients’ ability to apply these healing tools independently in their own worlds is Benjamin’s ultimate goal.

Benjamin is available for: Individual Sessions, Relationship Sessions, Energy Healing, Workshops and Facilitators Training. He is also Fluent in the German Language.