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Perto Herrera
Perto Herrera
Author, Human Rights Activist, Speaker, Radio Host, Humanitarian,

Author, Human Rights Activist, Speaker, Radio host, Humanitarian, Sexual Abuse Survivor, Civil War Survivor.

…After miraculously surviving the most horrid-unimaginable- unenviable sexual abuse as a boy…

A native of Chalatenango, El Salvador, Perto left his village to San Salvador, as a refugee, then forced to serve in the guerilla forces, finally escaped to Guatemala, then to Mexico and then to Los Angeles and lived in the san Fernando valley, northern California and Tucson before moving to Houston.

Perto has worked as an agricultural worker, medical assistant, catechism instructor, Radio operator, nurse assistant, textile factory, admitting clerk, and home health staffing coordinator supervisor. perto has volunteered as a red cross blood processor, health and safety bilingual instructor. in 1997 perto organized his own company Ph homecare mgmt, llc. provided caregivers training, caregivers services, and care case management. After successfully managing his own company for 15 years, Perto Herrera became an author and continued his calling to help needy people, especially victims of sexual abuse and/or trapped in poverty......

Herrera himself is a survivor of severe sexual molestation and abuse, as a young boy raised in a poverty-stricken family in a small village in El Salvador. The personal lessons learned had led the author to fulltime writing, speaking, and philanthropic efforts to help sexual abuse victims and individuals trapped in poverty......

Three to four times a year Herrera travels to meet face-to-face with sexual abuse victims, parents and family members of victims, and men who are abusers. In 2010 on an early trip to El Salvador, Perto actually met two of the men who sexually abused him as a boy, talked with them, hugged them, and forgave them. His message to victims is how to survive and escape from abuse through courage, faith, and concerted action. His message to parents is to believe their children and protect them, among anything and anybody......

Perto also has paid the costs to send six children to college to escape poverty and enter professions such as law, business and teaching. He has pledged to spend 75 percent of the proceeds from his books and conferences to help needy and/or abused persons. Perto’s personal story of abuse is told in his first book, “The Invincible Flying Eagle” … “El Aguila Invencible Volando” Book One. This painful and shocking memoir tells the story of how Perto was abused by 11 people (nine men and two women) over a period of five years until the day his saving grace – in the form of an eagle, attacked his most dangerous abuser. The eagle, Perto believes to be a messenger from God, guided him toward a safer place and a new chance at life...... I believed and understood the message and the messenger Perto says:

After escaping from his village as a pre-teen, Perto was captured by guerrilla forces and forced to serve as a child warrior in the rebel army. After refusing to use a rifle to kill anyone, Perto was punished several times but ended up being a radio operator for the commanding general. After lying to a priest about wanting to become a priest, Perto escaped the Army with the help of monks and lived in two convents in Central America before escaping to Mexico and then to the United States......

Summing up his mission, Herrera says: “I want the needy ones and victims of abuse to know that they are not alone anymore. I am here for them as they strive toward the pinnacles of personal recovery.”......

...True forgiveness can mend and heal broken relationships and renew the person who forgives to emotional wholeness and physical well-being. This includes broken relationships with ourselves. … Men who are victims of sexual abuse don’t like to talk about their experiences which is why very few men will write a book about being molested as a helpless young boy of seven. And no author, except Perto Herrera, will write a book filled with raw, graphic, shocking and horrid details about those experiences. …But Perto Herrera did exactly that in “The Invincible Flying Eagle” “El aguila invencible volando” because he wants readers to come to grips with the reality of childhood abuse and understand just exactly what ‘sexual abuse entails’. …Do to my passion when I talk about “The Super Power of Forgiveness” I like to see the reaction (for good) on people when they become aware of that I am not a pastor, nor a priest yet I talk about forgiveness. I can see validity and trust on people, what goes through their minds is if Perto is not a pastor, a priest, or an evangelist – Christian Preaching guy. Then he has the tools I need to learn how to live a happy life in the present by releasing the past. Perto says. …I have a mission on this planet to help the needy and/or abused persons, Perto says. …I don’t have to be famous and/or rich to help the needy and/or abused persons. I have a unique way of doing it, whether by fundraising for small organizations or with the proceeds from the sales of my books and conferences, Perto says. ...I am against any kind of abuse and surely against any war. Who profits from it? Who are the winners? Who are the losers? ...Finding the truth about -Wanting -Having -Needing -I must have it -I'm okay if I don't have it. What kind of behavior is that? Good? Or bad? …Judging or bullying somebody else is an attack to our own integrity.