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Dietitian, Nutritionalist, Speaker, Clinical Nutrition Specialist, Consultant, Academic Instructor, Researcher, Vegetarian Hall of Fame, Author
Poet, Fund Raiser, Social Worker, Inspirational Speaker, Diagnosised with Polio, Author
Clinical Psychologist, Cognitive Therapist, Trainer, Professional Advisor, Lecturer, Writer, Journalist
Medical Doctor, Surgeon, Diplomate, Lecturer, Natural Health Specialist, Author
Patient Advocate, Author, Thyroid Desease Researcher, Patient Care Activis
Linguist, Former U.S. Marine, Naturopathic Doctor, Consultant
Singer, Actress, Author, Investigative Reporter, Raw Food Advocate
Natural Products Developer, Community Supporter, Founder
Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist, Physician, Integrative Medicine Researcher
Otolaryngologist, Surgeon, Author, Assistant Professor, Integrative Medicine Reseacher