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Guest Name
Heather Clarke
Guest Occupation
Midwife, Holistic Health Provider, Alternative Healer, Integrative Medicine Doctorate
Guest Biography

Heather Clarke answered the call to become a midwife over 30 years ago. After graduating from Columbia University with a masters degree in midwifery, she attended over 1,000 babies and cared for countless more women from adolescence to post menopause. Her career has been driven by the obsession to find “the most holistic” way to care for women –mind, body and spirit, and a search for the key to overcome her own health challenges. These forces led her to study various forms of alternative healing practices including herbology, homeopathy, yoga, acupressure and harmonic medicine, and prenatal/perinatal psychology. In 2004 after completing a 2 year doctoral program in Integrative Medicine Heather expanded her midwifery practice to incorporate more alternative modalities.