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Guest Name
Colette Lundy
Guest Occupation
Founder of Harmony Pathways, Personal Development Strategist, Guide, Group Dynamic Facilitator, Personal Coach, Corporate Trainer, Reiki Master, Diversity Facilitator, Author
Guest Biography

Colette 'IyaLe' Lundy is the founder of Harmony Pathways.  She is a spiritually based personal development strategist and guide.  She works with individuals and groups who are ready to embrace positive change and move to higher levels of effectiveness, satisfaction and joy in their lives.

She is a results focused, master weaver of gentle yet transformational experiences; a seasoned facilitator who utilizes her expertise in group dynamics, cultural diversity, personal coaching and corporate training to promote creative approaches to living and working.

Having spent many years studying with master healers of various cultural traditions, she is an adept guide, creating sacred space where all can witness their natural power and beauty.  Her ability to transform emotive topics into practical life experiences that we all share is uncanny.

Colette's work continues to evolve and she continues to study and be influenced by many of the world's great spiritual traditions.  She continues to deepen her personal understanding of Spirit and shares all that she discovers.

Colette believes in the healing power of community in our lives.  Her ideas are intuitively persuasive and provacative, yet gentle and supported by sound practical advice.  She is a Reiki Master, Certified Diversity Facilitator, Spiritual Empowerment Guide, Author, Wife and most precious to her....Mother.

And, so it is that many call her  IyaLe