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Voices of Courage, November 28, 2019

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Voices of Courage
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Guests, Liza Maribel, Liza Maribel Foundation, and Sharon Wilson, Coaching From Spirit Institute

Voices of Courage with Ken D Foster

The Courage to Express Gratitude - Become a gratitude master and taking your life to a new level!

Guests, Liza Maribel, Liza Maribel Foundation, and Sharon Wilson, Coaching From Spirit Institute


Guest, Liza Maribel was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and came to America to build a better future.

Liza Maribel was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and came to America to build a better future. During the peaks of her career in Silicon Valley high-tech world, she faced some very drastic life  changing events; She became a single mom while struggling with cancer and eventually faced homelessness. Liza Maribel knows at first hand, how a single parent can struggle with the challenge of raising a responsible, caring child that feels safe and protected amid all the unexpected circumstances.

She knows how hard it was for her, at times not having enough money for food or to cover some medical bills or rent. Money was very tight, and as many single parent knows, there is no one to lean on. Liza has carefully and compassionately identified the needs for single family homes and is determined to help lessen the load as she becomes an extended family to many who feel this challenge!

She is a wise, compassionate and hard working woman who has a deep love for God, family, and her community.


Guest, Sharon Wilson Coaching From Spirit Institute

For over 20 years, Sharon has served her thousands of private clients and students as a spiritual business and life mentor to support them to shift from worry, fear, anxiety, doubt and limitation to increased confidence and a practical, deeper connection to their inner guidance and business skills to be able to navigate the bumps of life and business with more peace − no matter what is happening around them.

Sharon's experience has taught her that out of any experience somehow, someway… good always prevails.

She believes WE are all one and there is one God and God is Love Energy. Regardless of what you call that power, her work is Universal in its approach, while she maintains very deep connections to how she was raised.

Sharon mentors thousands of people in her online member site, Empowered Business Community and via her bi-monthly podcast, The Spiritually Persistent Entrepreneur.

She also hosts the Empowered Business and Life Series that provides monthly webinar training to support people on how to use their life’s work as an opportunity to be a conduit for Divine Love energy in the world and make a good living too!

Sharon lives in Pennsylvania with her loving husband of over 20 years. They are blessed with an amazing daughter, who has as one of her goals to be an acclaimed film director and humanitarian, She is one of the greatest Joys in their life!

Voices of Courage

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