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Voices of Courage, November 14, 2019

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Voices of Courage
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Guests, Samantha Riley and Daniel Bruce Levin

Voices of Courage with Ken D. Foster

Guests, Samantha Riley and Daniel Bruce Levin


Samantha Riley

Bio: Samantha left the corporate world and ventured out into the world of business over 25 years ago because she wanted the freedom to spend more time with her family, and to be financially rewarded for working harder. And she accomplished her goal and achieve financial success and built a 7-figure business before she was 30 but she was overworked, stressed out, and exhausted.

Samantha now teaches this system to successful executives and business owners and helps them develop their thought leadership so they can replace their income, get their time back, and lead a more purposeful life.

Talking points:

- what inspired you to start a business?

- how did you transition into what you're doing now?

- was it an overnight decision or a longer transition?  what was the process like?

- the rocking chair question to ask yourself today

- the correct question you should ask yourself before you start a  business 

- what is the thought leaders positioning model?

- how do you choose the right niche?


Guest, Daniel Bruce Levin

Talking points:

1. what surprised you most in writing your book, The Mosaic? (the characters. they took me completely by surprise. i was a bit of a snob only eating in certain places and mixing with a refined group of people but my character were common ordinary people and what i learned from listening to them changed me) 

2. you mention what you learned from listening to your characters, can you unpack that a bit

3. if there is a message to your book, what would it be?

there are a few big messages

1. nothing is as it seems

2. we are all connected

3. every voice matters

4. you speak about connection, what have you found about connection that might surprise the listeners? the four connections and the four practices

5. what has your book inspired you to do to disrupt the status quo? while everyone is talking abut how extraordinary they are, and what their super powers are? i have focused my being on the exquisiteness of the ordinary. mosaic swarm

6. if there was one thing you would want our listeners to take away from this show, what would it be? to focus more on what connects us, than what separates us

i gave you an idea of how i might answer these points as well. but feel free, to ask me anything. to disagree with things i say, to challenge me and to move the discussion in a way that best suits your listeners. i have done a bunch of interviews and i feel fairly mobile on my feet.  there is nothing you can not ask me so please take what i have given you and if it is helpful use it, if not throw it away and ask the things you most want to ask. i am fine with anything yu decide to do. lets have fun and create a fabulous show together!!!

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