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Voices of Courage
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Guests, Tom Ross and Crystal Andrus Morissette

Voices of Courage with Ken D Foster

Guests, Tom Ross and Crystal Andrus Morissette


Guest #1, Tom Ross

Title of Your Talk - My Journey into Burnout, Major Surgery, Chronic Health and the Rebirth Afterwards

Talking Points

How I followed 'hustle culture', worked 18 hour days for 18 months building a 7 figure business, until I ended up burning out, undergoing major stomach surgery, and then suffered from chronic health issues for 2 years. The struggle of holding it all together, and having the fortitude to come out the other side. The 'burn out culture' in modern living and how to avoid it. The human side of marketing - caring about people and bringing value. How to scale a real business. How to have mental fortitude and come through hard times


I spent 18 months working 100+ hours per week building the biggest business of my life, but at at serious cost. My mental and physical health was utterly destroyed, and it was a long and slow road to recovery and progress. I've been building online businesses since I was age 12. Now, at 30 years old I'm excited to give back to the online community, in the most transparent, candid way. I'm totally open about my struggles, successes, failures and the rest.


Guest #2, Crystal Andrus Morissette

What Does “Women’s Empowerment” Mean to You?

Emotional Age Expert and Founder of the S.W.A.T. Institute, Crystal Andrus Morissette is Propelling Women Forward with New Understandings of Womanhood, Empowerment, and Self

Crystal Andrus Morissette is an international best-selling author, Emotional Age and communication expert, and women's advocate who is teaching women all over the globe to take charge of their stories, love ALL their parts and redefine themselves as whole, healthy, and empowered. She is the author of several books, including “The Emotional Edge: Discover Your Inner Age, Ignite Your Hidden Strengths and Reroute Misdirected Fear to Live Your Fullest.”

Suggested Intro: International best-selling author, Emotional Age and communication expert, and women’s advocate Crystal Andrus Morissette is empowering women all over the world with her S.W.A.T. Institute programs and her book, “The Emotional Edge.” Crystal, what inspired you to make women’s empowerment your focus?


  • Is Your Emotional Age Controlling Your Life? Here’s How to Change It: Many women are surprised to find that chronological age has little to do with how they are showing up in life. Crystal shares tips for learning what Emotional Age you’re currently in and how you can start to heal, learn to communicate, and become your most empowered self.

  • Triggers – An Amazing Opportunity to Heal: The best way to explain a trigger is when someone says or does something that hits an “emotional nerve” within us. It is a fear deeply embedded in our body and psyche. Crystal teaches that triggers are an amazing opportunity to heal our own unfinished business.

  • Women’s Empowerment is Not Anti-Man: With the rise of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement, many men talk about how it's a scary time to be a man. Empowering women is not at the sake of disempowering men. It is about coming together, understanding our differences, respecting our strengths, and creating a world of gender equality.

Suggested Interview QUESTIONS:

  1. What is Emotional Age and how does it impact our lives?

  2. How can people figure out what Emotional Age they are showing up in?

  3. In your book “The Emotional Edge,” you created an Empowerment Spectrum where you show three Emotional Archetypes – the Adult, the Parent, and the Child – along with a communication scale from passive, passive-aggressive, and aggressive to assertive, accepting, and ultimately peaceful. Can you elaborate?

  4. When working with women you often interchange the term “Parent” archetype with Mother Energy, “Child” archetype with Daughter Energy, and “Adult” archetype with Woman Energy. What do you mean by “energy”? Can we change our energy?

  5. Can you give an example of someone who is in Daughter Energy, Mother Energy, and Woman Energy? What characteristics do they each display?

  6. Part of your work is helping people integrate and heal their wounded archetypes back into the wholeness of who they are. How do you help people understand the difference between their wounded self and their real self?

  7. Many women show up in Mother Energy when it comes to parenting, and yet you say this is a mistake. Can you elaborate?

  8. Often times in relationships one person takes on more of the “Parent” role, and the other will fall into the “Child” role. You say this inevitably leads to frustration and discord. Tell us how healing your Emotional Age can shift an unhappy marriage or relationship into a loving and empowered one.

  9. Women who struggle with their weight often talk about the battle they feel inside between wanting to lose weight, and yet feeling safer in a bigger body. You have a brilliant way of helping women dialogue between their “Chubby Bubby” and their “Charmer” so that they feel safe to be thin and beautiful. Can you take us through that process?

  10. Looking at your Empowerment Spectrum tool, I notice peaceful and passive are on the complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Why is being passive so much more disempowered than being peaceful? In some ways, aren’t they the same?


The Courage to Fight for What is Right

Your life is yours and if you want to be rich, famous or poor, then do it. Your freedom of choice is the most basic right you have and refusing to fight for it feels like death. This is Ken D Foster and today my show is called the The Courage to Fight for What is right.

Never give up your right to find out who you are, and where you have limited yourself. You are an immortal being, with power to overcome all obstacles to your success. It is your right to be, do, and have what you want to get out of life, but if you go for your greatest dreams, you will have to fight to overcome your programmed beliefs, habits and thinking that keeps you stuck, living small.

Years ago, all I wanted to do was chase anything that was fun, but by doing so, I lost myself along the way. The reason I lost myself was that I didn’t have goals, I lacked confidence in my abilities, and I didn’t know the laws of success, which govern business and life.

To be honest at that time, I was just going with the flow, not trying to create waves or be in conflict with anyone. But that all changed when I realized my life was passing me by and my dreams were being put on hold. I woke up in job I hated, a relationship that was going nowhere, estranged from my closest family members and hanging out with friends that were “just going with the flow also”.

However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that fighting for things is the whole point of living. In a world in which nothing is handed to you (unless you’re a Hilton or Carnagie), the only way to get what you want is to fight for it and the only way to figure out what’s important to you is to see what you’re willing to fight for.

There are universal things that no one should give up easily. For instance “Your Greatest Dreams” What are they? Take a moment and think about your bucket list. Are you going to travel the world, become a millionaire, create a non-profit to change the world, develop a space ship, go to the moon, get married and have the relationship of your dreams? It really doesn’t matter what your dream is, you are going to have to fight for it. But you won’t be fighting like you may think. The fighting is all in “inside job”. What you will be fighting with is yourself.

I have been coaching individuals and companies for 24 years, and I can tell you, that companies grow as individual minds grow. No matter if you are the CEO or the Dishwasher, your business, job or life will not grow until you take time to reprogram your thinking.

I have written a new book: Called The Courage to Change Everything, Daily Strategies and Essential Wisdom to Awaken Your Inner Genius. This book was written for individual who really want to change their life by reprogramming their thinking and doing it daily.

Things that all people should stand their ground against and fight for until they either die trying or get what they want. I have found you can have your greatest dreams come true, as long as you are willing to fight the inner battle and overcome your self-imposed limitations.


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