The Voice of the Ashtar Command, June 10, 2015

Ashtar Command Heart Center with Commander Lady Athena
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The Voice of the Ashtar Command
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with Commander Lady Athena

The Voice of the Ashtar Command with Commander Lady Athena Sheran - Show #1 on BBS Radio!

Commander Ashtar-Athena SherAn, Ashtar Galactic Command Spokesperson, Great Central Sun Throne Worlds Ambassador, Spiritual Counselor

She has come as  a direct spokesperson for the Ashtar Galactic Command & serves as an Ambassador of the Great Central Sun Throne Worlds. Under the Supreme Command, Authority & Lordship of the King of Kings, Jesus--Esu Emmanuel Sananda Kumara, she comes forward in loving service to the Christ & His Beloved Humanity. Together with Dr. Solariel St. Mary-Michael, they anchor The Ashtar Command Heart Center on Earth today.

Heralding our planetary transfiguration and ascending into a higher octave of Light. Celebrating Earth Humanity's freedom through Grace through the redemptive, restorative plan of The Office of The Christ and The Order of  Melchizedek.

The Voice of the Ashtar Command

The Voice of the Ashtar Command Commander Lady Athena Sheran
Athena Sheran

THE VOICE OF THE  ASHTAR COMMAND radio shows serve to empower you in acquiring consciousness reference points for your present level of awareness. Self actualization & Spiritual integration enable you to be more effective in serving your Earth mission.

Our BBS radio shows are quantum awareness Intensives especially designed to provide deeper insight into your life as an immortal Divine Whole Light Being, your Soul purpose & how to integrate that into your daily life. Various experiential processes, meditations and teachings evoke your Divine knowing and Identity, drawing you into deeper communion with the All That Is.

Participate in conscious co-creation within the loving frequency of the Divine worlds within worlds within the meta programs of superluminal Light into which Earth and the Human Life wave is now ascending.

Dearest Don and Doug, my precious brothers and BBS Radio team mates,
This evening, a short while ago I received a direct transmission from Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command:
They communicated to me and Cmdr. Solariel St. Mary Michael---both separately--the same transmission, (as she lives back East and I'm in L.A.)
They said that the already transmitted and archived 12 years of weekly live transmissions of our BBS RADIO show,THE VOICE OF THE ASHTAR COMMAND-COSMIC PEP TALKS FOR CLOSET CHRISTS --has contained--ALL that They had to transmit to Earth through me, (Commander Lady Athena) at this cycle of time. 
They now required my mission focus and Presence to be directed in other areas.  
This had been troubling me for the past, so I was relieved to at last have a clear directive.
I had been torn between the fear of letting the Ashtar Command down--plus keeping you both waiting so long --expecting my return-- as well as my devoted BBS Radio listeners, left waiting for, and expecting my return.
Now it quite obvious that this physical vehicle has been driven as far as it can go and is utterly spent!
I now feel a great weight lifted off my shoulders with this clear message from the Ashtar Command.
Doug, I remember the very last time you put me on the air (July 19th, 2019) that you told me that my 12 years of archived shows, on BBS  would serve as "my legacy."
I heard you clearly and part of me knew that you were speaking prophetically.
At the time I wondered if you were also aware on some level that 12 signified a cycle of Galactic completion?
Yes, I'm certainly going to miss our weekly time together!!! It was always a thrill each time you put me on the air--and our show times and after show conversations were what I most looked foward to every week.
That expressed--little did I know on July 19--and for several weeks prior--that every second--blood clots in the veins of both legs could have spelled the end--had it not been for Sai Baba's Grace!!!
My Granddaughter, Leela Christa, picked me up in Las Vegas and returned me to California. After enjoying a lovely day and evening together, the next morning I could neither walk or stand and collapsed.
She texed her doctor-who instantly texted her back to call 911 immediately and he'd be awaiting my arrival in the ER. He had me admitted that day into the Sherman Oaks Hospital and just in time to maintain this vehicle's viability in this dimension!!!!
I can see now that the previous 7 months--perhaps even 2 years of sudden physical decline plus escalating pain, were signs that the physical vehicle was saying enough is enough--it is time to stop!
They have also served as a gradual "phasing out of my previous creative outlets--and phasing out of this dimension altogether.
There is the knowing that I am being spiritually beckoned to let go of all and everything of this Earthly 'field of dreams with its myriad of dreamers who take it for 'reality'. 
Like one disembarking from a long voyage, one's attention now turns from previous merriment and the interactions that made shorter time of the passage, to what immediately awaits. 
Such is what I am now experiencing as I enter what lies before me as pure Existence-Awareness-Bliss--Sat-Chit-Ananda---nothing--and everything.
Now regarding our precious long listeners--some have been listening for many years--please convey my love and and let them know  that the 12 years of TVOTAC with CLA has come to a point of perfect completion and that she is moving on to another area of mission focus.
Please do Convey the Ashtar Command's on going over seer ship--and guiding supervision for everyone on Earth--and through out the ascension of Mother Earth and all her human and other sentient life forms.  
My/our ongoing love, blessings and appreciation pour forth to all of good will and peace. To those gentle, kind and loving Souls--rejoice for you are already advancing into the next octave and occupying the new heavens and the new Earth.
For those who still prefer war, conflict and blood shed you also are deeply loved and you will move into those situations in alignment with your preference. 
Thus no further sponsorship is required for my show TVOTAC  as I will no longer be airing live shows.
I and we can encourage my listeners to please continue enjoying our 12 years of archived shows here on our beloved BBS RADIO!!!
Doug and Don, please do convey my and Our blessings to all. Know that my and Our gratitude to you both transcends words--and our Hearts Know. 
With forever gratitude, appreciation, respect and admiration, I Am Commander Lady Athena of the Ashtar Galactic Command merged with Commander Lord Ashtar---signing off--over and out. 
Last night I needed to rush off the basic communique--with my nurse impatiently waiting for me to get off line-but to take advantage of the perfect numerology and the cosmic alignments at that moment-so this is a clearer expression of what I and we wished to convey.  
I Love you both and thank you with all my heart and Being who and what you are and for a fantastic 12 years and 7 months. I'll be posting this in my host's blog and on my page, so I'll be around as my fading and phasing out continues throughout social media. 
The mission and ministry continues only with a different focus.
with deepest loving blessings and Grace,
Ashtar-Athena SherAn
In Highest Truth we have never left the Heart of God-remain we still as God created us-in original innocence & peace~
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