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Unlimited Life, November 24, 2021

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Walter Smojver

Unlimited Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Walter Smojver

Description: Life Coaching / Team Building

Life coaching ..... being a former college/pro athlete, Walter understands the POWER of positive visualization crossed with the proper mental stimulation leads to successful realization .. He utilizes his sports background to relate to life in general. He encourage thinking outside of a self imposed box, testing boundaries, making things happen others can only dream about . Never be afraid of success and keep in mind that happiness comes from within, life is one big game of connect the dots. if you're ready to make the next move ?? Walter can help


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Unlimited Life

Unlimited Life – New Science, Ground-Breaking Information, Ultimate Health, Secrets, Tools and Technology for Leading and for Living an Unlimited Life.

Hour-Glass Bride – The World’s Number One Show for Relationships, Intimacy, Communication, Connection, Sexuality, Marriage, Happiness, Bliss, Passion, Sensuality and Living the Happily Ever After.

Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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it's Nicole Brandon and Welcome to our glass Pride it is such a joy and such a pleasure being with you today I have such a special and such a unique for you today we are talking with an extraordinary man and he is amazing when we talked about Bali Bali Bali. He has done everything he was a pro athlete he promoted nightclub he is been a life coach he has worked with celebrity Charities he's been a boxer and just truly one of the best people I've ever met and we're bringing Walter on today to talk about the man's side of dating what is it we always talk about where we will always have these incredible Gaston from all over the world that gives secrets and chill
2 techniques to enhance how women should get men hold man how you deep in your relationship how you ask for what you want but this is the first time that we brought a man on to share his perspective and point of view and I can't imagine a better man to be sharing with you today than Walter so Walter welcome to the show what a grand gift to have you here
will Nicole I like to say thanks for the law for having me and wow with an intro like that is that really me I mean looking at your bio and I was absolutely blown away because it's some more of the more I mean you have such power and such strength I look at it you know you're boxing your pro athlete background and then I look at you could Gary in this and the way that you've been able to work in nightclubs and you've even I believe working at amazing and voice overs and then you've done all this incredible unbelievable charity work and mentorship of kids and teens and so you were the most well-rounded most successful most productive and I've come across and I'm so blessed that you're with us today to show your perspective on me
I should hire you as my PR person
tell you I would love that I would love that and I know that the first time that we had had a conversation that you said, I would love to be able to share with my man and I think it's perfect that you do that because certainly you know from a woman's perspective and wear it here in America but this show is international we have people listening to the show from Walton South Africans from all over the world and women say it is so hard to find a guy these days and they are you are you know any other side of the line and so did I say that it's so hard to find a woman
let me tell you something I'm here to tell you it is not easy you know especially when you get a little more mature a little older and you know you get set in your ways you kind of lets you kind of make the mistake of like letting past relationships into your new relationships and that's a huge No-No but yeah it's hard especially especially when we live here in La I live in Santa Monica and I've tried the online dating I've tried just you know meeting some friends in the worst getting set up with your friends cuz you're like wow is that what you really think I belong with but but the point being that yeah I mean we have our thing to that no it it's not easy you know but but as you well know
I've actually recently the last couple months I've met a pretty cool lady and we've been seeing each other ever since and has been going really well so it is possible all you people out there in radio land skit if possible don't get jaded I know it's easy but it's it it is possible in some stories if Nicole the permits and I would love you because we have any right now it is like this thing for people to text these days instead of for a guy to call a little text and so frustrating and so is that kind of considered the norm now for guys to text instead of to call woman
well if you're amicable way and if you are a you know I guess for the younger generation that's how they're coming up that's how they communicate and that's a whole and that's a whole other show how how we just you know how we're losing The Art of person-to-person Talk and communication but no I would suggest to everybody that's listening out there especially in the beginning
pick up the phone talk to the person much gets lost in the translation when you text and it just so easy to screw up or or take or taking meeting of the wrong way and no one hundred percent stay away from from texting look once you've created a relationship and if you want to know each other and you kind of know each other's inflection and you know how each other thinks I find whatever but in the beginning
I'm so glad you said that because obviously we have people asking and then is it appropriate for a woman to ask a man out on a date
I think absolutely not I think and we just had this conversation around a Thanksgiving dinner table the other night and no I I don't think it's inappropriate I I think it's all about how it's done you know and and look at the way I am is if I meet a woman out like when I met in my current girlfriend I have met her at the gym as a matter of fact that the infamous Gold's Gym the mecca of bodybuilding talked to you a couple times and you know I let it be known that maybe I'm interested or whatever but she was kind of like a lot of women are at the gym she had her
she didn't really open the door for me so I kind of left it alone then all of a sudden I see her in church one day
wow totally did totally different person now we had a conversation now it was nice and that's where it all started but you know she even fought when she saw me like well I could have said something to him too so yes ladies it's okay it's okay to ask a man out okay what it's all
music is such a wonderful and two separate places I know that in long ago we lived in communities we lived in villages and everybody took care of everybody else's child and we had Elders that we would go to instead of Yahoo Google we had a question we do people that we can go ask it's real live in so many different
surrounding some different nations and and you know different states and our building sometimes are so close together and we don't even know our neighbors that are on our other floors and other times you live so far apart that people and so online has sort of become the way to connect with people and so teach me and tell me what you know or believe about online dating if you would so curious
is your audience really prepared for this
you're stirring The Hornet's Nest when I first came to California which is about three years ago you know Ella is a tough place it's a tough place for everything it's a tough place for careers in place for work too tough place for dating it's just a tough Place overall okay and everybody's got their little La La Land Experience and everybody's here for a reason but when I first got on it knew when it was kind of like all while like a kid in the candy store okay but let me tell you something
in my experience is with my mice I'm an old-school guy I was born in Europe IMA Croatian I was raised it I was I mean my whole core is your pants I'm an old-school guy and it's like it's so it's so backwards it's like I told you when we when I met my girlfriend and your friend that you also know okay I saw her and I went wow I like her and like the Predator that we like the Predators that we men are I I went after her okay now online dating what I found
was I connected
all in line with women and it was very nice with a few of them even having conversations okay and you feel like you got a connection it's fun both laughing like you look at the pictures. Whether their current or not that's a 50-50 2 p.m. is that I've had this happen to me a few times on the phone I thought wow
great girl can't wait to meet her and then you meet
and for whatever reason there's zero cans tree
send it becomes kind of uncomfortable then all those things that you had now it's in person now the five really nice and it's like this is enough for me I like it for a lot of people that works it's all about personal preference okay for real people it's how they get date that's how they meet people and so many people when when they get online and talk to somebody well let's just be friends and left if it doesn't work out will be for a woman
and then you meet her and there's just no chemistry you really think she's going to want to be your friend then okay there's a certain amount of feeling let down the feeling like well he doesn't like me or whatever so I don't know if you're online dating and I'm sorry to say it so you really have to be careful folks you really have to be careful like I said for some people it works wonderful I'm sure there's some great stories out there and you know
what's the One online site that says more of our people get married than any other site a lot of techniques and you know being online and as a man how do you change there so many sites out there already where you have to fill out extensive surveys to something like where you can you just sort of very quickly see a lot of people and do you say I'm now ready for my forever after I'm now ready and from that pic this site or do you go to multiple sites as a man and say I'm going to try all these sites and see what kind of lemon come my way to work what my possibilities are what's the thinking behind that for a guy
well my thought process was as I could not have a thought process cuz I was one of those guys I guess I have a certain look or whatever it is okay I always thought I have to go online dating at the date and plus I was the nightclub owner in South Florida okay so I never that wasn't ever a thing of it then when I came to LA
I had a neighbor that says you got to try this out so the first one I got a B and C okay but the one that He suggests is was the Plenty of Fish and the other one he suggested was OkCupid he said why pay to be on in a few of the K1 when you can try these free ones and kind of see what's going on so that was my first
you know and I think that people are on these sites for numerous reasons for numerous agenda is okay but so as far as why to pick which one I'm not that I'm not that Daddy in that world all I can tell you is about my personal experiences and it has a set of a reason that I got on it was because I'm new in LA and I'm not into the bar scene anymore I'm not into hanging out in the clubs in the restaurant and all that kind of stuff so I was like okay I'll try but you know what
I am so glad I'm so glad Nicole and I'll say it one more time that the woman I'm dating now I met in person and we can all these questions popping up continue on just because I got so many people ask me things so my favorite questions are coming up right now they're actually asking questions I would want to ask people asking about chivalry opening car doors and pulling out seeds and her some money for myself if a man does not walk me to my car doesn't matter if it's a business associate or if it's the one I was on a date with that I met if he does not walk me to my car I really don't want to see that person to get my safety was not important to that guy
charge when someone does not walk me to my car and
do you know I hate have guys at today will there a lot of women that don't like their car door open or they say I can do it myself and I can carry my bags and so what is your take on the gallantry or you know being able to do those things for women or are there women you've come across the river said to you I can do it don't do this for me put that to you like this
men are and I can't speak for women obviously but men are
like me when I meet somebody or like when I meet a woman you either put them in the wow interested category or in the friend category style obviously we're talking about the interested category yeah I think if if you meet someone as a man speaking of the man if you meet someone and you're really you know you're like wow I like this one I want to get to know this one yeah and it's nice to do all those things I am
with me
I guess the way I am it's how a woman inspires me if she inspires me to be that I love it but it's because some women love this some women love love that but if they inspire me if a woman inspires me to be that guy that opened the door for it to be that guy that consciously when you're walking hand-in-hand down the street or switch places so he's walking on the outside of the sidewalk just little things like that or like spoiled like even say you're driving in the car and all of a sudden oops I got to make a quick stop like your right hand all of a sudden just kind of goes over to like Shield her from going forward just little things like that
these little things going okay
absolutely and I you know I so agree with him that such a special spectacular answer wild Renee so appreciate that because I know for myself when I was younger my brother is a year younger than myself and so he was learning to drive and he could not drive unless I was in the car because you need a licensed driver when he was learning so even though he hated it he had to take his sister with him when he was learning to stand outside the passenger door and my brother would get in the car and I would continue to stand aside the passenger door and my brother would get out all riled up and he kicked my car here but you're my sister this is the stupidest thing in the world and I would tell him later in life you're going to appreciate that I did this
wait for my brother to open the car door because he couldn't go anywhere without me and you know and so cute he has a son and when his son was a little boy when he was like five or six I would take him to restaurant and I would teach him to order and I'll say you know that I was going to have the pizza or whatever it was that I was going to have and then the waitress for tell her the way to recover she said the lady will have does like you're saying you know go a long way and so along with that should a woman decide where you're going on a date like you know where do you want to go tonight what do you want to do or think I say I'd like to take you
well you know what I'm seeing if I could just touch on the previous day again.
Inspire what you want in a man Inspire it in them I can't stress that enough and you know what some women won't Inspire that some women just don't care about any of that and if that's what you want but if you want that gentleman if you want that guy to show you in little ways how much Akira Inspire that okay that's so important anyway
that is perfect thank you so she demands a part of how you introduce me was being a man's man and I do consider myself that very much so okay I'm man's man will take charge a man's man a real guy will say honey okay like say it it's your first date and you've had when you had some interaction and you got some nice conversation and then you get to a point where you ask her on a first date okay
know who you are being assertive be a man say honey I'd like to take you out I have a great little spot here there it's got this. You know it's just that the rest okay and you make it happen Okay because a lot of women don't don't like to ask someone if they all I want you to take me here and I want you to take me to I personally
I'm asking you out I'm going to say here's what we're going to do here's where we're going to go and it'll be nice as you become a couple as you start the date that it's like you know if you have a certain spot that you want to go to a class A certain spot then do whatever but I truly believe in the beginning especially the first the first time have a plant have a plan and I know don't like to be told what you want to do I'll do anything you want to come on
is that information because it saves so much of you know the bantering back and forth and then picking women up
yes okay I'll give you a cute little story okay
I live in Santa Monica she was staying with a friend around the airport you guys used to live two blocks away from me the day I met her at church I'm like yes there she is here we go tells me I'd love to see you but I'm moving tomorrow down to the oci my other so still on the phone and she says hey look I got a little time you know because she's in the process of moving a new job so I just kind of gave her some time and some space but at the same time we we got to the point where we're like look I got to see you you got to see me oh let's do this okay so
did this thing because I didn't know where she was going to be what she was she was just all over the place so it's not a normal situation but I made a comment well look the next time you're up here where she used to live right by me call me and and and we'll go out I'll take you out and it is very cute nice way she said oh you're not going to be a gentleman and come here and come get me and take me out on a proper date and you know what
I got the biggest charge out of that myself and I said you know what you're absolutely right and give me your address come get you at 8 and we went down to Manhattan Beach to the string and had a nice dinner we sat on the we sat on the pier at 2:30 in the morning
they don't want all because
maybe at a younger age you got to set that you call me when you're whatever and it turned into something really really nice something really really cool so yeah go get them when you're into the whole relationship
go-getter if you want to go get her show her that you want it and pick the place
and how to plant thank you oh my gosh this is wonderful I I better not let that you might got guy friends here this so I can hear it
what I got swag got a very cool beautiful girlfriend and that's why they're out on like them there you go and then what about and you may not have had this experience but I'm just curious just because people are asking meeting somebody's kids
well I think that I came from I was born in Europe my mom is caped to Communism in the old Yugoslavia was pregnant would met my dad was killed in in the conflicts there before he even know that she was pregnant and so she
she decided she escaped out of there she escaped into Austria she got caught in the refugee camp and that's why I was born so I know a little something and then we can just come to me when I was 4 years old I know a little something about about being with a single mom and I know and then she married when I was 8 years old but I remember her to this day that she said to him
I love you I would love to marry you but you need to know
that my boy is number one and will always be number one that being said that being said
as a woman when the when the woman has kids or or e or even as the guy or like Whoever has the kids if only one
side has kids
make sure you like this person first make sure it's not a hey I know you're not going to hear your heart are your by your lunch special place and you don't just bring anybody into your special place and introduce them to your kids so I would suggest take a little time get to know who you're dating first and if it looks like it's wow I really like this guy and I can see something's happening here by all means introduce them absolutely but don't be in a hurry
great answer thank you thank you so much looks the same as we talked about kids I love to talk about you have mentored and you have literally changed his lies and I know that you work with high schools volunteer you know football program at you start the starting place with at-risk teens and even just recently there was a beautiful sight up that I read about you man during his teenage child and so I love you to talk about that kind of relationship and love his mail because that's there there's something so special there that it's a word that can't be spoken but I know that there's nothing more attractive to a woman and a man who cares and is generous and gives and the fact that you've chosen to give to kids and to change their life even be enough
that much further and I love you to talk about that road as well because I think it's just such a special special part of you
and yeah you know I ain't done a lot of great things in my life thank God brought me a lot of successes or failures are just to keep you grounded
butts and I've never been married and I've never had any kids I've had long-standing a relationship so it's not that I have not capable it's just that that perfect woman hasn't come along but
that being said I've never had any kids
I've never had any biological kids it all started I have a sister that's 13 years and she got pregnant in college
and we're Catholic and we don't believe in abortion and so and my sister was like was a pure accident will whatever whatever it was kind of bad bad in all mental place up for her but we decided as a family and a name of the European family of the oldest son usually kind of like takes old tank so we decided as a family know we're going to have the family baby and we will take care of her as a family okay she turned into a gorgeous 22 year old that is just unbelievable and to think that that could have been snuffed and never would have happened but she turned into the daughter that I never had and I was dead that she never had a short started with that and then
I I just as I said I've been very blessed in life I'm blessed with an incredible mom and I have an incredible relationship with her and ladies just an FYI
that's usually a good sign when the sun has a good relationship with Mom and usually means he knows how to treat a woman but it gets to the point I've done a lot of work with at-risk youth because it's amazing
working with with adults there's already
they're already screwed up there already past the point of a lot of times and I just I love working with kids work if I take him and I get them on a certain pass you know you changed why you changed history what it really really kicked in for me I live in South Florida for years and back in 2006 I had some kind of I knew I woke up and I had a you know some kind of epiphany I was basically retired and it was me and me and my girlfriend at the time and I clocked Chuck yellow lab and I went I was driving by the local high school Park City High School and I just decided to pull in I saw they were having some kind of practice on the field
can I go coach I just moved here I got time I got the inclination I'm Lex ball player by myself I'd love to help I don't need your money I don't need or whatever I just love helping kids so now I'm in the mountain now I'm in the weight room and I picked and I picked the biggest kid and I go up to him and I said
I need a leader in the trenches and what that means is I'm on the line of scrimmage work and Alignment I said can you be that guy holds a kid named Colton and teacher and doubts
that he went from being may be recruited with some smaller schools
to I coached him his senior year on the defensive line and I just iced I coach them I trained them I became pretty much and I really don't like the word Mentor High because it's been so so abused and it was cool because
at that point when Camp was starting I had to go back to Florida I got to go take care of some business so I left
all of a sudden I get a phone call
down in Florida and it's like where you at Camp starts tomorrow I need you here
better freaking believe it was cheers my eyes okay
it's like they cannot say I've been majorly blessed and I feel the need to pay it forward and who better to go with them two kids so to make a long story short
I got him and I had to tell the kids to you he was a Polynesian kiss big huge Polynesian to buy 62324 Wild Hare okay just nuts thanks bug a words into drug dealer and he wasn't going to finish his senior year of high school that I went to
I sat down with him and his parents and I basically told them you have no choice I'm not leaving until you say that you're playing this year and you're going to finish your senior year parents loved it again long story short
we took a kid that wasn't going to finish High School nobody in this family ever finished everyone at the college and Miss kid went from a self-proclaimed he did a thesis paper ended up going to Eastern Washington University ended up being a captain ended up winning a national championship see what store is just incredible. Incredible from a self-proclaimed drug dealer on the streets that's what you was going to be
to being a captain winning a national championship graduating from college being the first and guess what he is now he just graduated this past year going to be a DEA he's got to go back to Salt Lake City when you get to work and she is old area and he's going to create programs to help kids like she wash amazing I mean I'm sure that he was talk to the parents and its exact same diligence and determination because I think that there is no separation between relationships and love so whether you're entering a child or teen or whether you're reaching out for a life partner future with someone and his family the fact that the way that you love is
100% of you is the way that you jump in and care
well it's the only way I've ever known and it's the way that my mom and still did me whether I wanted to or not trust me I didn't I wasn't my mom was like at your stop on man holy moly I couldn't get away with nothing okay she was Hardcore and went and when I was growing up as a kid it was you know trust me but I'm walking back so and I never had that mail my mom was in his everything to me okay I never had a stepdad but he wasn't that important for me to do that
for the sum of the kids that I am that way I have a question because I know that you know we talked about having me back and you are and how you been able to do absolutely everything is kind of you had to put together a man at all the aspects you know his strength from you know caring and generosity and heart and then providing integrity and honor and enemy you have every single banner of what that means and then you also have this great sense of play Joy and I know that you have lunch this into the animation world that you've actually done voice-overs for projects even George isn't what they do leprechauns which I I love that tired and so so how do you say Okay I want to play in this huge Arena
pour it in the children's field in the team field or whatever and this is how I'm going to do it other than on the field I am actually going to open the doors to another way of being able to reach these kids
well well you know I
it all started as as as as far as of the animation I bought into it and existing animation company I brought a couple guys in with me and we bought a big piece of the company and there was a guy who was the main guy of all of this since he was there he was a wacky Irish guy and he created these wild-looking creature they're called Wiggins and there's a few other names form and their offshoots of like leprechauns and all that kind of stuff and and the and the main anchor on CBS news in Miami is an old friend of mine and he said I got to get you to meet this guy cuz I was not only in the nightclub business or in a few of the big night clubs but I also had an advertising PR Company so I promoted the close to and I did a lot of radio a lot of TV I had my own
talk show with Miami I had to go and also I I've done a lot of that stuff already so he calls me up and he said hey yeah but he has no money so I put a couple guys together years ago so that's why I sold my house in Park City and I came out here and it was it was it was a long drawn-out process being an independent filmmaker is not recommended for most people okay you just you just run into every road block and when you finally do a movie which we created a great family featuring leprechauns we made a a partnership with the Chinese animation company eight years before DreamWorks dead and we pulled off
get distribution deal like Independence the office I'm like it's just it's going to happen and all of a sudden out of the blue long story short the same people that shot did a screening of our movie
and that's a 10 minutes walked out didn't say a word I'm like what the hell is that and the same people three months ago decided with a greatest thing since sliced bread they got a distribution deal for us and all the Walmarts worldwide online Amazon everything in directly already doing voiceover work and already doing a commercial work and all that kind of stuff but
I always wanted to be in Hollywood I always wanted to be on TV I always wanted to do that kind of stuff and the kind of guy
and I do like crazy for Christmas at Walmart and online and now we've got a few other cuz we have a few other projects that now we're getting all kinds of people interested so it's just kind of became the one of those things that I always wanted to do and I put my money where my mouth was and I saw it was done I thought it was over I thought I failed and again
it's called the Wiggins and leprechaun dwegons Wiggins and leprechauns voices I love that you did this and be part of your success and I know you only have a couple minutes left but there's so many things that still won't ask you about one of them is Big Momma's Christmas in the Hood because it's Christmas season here what is Big Momma's Christmas and I was like what and I see a story about this lady big mama okay she is a you know African American lady in the deep deep hood of South Florida and I don't know what got into me but I just connected with whatever she was saying I searched her I found her we met and we just hit it off immediately okay now I'm that guy
he put me with Kings and you can put me with her on the street and I'm good with anybody so I'm talking big mama and everybody wants to do with all the radio station Christmas party for you I'm going to get my boys together I'm going to get my connections together we created it thing with the radio station showed up with the bounce houses in the candy store is I had local businesses donate all the food we had a barbecue every kid got a got a couple toys every kid got a $20 gift certificate to Walmart and and big momma got her things because you don't want
comp lesser I mean scary place and with these and with a Twist kids and we got a lady
call Mike Coughlin right now want to help her she's awesome the big mama and we even got that show what was that show called where they contacted them they came and did a show and built the house for her and her kids and she still in South Florida she still in Fort Lauderdale you can check her out and Fort Lauderdale Florida big mama okay and if you'd like to help if you'd like to do whatever she's the real deal match she takes care of two three hundred of the kids in her neighborhood and she puts together all kinds of events and if you guys can help out there in radio land in anyway go search around South Florida Big Mama she's awesome and tell her her big Wally
appreciate you being here today and that's the only have a couple minutes here and there out. Is there a vice you can give him another looking men out to date as far as you always hear men say you know that they are looking for their music is there a way for a woman to listen more to support him in better is there something that women weren't doing when you were dating that you said gosh I wish women would do this or could see this or is there any great advice for the women or for the men that are out there and in our audience today for the ladies because I obviously I am your number one
first and foremost always just be real bubu don't put on a date or is it the real deal and that's not so great but number 1 B real number to being real means don't lead with say I'm Sherry here's my shopping list don't do it don't do it inspires a man to want to do things for you ladies you know what you can Inspire us to be whatever you want us to be if you
Aspire R Us the right way okay and don't be don't be too quick or to whatever take your time I know a lot of people don't want to hear that but take your time and get to know get to know somebody because just that little bit of them will make the decision that will make the difference between wow what did I get into and this is really nice. Tell him it's something wrong tell him now not three months please
tell him now if something's wrong if something's bothering you and this goes both ways doesn't Fester showing 3 months I don't get smacked upside the head with something stupid I did 3 months ago
communication communication
wonderful and for a man
well for men
you know what if you want a real woman
don't lead with the why don't lead with I have a Mercedes I have a house I have it if I mean I have a friend of mine stuck out on that millionaire and then he complained about women that were before you went to bleed with yourself because you know what
I Want You to Want Me Hawaiian side I want you to love me once that happens
everything else gets on a kid to okay but guys again be real have some confidence that you got something inside that will turn her on and that'll bring her closer to you because if all you're leaving with his everything you have will be the next time for the guys to be honest and don't bring past relationships and past screw-ups it's a new relationships and again
if you're the kind of guy that's a man's man but you also show that you have a heart
Magic City
about all I can tell you that's beautiful and then a guy called the day after a date and say hey I had a great time or love to take you out cuz show me women so you didn't call and he doesn't like me or do you know Kendra woman that I'm dating that you know okay we spent pick you up about 7:30
and I dropped her off about 3 in the morning okay and be set on that Pier on my way home I had about a 20-minute ride home she loved it she thought it was the cutest thing okay be cool if I did that I met a woman that gave me the number I'd love to go out with you got to got to go to gotta call her cuz I thought that was being cool you can't let them see you this and that you know what she told me in the meantime you're awesome you're great in the meantime I met somebody else see you
okay so don't lick yourself guys if you like her call her do the little things if you don't pay it's all good next move but if you like her to the little things
I thank you so much for being with us today and this is just been such incredible information and so helpful on both ends for women and four men and I love the advice that you have shared with us today as well as all that you've done I mean it the kids I love the fact that this young boy is going to be a DA someone that didn't have hope didn't have a life now has gone to college first in his family that the fact that you share your time even your Investments that you were able to dive in and say okay I'm going to be the voice of this and be able to have fun and play and share on a different level and the fact that you have now through this amazing incredible journey in life Found Love which I'm so happy for you at this
one last thing to be a mentor to help kids one word of advice kids can smell BS a mile away okay don't try to be something you're not don't try to be cool slick with them or is it just is that okay the one thing that I do with my kids that I mental and that I helped I share my own experience is cuz they know I've walked in their shoes I did I'm not just talking to talk I walked it I lived it I was there before then so I share the story cite but I know how I know where you're at and that Jaden walk cuz she was what I did
petzl perfect cap the cherry on the sundae and we certainly thank you for sharing of yourself and sharing your information in your wisdom and your light and your heart and you're too late and you're incredible journey with us today and I wish you the happiest holiday season and this week of Thanksgiving Walter we are certainly grateful for you thank you so much for being with us today I appreciate you I'd love to do more with you and the future that's all you people out there in radio land internet land Happy Thanksgiving merry Christmas happy New Year happy holidays enjoy guys enjoy and you take your to the Colo function just incredible information how much fun to have a guy's perspective on all of this just absolutely perfect so everything that he talked about
Sonicare to the heart to the intentionality to the honor to the Integrity to the love to the honesty to the sharing of yourself or do that be in a relationship mentoring children being able to share the all of who you are and really is something excites you move towards that if someone excites you moved towards them and don't be afraid to take risks because last I got through something. Could be right around the corner so this is Nicole Brandon wishing you and credible week and Walter Library wishing you happily happily happily ever after

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