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Unlimited Life, November 17, 2021

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Rebecca Weinberg

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Rebecca Weinberg

Description: Product Development and Brand Management leader with proven industry experience and demonstrated market success. Recognized for top tier brand management and licensing skills with an extensive track record in the development of strategy, alliances, and flexible business and distribution models for a wide variety of products and services. Ideally suited for companies desiring to build and grow their business, brand and customer base and for those requiring strong leadership with broad technical and business operations knowledge.


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Unlimited Life

Unlimited Life – New Science, Ground-Breaking Information, Ultimate Health, Secrets, Tools and Technology for Leading and for Living an Unlimited Life.

Hour-Glass Bride – The World’s Number One Show for Relationships, Intimacy, Communication, Connection, Sexuality, Marriage, Happiness, Bliss, Passion, Sensuality and Living the Happily Ever After.

Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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call Brandon Elm welcome to hourglass bride we have such a special and such a unique show for you today and I can't imagine a better time to be having this conversation and right before the holidays right before Christmas the New Year's Valentine's all of these holidays that we have coming up that are not only love oriented family-oriented relationship-oriented but they are gift oriented as well whether you're looking for a gift for stocking stuffer or just something to share that's really personal between you and the one you love and I think today's conversation is so well-versed for that today we are talking with Rebecca kleinberg and Rebecca is amazing and I love because she's going to be able to open up the form of a conversation in a whole new leg really talking about
special gift items whether there are sex toys with his Sunday whatever that is we have that along the line of fantasy of Fairy Tail when we talked about how do you make my dreams come true this happily ever after this is really something that we want to talk about everybody works with Exar Brands if she's a new product development healthy and active and so it is with great pleasure and joy to introduce today's guest Rebecca kleinberg Rebecca welcome to the show
thank you Nicole thanks for having me so it's a pleasure is just such a wonderful subject and so I guess one of my very first questions to you and I always love my guest did you know keto liquid you were 6-7 eat when you were a child
yeah I asked Chief Brian coming to Los Angeles Fire Chief did you know who you wanted to work in the fire department he said no I wanted to be an astronaut just wanted to ride the truck and so for you like will you into Barbie and Ken or did you decide to create you know products are Innovation or how to make relationships better or what was your childhood like and where did the vision and dream come industry at all you can play with Barbie and Ken for sure but my vision or my goal as a child was silly to travel the world and I really like law enforcement to be honest
field of computers my doctor's degree is really loud and Fast and it really opened my eyes to other so
started let's see my first introduction to adult toys was when I was in the packaging business and I found a job packaging and I sold to another company like a Jessica beauty or Jessica Simpson Beauty line so they also did these Cosmetics for her so I was in their office is selling them packaging and saw their side their main business with the physical Novelties and it look really creative and really fun really smart people and I decided
within that company I had a couple women role models that you know I saw that was powerful creative that I align myself with the dots in product development
that's fantastic I love it there any law enforcement and it's somebody was developing some products in New Zealand and I talked to them randomly on the plain one day and she wasn't sharing that she imported things as the kitchen of why I didn't tell us they had novelty shops were before used to be like that and now it's now it's just so widely accepted and so I'll eat desired in our daily lives and in a relationship
well I think it's a couple different things all combined first airs you know this industry has really started by men and they had an old school sex toy should be and you know that was I would say about 40 years ago is when he's a major started and have become as a customer it's with its women that want to improve their sex lives like to share it with their partner open in a lot also the only place you could buy toys back then was that a dirty bookstore that was targeting me what we call a jack
that's what they were going to buy them you don't have to show your face about to walk in the store it's just a simple click. Open up a big demand and then so I put a shifting retail stores have went from his old dirty book stores to email friendly couples I'm a batik by Poison the Money travel industry
Target and all these other than that stores getting into adult a little bit and I think it's definitely money-driven they see that it's a growing industry out of it if it's activated grow between 6 to 12 per cent per year so it's definitely a new Avenue for people to make money
that's a great gift that's just a sense of humor is just phenomenal and fascinating to me and I love the fact that you talked about it with the mail Griffin industry with email created and just read that the internet has changed it for women and told him what about the education because it's one thing to be able to get online and say okay this is a butterfly or this is a whatever this is and and to be able to click are there someone to talk to and to call is their education and stores on what you need or what you would enjoy your little bit in hand to sexual activity with your partner
well I think you know your rights education with the internet being now available it's it's so easier to clickaway there's there's now titled called sexologist we're in a people that that is their daily job is to train your to teach you about
sexual Wellness sexual help toys every question you might have you can easily find an answer to on the internet does live live chats there and let them out the blogs of people that state they really specialize in this industry so yeah anything you want to know if it's there that's incredible I know that store recently and they work hard and girls that were coming in and so is there an age
range or an age limit that you're saying you have to be 21 or you at work or your teenage girls being educated as they're growing and becoming women into this with an L.
Well you know I have a 15 year old daughter so I do see the first-hand knowledge that is consumed from online or wherever they get it with their friends so they are carding for that area of the store you have to be at least 18 years old so that's definitely and play online it's a whole nother story as long as you have a credit card here usually good to go but I believe you need to have that credit card
so sorry to see your first question again what is there an age limit and you're saying yes it's 18 and then our kids being educated and you're saying yes but they aren't because they come online out of curiosity are already slurring and are already finding out this information or even when you go online they're some of the other products that are being offered whether they're lubricants that heat up or where they their lingerie and so the companies that you work with today offer the full gamut as well as the twice do you have the oils in the lotions and potions and they go in the whole Spectrum from male masturbation female masturbation the couple's and bondage through pretend to
angels all different sorts of things that you can increase pleasure with we really cover the entire Spectrum that's amazing that said is that how you say the pheromone spray okay let's see the kite the company I work for now does not have any pheromone items but I have developed pheromone items in the past I've developed remote shower gels and a lubricant because you can you can find different kinds of pheromones and its uses synthetic pheromones although there are ceremonies out there but synthetic
itty bitty tiny amount that goes into it into the product of cells because they are very expensive so do they work
I don't think there's any proven science to them working but but it's all about having fun with it and a lot of it goes into the psyche and believe you're attracting maybe you will attract more it's not always approve anything but it's fun to say the least The Young and the Restless soap opera right now they have a whole storyline going on about in the lab creating a new fragrance that has the pheromone that all of a sudden will try to keep a wild and Trent people team will break the fragrance industry and The Young and the Restless is the oldest Soap on the air right now it was originally started by Procter & Gamble and so the fact that you have a show that's been on the air for so very long that has a following people that could be a hundred
new followers new young moms but that this is a storyline that they're bringing to light right now but this is just the idea of attracting people and it is too so interesting to me yeah everybody has their own such a bad in a in a mass-market product but the idea it's fun it's romantic and I I think people just really like the idea of how can I increase my attractiveness to to a partner
I love all this is amazing and I want to go back to something that you said you said that you were creating that you were working on these Paramount on the shower gel and lubricant so talk to me about Rebecca the mad scientist
okay well it's about
recreating Earth would say improving the wheel as they might say how do you improve something that's already great so my job is to take on items 33 has a water-based lubricant out there what can I do to make it different but can I make it to make your make it special so that's where the warming in the cooling attitudes come in a tingling sensation think I added some lubricant or a sense of pheromone we just recently created a tent that is a Dodge inocentes lubricant and the goal behind that was really that you know what it would do is at an expense to the action of estimation for not only are they
let's take it to the next level with one thing let's see
create an item called climax first for a long time ago and throughout the first when you when you grab the men we please hang they look very interesting so just look at it as people all of these really smart people trying to reinvent the wheel and whether it be making a vibrating against your Bluetooth connected or so I can control your vibrator from three thousand miles away so that a couple that is separated could then
technological advances are coming into play now and it's really interesting a lot of MIT grad created a patent something you that this item stimulates the G-Spot on the clearest I mean they really really took over with that item so you see a lot of people see me up at Trinity and if you can just come back one item that's so different that you do and also salad I mean it's it's a gold mine for a lot of people
I love this item just idea of controlling somebody's vibrator 3000 miles away to technology today solutely fascinating
it's incredible really is I love that you talk about the products Enid with the beads or that's how do you make something different how do you make something special and so when you have a lubricant and you were talking about the silicone or different products synthetic products and is there safe compared to non safe lubricant or healthier for the environment of the body
is there something you would say what I would choose this product over this product because it has this and it okay well you have your water based which is its water soluble so it's not going to stain anything but it doesn't last as long as that's fake silicone lubricant which is 100% silicone it's not water-soluble in might stay in your sheets but it's going to last a lot longer and with the silicone you can use it in the shower you can use it in water and it's it's not going to just that he's a 8 so those are two clear Tech kinds of lubricants and then you have to have your hybrid how to do it so if it's a little longer lasting then water-based but it's also not going to stay and you can also wash it off pretty easy
so those those three are pretty much here as opposed to the silicon and lipase are your bases are all different kinds of every silicone can be broken down into different different performance levels you have your fine grain silicone which is like it's not going to beat up if I can even count so it just really depends like a cake or platinum
like a Platinum Silicone is made from a higher grade of silicone
what's healthier for the body is not absorbed by the body So eventually have to be washed off or it's going to come out on a water base it's a little different they can be absorbed by the body so I don't think I have much effect on the body is it healthy for the body I'd say yes everything typically are in this industry and made in the USA so we we come under FDA regulation you have to use FDA-approved ingredients and not the flu but certain devices like and he brings those kind of items being regulated
and look up Jake swing down requiring which requires a lot of money to get one formula Cruise so we're going to see a shift in the street in the next I say you're still wants those laws are implemented
I imagine those people working in the FDA it must be so much fun for them to get this is so exciting for them you got all these events do they have to guess the inspectors through people ever right into your company and so you should have a product that looks like best or you should do something that looks like this and do you take suggestions from the mass many were from people that have desires or
sexual proclivities absolutely we got we got all kinds of emails from really good ones may be there about improvements on our products that we already spelled it correctly and we take all of that information and we make adjustments to our product line based on that I do get some ideas a lot a lot for my friends even but because a lot of people don't really know the entire industry what's already out there typically the idea already exists and it is fun to take care of these different ideas we could some off-the-wall ideas which
the bigger the population just because they're so Mitch but
yeah I got letters I get pictures I guess all kinds of things from customers all the time
okay when you talk about something being too big or something are their sizes in the sex toy industry
I love that was in reference to a an item it was like something that you wear a harness and some sort
are there different sizes yeah there's they go from anybody to Hugh Mungus there's every size you can imagine every shape you can imagine we make it
incredible and then is there too dangerous because he is your stories with celebrities bad are rice to the hospital and you'll see this is how to use this product or things that people should or should not do
play the ones that end up in the hospital something stuck in them we're not even intended to be used most most anal toys face on them so that it would prevent from from getting lost inside you using an item let's say like a bullet it's never let them ended to use it ain't no lie cuz the bulletin break off of that wire so there's there's certain toys made for certain things and you should never use them for other purposes
I love you sister just the best information ever and then how that shopping as the one that was telling me on the airplane that cheese chips are products in his kitchen appliances when they arise is Friday discreetly wrapped so your neighbors aren't circling around your house or how did a ship
Louis shipped at our company we should have about 3,000 boxes a day and he shipping crate in plain brown boxes and the shepherd's name is shipping department so it's very discreet nobody's going to know what's inside your box for sure it's funny that you mention the places you can get the best ideas with walking into I used to go to at Linens & Things inside out of his account but I would get so many ideas from the kitchen supply Department it's not even funny like to some colors and shapes and I mean there's just so many possibilities
Northern how to videos how to use a toys how to use the products
ananas we have we have some how to videos on the items that are a little bit more advanced We Do videos for them we have electrostim wand that we sell so we had to find a how to video on how to use it and where to use it and and all of that but typically on a vibrator when we don't see videos on how to turn the dial or things like that. A lot of companies do
and do you suggest is there a way to talk to your partner
about sex toys
to start the conversation
good question interesting
for me and I can speak personally I I don't like to do it off the bad but if you're in a committed relationship and toys are not involved it's a great outing for a sexy evening to go into but they have pleasure Chest in Hollywood and and check out what they have you're going to be so surprised you don't have to come home with a big huge crazy machine you can go in and you can go get some free handcuffs and some massage oil or you know a little
a little Tickler it doesn't have to be extreme but these are all just additives to increase your partner and yourself pleasure so I would start with you know hey let's let's go do something fun for tonight let's go check out this this store it's not a CD store it's comfortable to go into and then I'm going with what's going on with a budget in mind and take a few little things I mean it just like she keeps the relationship fresh and and keeps that's parkour can rejuvenate us a spark that's when I'll definitely a fun activity to do
is there place to begin for somebody that's never use sex toys would you say well I would start with the vibrator it start with the paddle I'd start with his there a beginning place there's a different from each and every person
look for women I mean I would recommend that they use something on their own first and I would start with the small vibrator you can even start with a bullet a little 3 inch vibrator for external stimulation I would get comfortable with using a toy by yourself first on the more comfortable you are the more comfortable you're going to be sharing that same experience with your partner and then bringing bringing your partner into that to where they can also use the toy with you think something like that might be like you the best way to go about it
I love this and what the world of lingerie or I even know that and you're talking about the pleasure Chester and some of the shops they have sheets they have velcro shoes so they have swings are they have and can you talk a little bit about that whole other world that exist around the toys
sure wings are a great many couples purchase family have every kind of Swing you can imagine from ones that screw into your being in your ceiling two twins that just came over your door so you don't have to drill them in and you can easily put them up in your closet when you're done before he gets good one but it adds hold way to have sex with your partner it's not missionaries at least it's the furthest from
the swing is bondage the Belk receipts are really neat you can you can buy straps for your bed that go under the bed you can buy cops that hook your headboard it's so many different things now to eat in sexual positions do you want something that's it exists if you want something to pull your partner closed interstates rubber Sheets if you want to do which is a nude body to body massage. The Belk receipts and your company has like the entire thing is kind of Belle Grove it's all still so you can can your partner's hands down which is really mean I mean it's not something doesn't have to be something that's so like BDSM it's just more of such take away
let's take away your ability to
to get away from Usher or let's say let's blindfold you so that you removed that sense of sight and you fighting every other sense while doing it but there's so many little things that you can do to really explore your sexuality a little differently
I love this and it's such an amazing industry like you're saying it isn't that the growth of the business is Jessica Leaps and Bounds and if somebody was interested in getting involved
in the sex toy industry or any adult novelty Industries will you suggest it again
that's a good question I would suggest a by-election in Las Vegas credit also toilet and sink who are manufacturers who are they
complex we have enough with a manufacturer is Hanover distribution the other retailers and we have the whole online business to everybody. Way to go and it really do want to create and you would go work for manufacturer you want to be a bloggers you can start your blog today and with some of the manufacturers if you want to open a retail store you know that anybody can do that there's just so many options
the streets it's pretty it's pretty bad. Thursday is over
2090 factors with a l and its worldwide and
definitely a lot of different options depending on how you want to get involved
what's your favorite part about working in this industry
I think my favorite part is number one is the people that are in it I probably have the best job on the planet the people are so eclectic and open and friendly and happy in our industry it's so small that you know everybody so any trade show you go buy me to trade show in Germany I know everybody so it's kind of like a little reunions ever even though their competitors their friends so it's just that it's a fun industry it's funny people on like my Facebook has 500 of the same friends as everybody else and it's a very tight click I don't know you you know she's in urine straight you should probably find her and get to know her
this is just so fascinating to me and I love this information and I love because it really hits every age and every stage of relationships so if you're just stepping into a relationship away to explore each other away to experiment in a way to enjoy and if you've been in a relationship for many years a weight deepen the relationship or take it to another level or keep it fresh and it's it's just and even in same-sex relationships I know that you have so many toys and gifts and ways to offer to be able to enjoy each other and feel free just like a peacock umbrella industry
yeah I know you're right there's
self everybody we make products for everyone there is no barrier you know we have stronger strong a Lyme's like we just stopped the license deal with Tom of Finland which I don't know if you're familiar with Tom of Finland but he he's an artist that passed away probably 20 years ago and she's famous in the day and the day I like style and and he's like an icon so he's an artist of homo erotic art all black and white stats or just world famous they just launched a postage stamp for Thomas and men in Finland thought you might have seen it on Bill Maher if you watch them our weekend up with the foundation for them and Redevelopment in tires while I'm really hand-in-hand with the foundation and that'll be coming out in January
interesting it's going to be a game-changer at least for our toys
just amazing and then how about books like 50 Shades of Grey or any of the original and rice or the secret or books that include their sexual plays or people sexual proclivities and expansion of that is there a burst in your industry after book like that is released or do you also have books to compliment your toys the key people in that space
you know we don't do any books that's one thing that we don't manufacture but there are plenty of books in our industry that they've been around a long time but the Fifty Shades of Grey book when it came out we've already had all of these items we've been selling kegel balls and and every every item that's in the book we've been selling it but as soon as they hit everybody sold out every manufacturer that sold kegel balls or anything's on his tithe they sold out like immediately there was this huge influx to get more inventory quickly and people got stuck with a lot of inventory we still have inventory from when that book came out luckily there's a movie coming out and we'll see another big Resurgence in that demand for those products but we definitely have them all even at Airline called play Chasm one of the one of the items
the silver Thai that's that's used in that book so
and yes it's an interesting Market our business was good definitely going to take a look up swing on on bondage to get some type
incredible because I know the books like the story of 0 or any of an ryson's original books and Dayton she was writing under a different name at that time but even the Harlequin romance novels and some of the place books that you would think this would just Skyrocket the sales of the sex toy industry
I'm not familiar with this.
And I'm not sure if they did or not but a Mass Appeal from the Fifty Shades book and the movie coming out has been really really change the way our industry is and what it felt and what spelling unit typically number one selling price of the rabbit Fifty Shades comes out you know it's all right. You know the average person is is finding a new acceptance of them and they're not as taboo anymore when you just now mainstream yeah it's not it's not wrong to play you got to have a little bit or something and to get a little pleasure from a little pain it's a whole new
hardcore vanilla
I love that you have a silver tie that's just a fact that you created that around that and then when you talk about the web for the handcuffs also know that they have several lips and their people that come in and say I want to try to start here in this is a little softer version of what we want to go for things that aren't going to tape your skin that you're not actually locked in you can buy starter bondage the sideline called frisky which is it's all starter bondage and it's a lower price point and more comfortable products oh yeah you have your furry lining on your car or if you wanted to go for something more advanced you might want real leather
which with a real lock and key I'm so you know it's definitely there is the shades of grey if it's really a rainbow starting at vanilla and you can Billy pick whatever your shade is that you're most comfortable with
a man who loves sleep is buying the toys for the woman is in a woman coming in saying I want to buy a vibrator and I want to start here a couple that's coming in and saying we want to play or do men come in and actually buy toys for the women it's it's interesting cuz I don't work retail so I'm not a hundred percent sure on that end but the research I've done it's about buying products but when it comes to women they're typically find vibrators and they're typically buying other items to improve either themselves or when it comes to buying an item for the woman in might be a blindfold on top of my bed sheet of bed swing not necessarily vibrators
so when it comes to women they're buying for themselves so they buying that vibrator that Alyssa you know what the nipple clamps things like this but when men it's it's I think in a man's mind is more about what can I use together with the woman
that's that's a joint pleasure almost and left about what vibrator can I buy her so she can use it on her own
and you think most products are bought for self use or for enhancement a couple use
good question
I think most are bought for self you and you can also use that item with your partner too but typically
I did work in a store a friend of mine store for a week just as like an experiment to see if he like that whole interaction with retailers and what are they buying and what are they looking for the majority was for Celsius probably 90% was for self use the guy came in and she's looking for a pump that because the other dancers told him in a few the pump before you go onstage it makes you look bigger and your underwear for that purpose and that was interesting but then the women that come in they were typically looking for by Bakers
and then let's see I had a couple men coming in a lot of men by till like the you know stay hard pills and there's not a lot of men by British collector came in with a woman
write the glove for the man with a new lubricant as well we call them Strokers tunnels of rubber like a tunnel or a pipe bomb has shape
and then are the vibrators and the toys great gifts are like Christmas is coming up and people are always looking for stocking stuffers Awards Valentine presents and her people excited to get these kids are they offended or is it and and your relationship with them if it's for your girlfriend and you're sexually involved I'd I wouldn't see any problem with that I would see that she'll be excited to get something like that I have girlfriends I give us to that don't use vibrators and they're like what is this they're so embarrassed by it but it is really to do with them and their acceptance of their body and their sexual health so it just depends I mean it's easy to say
to guess but it really depends like where is your relationship with them where do you want to take it it is it too much like I wouldn't go buy a humongous but plug for my girlfriend if she is not into anal sex
and I went by you might as well anyway so you really have to tear it to who's your partner really cute to give your girlfriend a glass or you know some bread fattening ties for Valentine's Day something like a little bullet in their stocking for Christmas would be really cute I don't think anybody would be offended by that
I love the whole industry I love that there are chocolate tanks and gives that you can buy every level of pleasure as you were saying whether it's with or whether it's a feather whatever that is that you can play with that it's just such a huge gamut of opportunity and experiences and I was actually there was a television show called Berman and Berman and I was on the show one time and they gave their talk about sex toys and the entire studio audience
the hell with vibrators and people were so excited you know you would have brought you brought gave every studio audience member a torch to go home with vibrators and it was just really interesting just a level of Julie and excitement and thrill and wonder and curiosity and the crowd went wild and totally I have a friend that has some she does a lot of charity work with the cancer organization and she asked me for to donate some gift bags like some toothache and I filled with toys and those items that I gave her where the highest grossing items for her charity people are willing to spend money on it they know they're going to get pleasure out of it so I think they're just they're more willing and it's on your right
I'm about to snap you out of people finder products
are products with a couple different ways if you want to learn about all of our products that we manufacture you can go to Exar has an x-ray or is in Rebecca Franz. Calm and Navarre Beach House B is healthy and
all of our products are also on Amazon near the healthy and active store on which you can find all of our goodies if you want to if you're looking for more advanced products you can go to our extreme wrist and then we also have some mail product for the audience on Blues let's Boyz
for in your local store
and you offer gift certificates as well
he jumped on our web swirly web for our retail all of the retail that's actually in the stores is through a separate company so online don't do that just to give purchases gift cards there's so much bear and then do you have card catalogs or is it mostly online in which people are finding your products products online email us that info i n f o at at start and just ask for chili. I can send you one
such lovely
I so adore this industry and I'm still going back to the fact that you working and legal enforcement cuz it's such a broad jump and I'm so thrilled and so pleased that you found this world and I love the fact that you're developing products the fact that you're creating the fact you were diving deeper as you're talking about the growth of this industry
all I could see for you is as these doors are opening but your imagination and your inventions and everything that I asked to see in creativity coming to play and for you must be like a playground of opportunity next just waiting for you everyday
it definitely is it's what I wanted to go into law enforcement and I was just one side of my talents to the stud tension to detail and and strong force inside me as a woman wanting to be you know how to make a difference in in some capacity but when I took that and it look into this other industry where it opened up the whole creative side of things for me I was I was happy I can accept Medi-Cal business with our company we launched about six products to eat so it's it's a lot of work and it's the labor of love for us but she's happy in this the dress and I I love retiring in this business one day
just fascinating and when you talk about the different areas from the vibrators to the bondage the webs and so do people know when they're coming to the website or where they're going to the store but Pleasure Chest we have hearing loss and people listening to the show from all over the world from Alta from South Africa from France from Europe but when people are stepping into this world do you think they have an idea of what they're looking for or is it just this incredible playground and for him and they go exploring and is
how did somebody navigate that world if they're new ticket
and I would definitely ask for help when you walk into the store that's the biggest thing is really guide you to the best products for you so when you walk into a pleasure Chest don't be afraid to talk to the route I talk to people all day long and that's one of the things you know what I work for those sweeps in the store is that which one is the best performing lion or which one would you recommend about you every step of the way to go shopping online you can eat solid in our choice if you are beginner and if you're not exactly what you want then
message it's so beautiful well as the holiday seasons approach I imagine there mr. and mrs. Claus is out their finest toys and peppermint and chocolate delight in what do you say that there was a candy cane shaped vibrator available for the holidays there is a glass still available and you can find it
I got to get some help you enact if we sell it in our prisons line
and definitely available and there's all kinds of red vibrators and red satin ties and blindfolds available for the Valentine's and Christmas
I love this well I so appreciate you being with us today and as we're coming to close I know that you were. Just wanted to come back to the beginning for a minute as we were talking about the effect of a teenage daughter and I know a lot of people that are listening to the show they're just starting Elation ship so they just beginning their lives and he has many people like you said has been diving a relationship for years multiple marriages multiple lifetimes multiple experiences but is there a way to talk to her use about being secure in their own body
and in their life and to feel good about themselves and to not be afraid of what's out there
I think yeah and I think it's important that you do I mean my daughter and I are very open and you know what that are different from what I relapsed and I remember when she came home at 8 and that was an interesting day 8 years old
sure there is no but
that's something that that's their choice and are adults and they're allowed to do that and I just emphasized the same. It's something when you're a little older at least now you know her friends are starting to have sex in your body and we are going to share it with that and if she wants a toy when she's 18 absolutely but you do have to know all of the mall and and make sure she's safe until that age where she makes her own decisions
number one respecting yourself implementing that and
amazing information and I so appreciate you taking the time to come here today and to talk with our audience and I love this field and I love the fact that you have Logan is tapestry so beautifully that you worked with these companies that use created that you can learn that you've experienced that used Todd that you truly have taken your wisdom and your knowledge and you're crazy and you're finding your sensibilities and everything that everybody is brought to you and you've been able to create really this fairytale Fantasy Life that we called the happily-ever-after which is truly the desire to show is to be able to offer that to people so thank you for being with us and I look forward to having you back so wonderful and wishing you and your family is safe and a happy holiday season and thank you so much for decal iburg for being with us today
always my pleasure I absolutely love what she's doing and I love the fact that she is able to share so beautifully with an audience and all of the websites that she's working with him how many products are available on the website it's absolutely mind-boggling and is standing all that is available to us and that's really the way to live the dream to be able to cross those lines to be able to truly be free and have it life that we always mean we dreamed of desired and deserved so XR healthy and happy
healthy and extremely verbally and just fascinating phenomenal amazing wonderful gifts and products so this is Nicole Brandon and today's creveld wonderful special unique and spectacular guest Rebecca wine hourglass Pride wishing you the happily ever after
don't forget to get a copy of today's show simply send a text message to 55678 and the message is Nicole and it's will be downloaded into any mobile next week

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