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Unlimited Life, November 10, 2021

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Marc Rosenthal

Unlimited Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Marc Rosenthal

Summary: MARC ROSENTHAL & PERSONAL CREATIONS, INC is a design and production company specializing in theatrical projects and live events for concert touring, theme parks, theatre, special events, art, and exhibits. Owned by award winning creative producer and designer Marc Rosenthal, Personal Creations concentrates on panoramic digital and large scale multi-image projection, videos and films, theatrical and concert lighting design, and show control.

Marc Rosenthal is an award winning Producer/Designer specializing in live theatrical projects. He is the President of Personal Creations, Inc., a design and production company that focuses on projection, lighting, multi-media, and show control for live events and permanent installations in theater, opera, dance, ballet, theme parks, special events, spectacles, concert touring, art, corporate production, and trade shows. Personal Creations is a leader in panoramic digital and very large-scale projection.

Mr. Rosenthal is known for integrating projection and lighting, and creating complete multi-media productions. Credits include many theatrical shows with clients such as the Mark Taper Forum, the Ahmanson, LA Opera, and Los Angeles Ballet. He Produced and Designed Lighting, Projection and Sound for Casablanca, the Dance for Los Angeles Dance Theater and Warner Bros., premiering an historic production at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, P.R.C. He consulted on artist Tom Sewell’s new digital multi-media traveling art show, a new Visitors Center in Hemet, a project for Grand Tetons National Park, and is developing several theatrical touring projects.

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From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

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call Brandon and welcome to unlimited life I am so excited for Today Show and today's guest today we were talking about lighting and special-effects and I cannot imagine a better time of the year to talk about that but at the holiday season will also excited and so entranced by the lights that we see our exit lighting and it's really the special everything Essence aura rings that magic to life and today we have a master of creating magic today we're speaking with Marc Rosenthal and I am so honored because Mark is somebody I've known for years I have tethered myself to his work because it's so phenomenal and what he does is such a gift to theater to
stage performances everywhere on the television to video to so many events are going to talk about that are part of your lives and their part of your lies in the reason you're so drawn to them really because of Bob Mark Mark is an award-winning producer a designer and he has created against art exhibits and 14 x 42 scope solutely around the world he owns a company called personal creation which is a design and a production company and we are going to talk with him about the steps to creating the keys the tools the secrets to really having that unlimited experience that we know to be theatrical magic mark welcome to the show it is such a joy to have you with us here today
it's so great to be here you know I can't wait to meet this person you're talking about I'm already involved
you know I'm such a huge fan of your work and I have been since the very first day I met you and it's so rare you know I was so excited that you were coming on the show and I will share with somebody and I said you were in a class by yourself I can't even say your work is like XYZ or 1/8 you literally have created a world it's your sort of like the Walt Disney and so I'm just I'm so excited for this conversation today and it's just so much fun having you here
well thank you I really appreciate that it's that I'm really grateful for you know what you're saying in your insides and you know they're there are actually many many people that work in this industry that have incredible talents and so many that I look up to that I couldn't possibly imagine being able to create what they create if it's really a fascinating corner of the world working
I love you is always the thing you know you know the one you were six and seven and eight for your little boy did you know you had wings like the best science project
you know I was always fascinated with light it really started in 3rd or 4th grade when I played one of the pilgrims in the Thanksgiving Day show and I remember walking and we had a bend in the elementary school I was in when you had a gymnasium so they had a little say Jerry at one end and turning on the light turning on just simple which is there were no demurs turning on the lights in something about that and seeing these colored lights up overhead just captivated me and it started there and I was very fortunate that my father was a very brilliant man he was an engineer and also turned out a lighting designer early part of his career but it was very natural for him to nurture that and for us to do
projects from RadioShack and get the soldering iron out and build stuff
back back when Radio Shack actually had stuff like that really cool
thanks so much for an it really is just a little so I don't know if you're listening to us or are you know if you can pull back to the might just a bit because I want to make sure that everybody hears every single word that you say in that because I know that you have so much to share and I was looking at your bio and it is so fast it's amazing I was looking at you work Super Bowl halftime show you where to on Nickelodeon tour and lack of power and so good to talk first about the big the bra because it's one thing to say okay lights and it's another thing to do a Bowl halftime show
yeah I'm fortunate in that my life and career have gone in interesting situation but I think a large part of that is open to new things and there are any number of points in my career when someone says hey are you crazy enough to do X or would you or would you consider any generally my first responses of course and then my second response is oh no what have I got myself you look so many different project there was a huge project in Houston at the turn of the century by to say that now but from 1999 to 2000 and it was the first of the big Millennium shows and as far as we know it was the largest dinosaur ever produce
and the City of Houston decided that they were going to turn the entire city into a stage and there was a most amazing firework show at lighting the entire Houston downtown area was literally closed off for one night because of the Fallout Zone blue fireworks and we spent weeks and weeks preparing a moving equipment all over the city there were twenty-four straight hours of helicopter lift to get equipment the top the building and I got this call I think it was in July or August from Rob who was the head of LD systems it's still it's kind of assistant are you crazy enough to do this
sure and we wound up projecting on 27 different building areas as part of all of us and creating images that were up to 300 if it was unbelievable
office how do you think happened they just starts with a phone call and I left for the Super Bowl happen. I had a friend with the costume designer and she knew that we special lighting effects electroluminescent wire and he said hey we have this idea and you know was it something that you guys can do I know you do this and that was something that literally came out of Burning Man my ex Marcy was someone who specializes in this and she was like the queen of e l from the early days of people doing the stuff at Burning Man and I thought this was really incredible and we worked on this project together and she designed a very simple thing and then I created a system for it
and that's what do you think happens really just seemed open to it and you know being open to possibility and not lock yourself into a corner when we were doing that we were concerned about the brightness and I thought okay I'm going to come up with a way to really supercharged the brightness which basically man building a power supply that overpowers the system and these products are rated it's like I don't know 100,000 hours maybe ten thousand hours I don't remember but it's huge amount and we didn't ask him to look at it and basically we had to make sure that the thing would last for 1 minute on are any trouble with purple
and when we did the test and I mention this to the product manufacturer they get all concerned that oh my God you're going to cut the light down in half and I we have to let everybody know and I thought okay see your concern that the light is going to get cut from 10,000 to 5000 hours and we have a one minute that I think this is what happened you just decide you know you not that are still in your choices the key is to make educated choices based on science based on experience and based on your and other people's knowledge of how things work
and then you tried and it's funny that you say that because we haven't finished up man on from my experience from a vision from the you know that I know this is going to work I just wanted to ask you because you are too expressions and we have a visitor listening from all over the world listening to the show and you were saying something about else and burning man and I know that there are people that
just wanted to see if you could just chat a little light on what that meant that we were doing but I thank you for electroluminescent and it's the type of technology that the debt was developed originally by the airport I believe for Runway lighting and a small voltage applied to a piece of wire will make it close and you know it's true you can get different colors and it's a very simple technology
and bring man is an art Music Festival that takes place out in the desert north of Reno annually at the end of August and it started out as a get together and party basically you by Larry Harvey on the Baker Beach in San Francisco weed in a few years it has grown a hundreds of people and the cop said listen you know you can't do this anymore just gotten too big and they decided to move out into the desert and found a place called Black Rock and it's been growing and growing ever since it's currently up to about 70,000 people a year and for one week out in the desert and entire city is created and back in the late 90s early 90 90 90 90 90 90 99
people started playing with costumes and end with E L lighting and there were several people that had found it come up with it and the Marquis was one of them and they started just designing and creating costumes using this technology so they had all these things that lit up about the Burning Man and everything did a little and LEDs are everywhere and it's just a credible Amazing light show but that was Nathan beginners
it's so amazing to think that is such creative process and I love the fact that I was looking at it said that you work for Nickelodeon Nickelodeon to Rocket Power and so what was Mike like compared to something like a Super Bowl what's it like to work for Nickelodeon
well this is an interesting project because it was a project or and bring these characters to life where kids and families parents could actually interact in some way get some experience and the idea was to put together a team of incredibly talented that were based off of the character you know there's more characters with the roller skating character there was a BMX bike character so we had those elements in the show and they did some really awesome amazing trip and it was off the target organ with a full concert lighting system Brian Gail to the lighting design for it and video and my job was to cry
video imagery with the combination of using some of their animated clip but that was really a very very small part of that we created 95% of the imagery we get the green screen we actually created the big commercial using the kids that were in the show a green screen and what not and we put together a whole video thing that was based on trying these elements together to create an arena size show that went out on tour
what would happen
we were the way this thing work is all the tubes are tied to a signing trap and I believe for that show you something called sympathy which is just the time code format and basically there's a little black box that generates a stream of code that the lighting people and video people and everyone can run off of it ties everything together and we sat down for rehearsal and we were running the show and all of the sudden huge were wildly off and licking each other if they don't like. What what happened to are we all going to get fired or possibly screw this up to that and we check with the audio people and you said okay well what version of the soundtrack are you running cuz everybody was constantly making changes and updates and we said look we're on 8th West we have the soundtrack for this date and they looked it up and it said what hour
how are you change the soundtrack in the last hour and they said yeah is that we literally had to make sure we had the soundtrack that was ever updated within the last hour last 15 minutes or Alden work
another with B
amazing absolutely may I ask you one no is your freezer than words on your website that I'd love to dive into you talk about panoramic digital work and just when I close my eyes I love just thinking about that. And so can you describe that because I imagine that would be awesome
it really is awesome panoramic imagery as a as a specific technical Concepts in this contact came out of the world of Multi Image slideshow and what happened is people understood that you could actually take a photograph Doom into this Photograph and create individual parts of the photograph that if you then created slide that is not me any Crystal and slide projectors that were all lined up next to each other you could get a giant panoramic image so if you if you look at most images of these days are rectangular bordering on square and then of course we have high-definition which is a little bit wider aspect ratio
HP has an aspect ratio of 1.78 to 12 basically the with versus the height so it's 1.78 times wider than it is higher
well when we would do Multi Image Panorama as we would be to 21321 need an 521 so you're talking about energy that was incredibly wide and you would sit there and there was a sense of being involved in it and then immersed in it is the world is a weird kind of like has a very wide aspect ratio which is unfortunately one of the reasons like she's going around that done very infrequently and you have to have special to do it but that's the basic concept of Panorama and then work it's a similar concept where you use multiple projectors that are tied together with software so that the different projected images are overlap and seamlessly Blended together and the experience of the viewer is just as ginormous wide panoramic image
it's just fascinating absolutely fascinating every aspect of what you do I mean I also remember reading something about it 3D computer pre-visualization for Universal Studios benmummy which one is the award for outstanding achievement tell me about that
that was a really interesting project particular point on the ride in the mummy where the roller coaster comes to a junction turns around and goes up a hill and eat idea was that you the mummy would suddenly appear as this gigantic up above you and you would be catapulted up into his mouth
they were trying to solve a technical problem that had to do with how to create that image without any of the hardware in that was required to create that it
so what we did is a complete three-dimensional mock-up of portion of the rides and figured out where to place each piece of Hardware that couldn't be seen by the riding ride and would allow the effect to happen the way they wanted it to happen so it was a combination of understanding how to do 3D modeling but figuring out all the geometry to place pieces of equipment so that
well within the general tolerance of what that piece of equipment could do even if it wasn't exactly the way it was intended to be used and you know would be safe and would not be seen and then we generated a full 3d rendering from the point of view with someone on the ride and we played it back to them so they can see that if all this equipment was placed in this position someone on the ride would never see it
and just to be clear
thank you for the project when the CEO award and because I made this small contribution to the overall project that's what enabled me to get the award as part of that project
congratulations wow is amazing and it really is I mean I could just sit here and just read it and read it and read it we could just spend the rest of the month until New Year's Day Coca-Cola you work for Coca-Cola for the Olympic Salt Lake City
I'm the one of the things that I discovered was Kim traded I had no idea that in trading is this gigantic that people around the world are incredibly interested in and the ideas that they go to Olympic religiously and every Olympics has 10
that are produced by various people and these people from around the world are all about him but treating them and the way it works is certain chemical released on certain days so you can get 10 for athletes you can get into the location you can get in for events and people bring out their hats with all the pins on the collected over the years and people were really serious about this will notice that there are various kinds of a really unusual and there's a whole little community of we were hired to do all the visual and show people production for a live show that was happening in the pin trading boot that Coca-Cola was bought and it was all under the auspices of Coca-Cola and we actually never actually to set up
and it was a lot of long nights in very cold with their slow and challenging project
that's incredible and I have to ask since it's Christmas season here and we are just stepping in your little toes into the holidays and Thanksgiving but one of my favorite parts of reading your bio was many Productions that you weren't another Nutcracker and I always associate The Nutcracker with Christmas magic and so is there a way to make out of the most special pieces in history even more special and work on the Nutcracker
well generally one works on The Nutcracker by being involved with l a company that's producing and there are actually is a question because no one could come up with more over-the-top ideas as to how to do something you know how to make the tree grow our house Flo and all the lights on at the some thing and then wouldn't it be interesting if
there was pixie dust in the air that swirled around and have a character and you need to go on and on and on with this and it's some point one really have to take a look at the production or we just going down the rabbit hole because we're excited about what we could do technically and this is where the artistic director of the ballet is a really important person because that person old days hope the vision of what this particular production is and in some cases there is a call for doing things really over the top because they want to create a Fantastical production that has all these effects in it and in other cases that come down because it really is about the damn thing and telling the story with the performers and it doesn't always a very interesting balance to strike
and I've been involved with nutcrackers that were
very wonderful gorgeous gorgeous production that didn't have a lot of special effect but we're incredible shows and I've also been involved with them that had a number step foot back tonight was involved with one and number of years ago that too but it was with an artistic director that I work with for a long time and we decided that we were going to really try and create one of those totally over every magical special effect in it and at the same time make sure that it held together as a production so but it wound up being so costly that it didn't see the light of day
run the gamut
cuz I love The Nutcracker and I love I need you there's something about my turn it even the lighting of Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center at a lighting at the White House or even in your local area whatever city or state or country people live in the entire town gathers together and it's a community event to watch the lighting of the tree or to watch something you know how do you get this the shooting star that special night where we have something going on and this and a magic in watching stars twinkle or whatever it is that that light that were so drawn to in someone's eyes and then so what do you think it is about the magic of Lights
that's a question it's kind of like watching fire in a way you know fire can be incredibly mesmerizing
and I think
any kind of light could look at how we're hardwired from an evolutionary standpoint that when we see light in the darkness it's a beacon you know we get to the get the shed light on things in our personal lies and and effectively we are John four light physical when when it's dark all around us and there's always a sense of relief so I think somewhere deep in their there is an inherent definition of being propelled toward light in some way and at the same time if if it's not done well or if it's used in a in a bad manner it can be really really problematic like a really bright light in your eye
and you know if you're out of a rock show and the lights are just going crazy at some point that can be turned off so you know what I've had enough of this movie like there are stop liking them or stop blinding me with them so it's important to both appreciate how compelling like me and have a contact for it so that if I cook in your sleep bad or painful experience
I love that hood a great answer that was just a brilliant answer and I guess my next question has to do with Travelin light because as you talk about The Nutcracker and and we talked about the Olympics we talked about the Super Bowl are these amazing events and then I know that I was also reading that you were involved in something in town of sewall's new digital multimedia traveling art show and I love the concept of a traveling our joint the what is it like to set up lights but then our going to be moved to another city state or country with the project or with the production
it's all about making sure that you create an environment that supports your Creative Vision so there's a lot of logistical work what happens when you go out on tour with her at the rock show or battling Archdale or anything's going to move is you add on to whatever your design criteria are you at on the back that you have to transport this set it up 1-0 pack it up and then transport it again so you're constantly being mindful about how something is going to be set up in the overarching phrase that we all use a entry in the street is you always rigged for the out which means you always designed something at set something up based on how you're going to take it down
because you can put something together pretty much any way you can you can use paid you can use wire you can have all kinds of nuts and bolts to make something really sure you know there are lots of ways when you're building something to really make sure that it's going to work and not pulled out but when you have to take it apart wait a minute I will rebuild this I didn't need their 10-bolt I didn't need those 20 pieces of wood I needed really five pieces of wood or three bolts or whatever it is do you really pay attention to what it's going to take me to take it down and pack it away or the next thing and once you do that you can sing into little things the way they look at effect that you really like but for what it would take to create that affect it's just not worth the extra Manpower or money or beer or time to set it up
almost always there concrete drink no matter how big is Joe is whether you got a couple of hours a couple of days or a couple of weeks there are only time so
you have to be very Mindful and careful about how much you're putting into something to make sure it can be set up and taken down within the time allotted by the production and you know what the man hours labor all of that
what a great dancer in so when you have a concert and I know that you've worked you know from major celebrities jazz concerts and took two people come to you with the concerts at and say these are our numbers this is the production and can you create an amazing light show or backdrop or did it come to you and say can you create and just to show work around what your created and the song States and vice versa
it happens in all different ways most often my experience has been that people want to know what it's going to cost to do something we want to do this video projection or we want to do this imagery and we want to hire you
and you know there's no simple answer to that and I use the analogy of let's say that you come to me and say Mark I want you to produce a 30-second car commercial how much is it and I say well I can take my iPhone and go out to your car and walk around it and email you the file and I'll charge you 20 bucks and you will have a 30-second commercial if we could fly a cast of 100 to some Island and have a car there and have a crew of fifty and we can do all kinds of special effects on the car and in the background and we can have Panthers and fireworks and that'll cost you five million
so and then we could do anything in between so I can return it back and I say what's your budget in other words what the value of creating something wonderful to you and then that really worth is the people involved to get a sense of what percentage of their budget they want to focus on a visual elements because any producer putting together a project knows that they have to hire a performer you know that the higher the talent they have to pay for the venue they have to pay for labor to move it in that no matter how good is there are Department that have to happen there's lighting or the others all of that so then the contacts
of this phone number
they will have to start on the wall idea and I generally stay look give me within Thirty or forty percent will have a wide range and then let me come back to you and say this is what we can do for that number
and I find it that's a great way to start the conversation because
if you have a budget in your mind or let's say $10,000 to do something and you say you do this for me and credible idea and I think we could do this only be $50,000 and you're going to look at me and say
and that's because we didn't have a meeting a general meeting of the minds beforehand if you could look I've got somewhere between five and fifteen thousand dollars to do something what do you do for that and I know that there's a general contacts and it's not $300,000 show or two million dollar show is going to be around and then we can work towards something is going to wind up in that General vicinity
fantastic and I love that concept and just a meeting of the minds and being able to be on the same page in the same Creative Vision I taken that's when I look at your work with those standing because there's such a Synergy between you and the clients and everything I've seen and it's so much fun just looking at everything that you've done me the world's largest Sky show with judge Groban Stephen Graham Nash and Barbra Streisand Steve Winwood in traffic and what a Magic Carpet Ride like you've been on this is just must be so much fun for you
it is you know is there a moment that are particularly gratifying that might not be meaningful to other people and I'm sure we all have those in our lives there was one point many many years ago where LA Opera was embarking on a very ambitious new production of Magic Flute and Gerald scarfe who did all the imagery Boyd was doing the set and costume design and they have this concept of doing projection and so Gerald was reading all these amazing images brilliant brilliant artists
and they went to a projection vendor who was the largest projection vendor in the area at the time and they said listen we want to do this then you know we had this idea what you think
and they took one look at it and they said we can't do this call Mark
they called me and we wound up doing they're amazingly involve complex show that projection everywhere this isn't a time when if you were doing shows with very large projectors are called on a projector that came out of Germany and they're used to create these gigantic images on backgrounds for Opera and if you had two or three or even four of these giant projectors in the show it was a lot
when we open Magic Flute we had 21 projector
and fun back rear side everywhere no one seems willing or able to do this when we were referred to you what do you think and I can look at that and say yeah you know I I can dive into that that's fun and interesting and would give me a chance to
play inside some things I'm push my boundaries a little bit you know push my comfort zone a little bit
hopefully not a lot but sometimes it is I love it how much are pigs video for Ozzy Osbourne for the no more tourists and you even produced a short film go leave the game which one Houston Film Festival gold Awards and so where is the guy that you said okay now and going direct and produce because that really expanding those boundaries
you know I have a classical training which means that even though my episodes with a lighting designer classical your training me you've been trained in all aspects theater acting directing writing all of it and I did a bunch of back to college and then you know so I had some basic concepts and the way the War Pigs thing happened really just came out of my experience doing a media production this just happened to be a video and as it turns out it was
Put-in-Bay Star Wars with a lot of stock put that I put together and they came to me and they said hey you know would you be interested in doing this it wasn't a big butt and I said sure but what are the you know what is Ozzie want to stay or what's the things that you know she just really wants to make a statement on war dad and all that and that's pretty much it and you're free to do whatever you want okay
so this really turned into my statement on war in way and I chose to focus on getting him more and I I made this whole Arc to the War Pigs video or picture soundtrack that started out showing American young man of these Invincible guys and a really horrific images in their juxtaposed with gorgeous gorgeous symmetry I found this imagery of a plane flying through NATO bombing run where you see the gorgeous lush green landscape and then in slow motion you see the incredibly beautiful orange glass coming up and it's flying through the fog and this juxtaposition
really gorgeous and almost look like Coral bloom in the OSHA and it's just a position of this gorgeous imagery with the
horrific understanding of what would cause it was really profound for me and I played with their images of carpet I played with getting the bombs to go off at exactly in time with the music and my general concept was to lead people into this feeling all great and excited like yeah you know we got these people laughing and smiling and and do these incredible things that was a picture of a helicopter doing an inverted Loop in a powerful and then through the course of the song as the words you don't begin to really question what's going on the imagery ship at the store where we started looking at these kinds of pretty images in her at the contact and then images shipped it again in
straightforward horrific imagery of war going on people dying and getting hurt and all of that and realizing that we are not that powerful we are just people and we get hurt and die and all of that and then it shifted into the Vietnam War Memorial and the realization of horror that all this God created and then ended with some imagery of homeless that that when they came back this is how we as a nation have dealt with these people or haven't and this is you know that they're all these issues that they have these people that started out as he's really young vibrant and healthy powerful people were destroyed
and that was our computer and I felt it was a really strong statement and this is some interesting feedback to this day when I look at it every once in a while I think wow this is a really strong statement I'm very proud of the work and at the same time when it was played to a stadium full of heavy metal Headbangers what I heard was everybody was violent
it just stopped and I thought no not so much that isn't necessarily the right thing that you want it just might not be the right moment to make that statement with that audience so they want it down over the course of the poor by intercutting it with live shots of the band experience to learn all of that and to really become aware of how something is used in the contact and that maybe some more interaction with artists or something could have helped in some way
just brilliant I mean the fact that you put your heart and your soul and everything into your vision and that you just said okay okay no problem I'll do this award piece I mean
huge chunk to take on a statement on the war and to have a single thought like where is bad let's make a video and to create such a masterpiece in such a moving piece on something that touch people so deeply that they did hit pause on their life even in the middle of a concert it's just such a statement to use your talent
no thank you I feel it was a good and important thing to do I'm just not certain that
I'm not certain about the end results just in terms of how it played in a concert and in all of that but I basically was following what they had asked for the week out like there was no you can't do this you can't do that and I was like I love her too late and then for you know another winner you produced the short film goalie write the game continues which won the Houston Film Festival Gold Award with a Gold Award winner and so did you say yes I want to produce this particular project of all the projects so I can put my hand into that this is the part I want to stare
I have been working with a good friend of mine Brian scholar who has now directed a number of films and at that point he was doing shorts fell asleep some blunders and there were another couple of shows and we would have these very tiny budget and a small crew and she would come up with these ideas that were I'm all kinds of different things and I have been working with him as a production manager basically and then someone came to him who wanted to do with him to Mitchell who was the star of this little story and Brian came up with this really funny and clever idea and the idea was a spoof on the goalie from Friday the 13th and inaugurate summer camp for playing hockey and they're going in on goal and they're getting hacked to death and the
because you think it was basically because Brian and I have worked in various things I said well you know I can produce this cuz I had been producing other small project and it really wasn't a whole lot different than producing any of the other multimedia projects with slideshows things like that that involved setting up shop dealing with people and locations crew and Equipment than all of that at some point it's all pretty much the same producer there are certain areas that of course they're very different what is the if you look at it as a system
the system is pretty much the same
so I just applied the systemic tools to the video cited thing or are they never dealt with that before that was fun and interesting and basically the composer really organized that but really hadn't came up the other stuff you're done with video or I had some exposure to that do all of that for me I felt you know I've got enough of the underpinnings that this wasn't that much of a stretch and it seemed like it'd be a fun project we got to spend two nights on the ice that the Culver City ice rink after the king finish their rehearsal
that seemed like a fun way to spend a couple nights jealous sounds like so much fun
I had a lot of fun doing projects with Brian and he's a really funny wonderful soul and comes up with all kinds of hilarious
thanks so we basically have blocked on and it was very funny in the process of making sure we did what we needed to do to make a show happen
I love this is just amazing I mean you're incredible experience and I'm so pleased when I look in your bio and looking at some of the websites and looking at fishing website amazing but I mean that you were awarded the lighting Dimension International projection designer of the Year award that you have been a writer and all of these magazines that you've instructed classes I mean you truly wanting to have a gift and talent and it's another to be recognized for and then to share it and to teach it to others and the fact that you have moved into that Arena of sharing your talent with those that are looking to get into this business and looking to step into this magical world is really wonderful for him in the face to be in
yeah it is it's great to share that excitement with people pass it on and torture them and it's it's always so amazing at what other people can do and you look at them like you know people that you've taught or or share things with and all of a sudden you're doing things that are just wait after your ability and it's humbling it's humbling and it's fascinating as a light journey to think or to contemplate how do we
keep grounded and and how do we what
are our talents and recognize our account even though people that we have Mentor tutored whatever are showing skills far beyond Us in different area and interesting contemplation and empty for me I find it really helped support the idea that yes we all have talents than I I get to honor my own talents as I get to honor yours and everyone else's
Australian and how do people find you if somebody wants to do you work I know you work with people all over the world do you work on Skype or two people call you for a consultation or what's the best way for somebody to hire you into work with you
all of the above phone Guide website email you know what depends on the project I've been tired I done a number of projects in China and you know but the project is we just figure out what that project needs and what resources they have to bring to bear to make that project happen and we see if there's a bit and if there's a rate and if there's not a fit then we may explore how I could support them in a more limited role they don't have finances or something I love being involved in Project just in general like it's always so fascinating
whatever the different popular people amazing what people come up with and it's fun to be in support of other people Division and you know to also do mine so yeah I love it when people just call or email or find me on the web say Hey you know we're doing this would you be interested if personal creation. Net
and the dotnet is very important because there is another company called Personal Creations that makes wonderful little tough to get but they are. Cop trying to get me I'm at. Net
that's really funny I'm already Street and motion Incorporated you know and Artistry in motion itself was a confetti go to baby confetti company with its advice for young people you know or people of any age that are interested in getting into this field where would you start where do you begin
get involved in any project that excites you have to be an intern asked to just observe to be an observer
now I love the fact that he was just saying to get involved to absolutely
step in jumping be part of it as to be an observer and something because I think it would really is the most magical way possible when we look at somebody and we idolize them or we see something sparkling something shining we want to know how that works as a city that we all have them were children and just the idea of being able to be part of a curiosity wheel and stepping into that like I was just saying that I think that's such a great answer to say to intern in to get involved because to be able to idolize someone or when you see something is a child you always wanted to know how did that work
how does the end and so by observing it it's such a beautiful way to step into the pool
there's another important aspect of that which is my experience in general is that people doing this work really do love to share it on some level and that may not be obvious they may say no don't bother me I'm really busy or whatever but if you're if you're truly coming from a place of wanting to learn to get involved and being appreciative of whatever it is that someone might share with you then that comes across
it often times isn't easy and and a lot of times people won't want you to be around because it's just too disturbing or distracting the better word perseverance if you if you are committed to being involved in any aspect of the production of performance industry that you might as well learn perseverance right off the back cuz if that's the problem then it's not a career for you
do that that would be my best advice like no matter what anybody says just keep doing it and just keep finding with 25 different I'm 25 different people you know what I've got to go talk to the 26th
and that's the way it happened
with writing with whatever and and yeah there are the times when sometimes it just happened but in general the people that make careers in this business are people who are survivors and have just decided that they're going to persevere no matter what and if one door closes they go in a different direction to open up another door
just all of this is such incredible advice and such beautiful information and never stepping into the new year I know you were working on several projects right now anything that you want to share that you have coming up that people should be watching for
yes I'm very very excited about a show that's opening up in Hollywood at the mall Pole Barn Theater on Vine it's opening up December 12th and it's called ratatata goal journey in Rhythm and it's by Braun Carly and it's all about different there's wisdom in everything and it's basically brunkhorst Dream It's a written by ameenah Kaplan a on car and directed by Amina and the teachers from really wonderful people feel incredibly talented musicians and dancers and it's just a funny show it's like a rhythmic version of.
and it's it's just finding all the wonderful things you can do with your body is in it
punch punch the weekend the weekend of December 12th and the following weekend as well
okay well I know I would love to see this show and anybody that's in Hollywood or visiting Hollywood absolutely a show Define ratatata Kahlua and Market is been such a joy having on the show today and I just so admire you work I'm such a huge fan and thank you for all the magic and the illumination and really Beyond special effects but the special that you put into all of your projects with so much vision and care and commitment and talent and love and certainly we look forward to continuing watching in all Realms of entertainment you're incredible incredible Talent
oh thank you thank you it's a lot of fun and you know I don't feel like it it's like it was fun having you on we look forward to having you back and wish you a happy holiday season
thank you I really appreciate it thank you for being with us today what a wonderful guess see that specialize in special effects and working for the Super Bowl in Coca-Cola and all of these celebrities and rides and I mean chess the ballet the sound of the television and being able to create somebody's fish and entry to say what did you have in mind what are you looking for and to be able to take that and even be able to pass somebody in their life lose somebody in such a profound way or allow people to step into the world of and Fascination and I love his advice to interned to be able to learn from people that are doing this to step into that world and have people share their gifts in a magic in town and look at all the magazines that he's been riding for all of the article that he's are all of the places
Mickey's tautology Ward you should go to his website that he's one I mean truly he is the top of the field and lighting and special-effects design so what a privilege to have you with us today is bring you the very best tools and secrets keys and techniques to creating an unlimited life in this is really unlimited Fairy Tail and limited fantasy truly unlimited entertainment so this is Nicole Brandon and Marc Rosenthal wishing you an incredible week and a wonderful Unlimited

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