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Unlimited Life, March 23, 2022

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Dr. Sky Blossoms

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Dr. Sky Blossoms

Unlimited Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Dr. Sky Blossoms

Nicole’s Guest: Dr. Sky Blossoms

Soviet Union born third generation healer turned American #1 Bestselling and Award-winning Author and Elite Relationship Expert.

With a background in the medical field and over two decades of studying psychology and human behavior, Dr. Sky helps high performers to discover the fastest way to authentic confidence and create lasting and meaningful relationships.

Dr. Sky is an international speaker and a frequent media guest. She has been featured on CBS Radio, Boston Business Journal, Fox News, Bloomberg Businessweek, and ABC among others.

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Unlimited Life

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon
Dame Nicole Brandon

Unlimited Life – New Science, Ground-Breaking Information, Ultimate Health, Secrets, Tools and Technology for Leading and for Living an Unlimited Life.

Hour-Glass Bride – The World’s Number One Show for Relationships, Intimacy, Communication, Connection, Sexuality, Marriage, Happiness, Bliss, Passion, Sensuality and Living the Happily Ever After.

Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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call Brandon at welcome to passionate living and I love the fact that as we're watching the news and there's so much in the warring of the worlds and there's so much things going on that we can bring you people from around the world that are making a difference in energy and light and loved and that have the keys and the tools and the secrets and the know-how for really creating and changing and evolutionary life that happily ever afterlife and today we are talking with such a drug dinner yes we are speaking with Doctor Sky Blossom and as I look at her work is absolutely astounding from the psychological field to human behavior to high-performance to actually a way to create new relationships and beautiful

relationships and she is an author speaker please somebody that's groundbreaking in the field of love and energy an honor and pleasure to introduce tiia to today's guest skyblossom welcome to the show so if I'm looking at this unbelievable background of you I mean it is a kaleidoscope of Wonder and amazed of human psychology is still one of my favorite questions to ask yes always is the did you know

factor which is when you were little girl when you were five and six and seven other little flipper playing with dolls and playing house didn't you always have something inside of you that want problems or did something happen later in life that really LED you to this field

because I had no idea what it was like right now but I did have sexual abilities since forever I had a little long but I did not know that they were special and that other people didn't know that was between religious objects and slogans everywhere that God is not in here I would pretty much blind as to my own capacity to help fathers however.

we can experience an opening my own heart and how what how what is it like to be 11 years old and and to be separated from your parents cuz I just want to close I am to my parents and as a child I just can't imagine

wow that's pretty much all of my friends and everything I knew was working so it sounds like everyone I knew and loved died but I got to see my parents are getting along with them well so that was

wow when you were able to see as a child and you had this gifts and talents because I'm asking because a lot of indigo children are coming in now and there are a lot of children that have these amazing abilities and you have any advice for the parents of a child that can see

I was not seen I knew I knew a lot of things that people who are in a spiritual path is still discovering I was aware of them as if he had frags ample even though I was too subtle I knew that feeling my body would do nothing and I was really and I knew that I could not do not exist that existence was not

before a fraction. About what these and really open to learning from them because chances are there more connected than most humans

wow it's beautiful advice and you know looking you can featured on CBS radio and Boston Business Journal everywhere and people are so drawn to you and to your town is they're talking at the top of the show you're gorgeous. So beautiful and I wish this was a video chat with everybody could see what you're like a living Angel and take me a little bit through your journey of me and you you went through two decades of studying psychology and actually change to return that into an opening of the heart and an opening of the spirit and soul and now you've helped people all over the world

yeah well I was not a straightforward past like four most people in fact I was doing my team job the sexual after moving to the industry and I always knew that whatever I was doing even though I was booted that that was not my call. That was not even after graduating from Medical University I liked what I did but I wasn't I didn't see who it was it right people are saying discovering and at some point after getting the vaccine that question I was really getting frustrated and I was very happy you finally right upper extremity Charles and divorces of my own I was very happily married lives in there and supposedly had it all

I have the job that we were making with my husband to satisfaction with whatever I'm doing and go back to work and running errands in the evening organizer sabbatical and wonder way for about 4 to 5 months 6 months

and what and what happens from there

opening and I have publishing contract literally in three months after I had the idea of writing the book of my writing my own Talent was revealed to where people in a row and I would be able to change your life on the spot and recommending

text beautiful I mean I love the fact that you followed your heart and you trusted and you took his stuff for it and I think it's a great lesson for so many people listening that you had to call in to write this book back that I think we all go through those times in our life when we're not sure whether or not you know this is the right path for us this is the right calling for us this is the right step is it the right bridge and we questioned our abilities our own gifts her own talents and then we leave

the flight is Just So Glorious and so awe-inspiring for other people and I am sure you know what your work cuz I read I was going through today all of the testimonials of people that have worked with you never had better relationships you're the guru and they got and I love that because from so many different walks of life itself I love the fact that you have so brilliantly been able to leave your work shoes the tapestry of humanity right now and I know that was taken just a minute but we returned I'd love to talk about the best thing ever

I think that we all can relay to saumur with Sky Blossom when we turn here on passionate living

I am calling you

hey it's Nicole Brandon we are here on passionate living talking with Sky Blossom about relationships romance self love love with others the planet the world and following your heart your spirit you're so your vision your intuition in your dreams that's a lot

so we're talking about your book best thing ever and I know that there's so many reasons people are drawn to read something or to be part of something or to work with somebody and so I want to ask you about several of these things and the first one I would love to ask you about is love or lust a distinguished herbal difference

wow it's such a great question and yes actually they're completely two different things they're so different it's amazing how people can ever confuse the two

they're vastly different so I actually if I may shine a little bit of light on what love is and love is at the core of everything it's just that one missing connection and appreciation that we seal for another being because we really don't see much difference between we feel that Affinity rides are stemming from One Source in which he loved related and we just adore that are the beach and in that sense where do ourselves through that other person or a dog or a flower whatever this way she'll love lost swords and when it comes to romantic love there are so many things that I'm mixed in with that amazing feeling their sole purpose there is self-discovery and there is physical attraction and chemistry which Mother Nature gifted us with so that we can procreate and continues

Stokes last is a product of two things one is polarity masculine feminine meeting in creating a chemical reaction the second thing is the chemical reaction in our body which is a delightful cocktail of hormones running through your bloodstream making you little crazy and making you jump on someone so it is delicious and it is somewhat addictive and good news is it could be cultivated encrusted and this experience can be very conscious of people it is a default or how to keep it and caused this attraction is so strong because Mother Nature wants to make sure that

damn people often confused with lost but they're actually two separate things I have ever heard

talk to me about dating disappointment

well said to sit to popular subject and and well it's a mismatched right we all know I mean probably not all of us know but we kind of sense intuitively that the right thing has to feel right and most of us going one day after another and just doesn't click and one thing is wrong and the other thing is wrong and then eventually would try to analyze all of the things than all of the check marks and on a paper it looks great and he's going to try active but there's still no click let's see if we can make it work and people try to make it work and after all even if they get into a relationship they remain disappointed or is it go on the number of days like Dad than the Dallas start scraping what if I've never met the right person writes so all of the disappointments

accumulate and they create create more doubts which can get in a way of meeting the right person but take it back in am just worried that you've told and they think there's a profound blessing for everybody when Wednesday nights and meant to be they light up in unbelievable synchronicities the universe literally knocks itself out to bring the two of you together and of course if you were in a serious car state of resistance and you were just not vibrationally and match to your soulmate another story however she already there was no need to worry whatsoever of one and how you going to meet because I have made it a project for many years right now and I don't see that stopping ever I have interviewed successful couples were really really happy together and literally when you meet them there a la vez Paulo

they're passionate about the chatter their deep admiration of one another profound respect and all of those beautiful elements that most of us want and when they got to share their life stories with me amazing Miracles that I've heard are mind-blowing to the point that I featured one couple in my best thing ever wild dolphins brought them together but they still on since we're bringing them over and over again together and nose to nose and they still kind of said hi to each other but did not go further in developing there any relationship or connection and the universe had to pull another unbelievable Miracle which I know you'll have to read the book to us to reveal that mystery but that is just mind-blowing it's really like that

yeah. That's how it happened to those people interviewed Peggy McCall who's in the New York Times number one best-selling author and she's just incredible woman and she met her husband Dennis a little bit later in life after she already had two teenage son and they both have been through divorces but nonetheless when she was single and successful and all of her girlfriends were like you just register for online dating or maybe you should go out so you can meet people because she's an intrapreneur she works from home like many of us right she's doesn't get out much and she's like no this doesn't feel right and they said what do you think he's going to knock at your door and she said well maybe

and guess what she did not get her door still there is there was a possibility he's all I need any person who is currently single and who is yearning for that true love in this awful connection I can tell you a few things first of all when you need that right person feels like home any of never be more comfortable in your life and it feels just delightful and actually just smooth flow you don't start solving problems from the get-go that's number one number two I've noticed that almost every single time there's some mystery associated with. So there is some magic confirming that yes you on the right path and

there is something else is going to say so it's and you don't you don't have to worry much about again how and when all you need to do is to make sure that you're ready if your heart is open that you've dealt with whatever patterns that were running in your previous relationships you looked closely at your life and what has been happening before and fully receive the gifts and lessons and their previous relationships so that you can move on and start from a clean slate

that's perfect I love it Liza Minnelli do you know Liza Minnelli as she was born she has a song called ring those bells the hell she traveled the world and she met the guy that lives next door hahaha yes you are and having to face that somebody comes knocking at your door having the faith that love will connect you and that I wouldn't you talk about it feeling like home yeah I can't imagine a better way to feel

yes and you know I want to add on to this because they're different levels of relationships in different purposes for which people engage in relationships and I think it will be really helpful for our audience to run distinction well in early age let's say when people are teenagers the purpose of a relationship is still exploring your sexuality exploring your preferences and likes and discover you are and how you show up in different circumstances and very rarely I'm not saying it's not possible to B very rare that you meet your soulmate and true connection that you will be for a lifetime with at that early age and then later in life people may be driven by creating a family having children together running a household together this is just a customer customer has decided to get married and you still did you find a person who kind of fits the bill and you marry them so those are different those are

social purposes for a relationship and then a spiritual energy involved in your own mission in life than the purpose of a relationship becomes bigger and greater you realize that you and your mate is not only for your own enjoyment and pleasure of having someone you like and bad but it's for you together competition more than either one of you could do it individually it's for your union to be a part of Force 2

accomplish whatever is that you choose and make a difference that you want to make and it becomes the purpose for your relationship becomes greater than your individual ice and that's when I say sole made couples or twin flame couples are formed and they have proof on spiritual Mission together besides just being Partners in our human experience I love that you talk about them as a power force and I can't wait to get back to this because this is so exciting for me and I know that we're jumping to break and there's so much I want to talk to return here I'm passionate living with Sky Bus

living with Sky Blossom just absolutely learning so much about love and passion and lust and relationships and Troost in Greater together then it is a part I just think that there's such a joy and hearing that and there's such a knowing this that it's true

yes and I had the pleasure of interviewing many of these power couples and the they are just as perfect union of Yin and Yang is masculine and feminine where they add on and enhance each other and again they call each other to be at their greatest for example one called a couple Mickey Willis and I just fell among their filmmakers and philanthropist stop hiding show up more and they keep keep encouraging each other to live bigger at 2 to be more of who they are be more expressive in every Pursuits so that the beauty and so it's that's full full hearted wholehearted support and backing up all the way

that's beautiful and I love who they are as parents to I love you they are individually I love you they are together and how they express their love I love the beauty and which they share the world in their community and they bring everybody into their love story and then how they share that and their unique Take On The World they're not ready to share whatever is happening in the moment and I think that makes him even more powerful than we have a very interesting and unusual love story and I tell it in my book and a couple of months before they came together but was so powerful that they never had to fight for over a decade now

wow really just so spectacular what is the do you work on Skype do you do workshops you do one-on-one I know that you speak around the world and I know that you have this incredible book the people are finding and so what's the best way to find you because I know people on the edge of their seats saying I need this

yes well best thing ever. Cam is my website if that's the way to find me and connect with me on Facebook Sky blossoms its face 4 / I think it's Blossom Sky, sure you going to post a link on Facebook that says the best way and go to my website get on my list and I do work with a handful of people privately I do leave workshops I have online courses and I'm putting something awesome together which I'm so head over heels about and installed that thing ever for singles it's going to be a live event in Orange County this November where for three days were bringing together extraordinary exceptional people men and women who are successful in their own rights gross oriented and

open-hearted and open-minded people who are looking for their true match and we're providing three days of world-class training party fun and the actual opportunity to meet the love of your life, right well it's an obligation only so I will it's not even available yet probably next week it will be the first one to know actually this is the first time I'm talking about it publicly ever going to start opening application next week and yeah we will pre-screen every person who is going to be in the room

I love that it's just so beautiful and I want to ask you something that really captured my attention when I was going through your material and going through the website because I think it's a subject you know I have unlimited life and passionate living in an hourglass pride and every show that I have whether to television show a radio show or call and show people always want to ask this question and the fact that is on your site by spirit and soldiers jumped at it which is a few find Freedom and commitment yes it's my favorite solutely

well and have to rethink commitment I personally do not buy in a traditional understanding of commitment the way we're working to print you believe we're you say okay and we're going to be together till death do us part that type of commitment is very challenging and I wondered that it does not keep people together because here's the same there's traps and that's commitment mean people assume that okay you've committed to me now we're married or whatever and you're supposed to love me forever and now the gate the game is one I can let rest on my Laurels gained a few pounds and let myself be sloppy with you and if I'm going to bed just not be kind to you and be short with you at times and you're supposed to love me you're my lover aren't you you're supposed to love me and that happens unfortunately so much for a

treat their loved ones more probably did they treat strangers and the way I perceive commitment it's a daily Choice it's a moment Choice with this person and I choose you today and I'm fully committed to be with you today and chances are I'll choose you tomorrow but if either one stop showing up then don't expect the choice there is no guarantee and yes there is a degree of uncertainty in. But if let's put it this way no happy couple ever breaks up

both people are happy in a relationship and fully satisfied they stay together and nobody wants to go through a pane of breakup and to another pain of looking again for prime meat just just for fun right it's normally happens because there is deep the satisfaction in growing resentment and arguments and it's just not working so it's both and there were reasons why in the beginning Partners like each other in their fall in love with each other and they they dared each other's biggest fan because people show up so commitment is becoming I commit to myself to be the best version of me possible to share with you

and then the other person can say you are the best thing that ever happened to me and if both keep this commitment to oneself to show up at their best and sometimes your best is truly your best sometimes your best is just volunteer ball and sick or whatever but if you stay true and raw and vulnerable and honest with yourself and with your beloved we understand we don't expect Perfection every moment of every day but doing your absolute best and treating your beloved with love care and respect it's a must

this is just pristine information I absolutely love it and it's beautiful and I love saying if either one stop showing up and I commit to you today is for people to show up 100% of who they are my mom used to say to me you know honey love is not 50-50 it's a hundred a hundred a hundred percent of who you are at any given moment I'm absolutely in any given moment in time and you know sharing your whole heart and they did Mary 53 years and they look like newlyweds and I've learned so much from their relationship and how they respect each other and love each other and just enjoy they bring to each other's eyes and each other's Hearts is like watching some fairytale romance just being in the audience

and together child even more so so I love all of these things that you're sharing and I know that we're jumping to a break and just a couple minutes but one of the things that I love to ask my guest on the show is since the show's compassionate living what does leading and living a passionate likes mean to you well it means only following my Inspirations and the drive of my soul and every moment that's what it is when I'm connected to the fullness of who I am and I'm going with my own slow and slowly executing and allowing myself to become more passionate leaving

your work is beautiful I'm so excited for you and So Glorious and so more when we return here with Sky blossoms on passion living

is this Nicole Brandon then we are back on passionate living the sky blossoms that song really matches the energy of the romance in the love in the lifestyle that you've been sharing it's so blue it says I'm listening to you it's like a beautiful medley and song as you're talkin about love and and she just hear something that's spectacular is just sweeping it's like swallowing and why the magnificence and light and so thank you very much okay I wanted to dive even deeper now are you ready I'm still a little play let's do it love you always wanted women especially from the time you have that fairy tale in your head

facts about attended process which is not considered a lifetime and dreaming and Desiring and then there were a couple words that really caught my eye as I was when is about opening your heart are most people's hearts closed yes unfortunately

so I can illustrate this very vividly to distinguish close hard between the open heart so when you meet let's say you when you see baby are you see kitten or you see Rose is it easy to love them and in fact when you see the tape hockey your heart almost melts natural and you can look right and you feel love towards that thank you and that is because their heart of those beans like they'd be our party is already open and they did not run any defenses they're innocent and therefore it serves as an invitation for you hard to open and then you can act on that deep level however imagine you're running into a person who is stressed out and just talking about

how bad traffic was you do not have this reaction to them because they are closed off and defensive against the whole world now unfortunately because most of us have been hurt especially to relationships because relationship is one special our realm that can run to Heaven and Hell Is Wild and as beautiful and pleasurable as love can be the rake up Sir one of the hardest things to go through so

our biology stores the memory of that pain and we start naturally building defense is trying to protect ourselves from getting hurt again which is that's right we don't want to get hurt if you are touching hot stove your extra extra careful looking at the stoves in the future and trying to make sure you don't get burned again so the same happens with relationships it would build up these defense mechanisms and the inevitable a closer heart and meet other people romantically or otherwise they're not even their real self they're running the public Persona without intentionally trying to see if anybody would do that intentionally trying to pretend this is just something that we adopt since very very early age and it becomes automatic and unconscious like a mother yells at you for breaking something and me

in order to protect yourself you feel compelled to lie next time and then you do not show up at 10 tikli and then you learned that in order to be accepted and loved by you. I apparently need to run certain types of behavior right and because it happens for years and years and years most people lose sense of who they really are and when I sent it in order to be confident you really need to be yourself or most people's like what the hell is that to be myself I am myself but they're not in touch with the magnitude of that self rise so and on the flip side when they heart is open at person is virtually a resistible because open heart invites other parts too open and radical authenticity gives it permission to other people to be also vulnerable and raw

so that's sad even if one person out of two or three of five has done their work and open heal their emotional ones and has their heart open everybody influences everybody around them and it gives them an invitation to step in because it's crazy space of acceptance I accept you as you are that's okay I'm not defending myself from you can show up just as you are and I will love you just the same I will not judge you

that is so sweet and so succulent I mean just I love this information and I am so excited for the way that you share it is so clear and so concise and so inspiring and so graspable for people to understand with such Clarity and I thank you so much for sharing it in such a perfect fashion that was just beautiful and words

it was interesting because he talks about the 10-day process designed to open your heart and of course the opening of the heart right away my it was like going down a waterslide into this pool of water and then the other part of the sentence is to invite a perfect partner and so can you talk about inviting somebody into your life

yes absolutely well I wanted to catch up on something you said how do you open your heart to true love in and buy the perfect partner what needs to happen before you can invite the perfect partner match you need to embrace fully and completely all other relationships that you had and recognized that nothing ever went wrong you never failed and everything that happened to you or for you even if it was painful was a gift and you were invited to become more powerful to become more confidence to hold your grounds to know yourself better and to claim what you truly want through those experiences so Ironically in order to embrace your true match you have to embrace all of those mismatches because done you're not writing any resistance in your vibration

that's physics that was the other words alright every person in your life that you're in partnership with being as friendship being as relatives in a romantic partner is the perfect partner at that time

well because were you even meet you wherever you are and as you grow and evolve then they become no longer and match but then the sense of finding your soul mate or your twin flame or that true true match who will match your highest expression of yourself let's call that person is your perfect partner to partner with it's an easy flower with this face of complete acceptance inauguration is creative who will inspire you to be the best version of who you are so there is that person and maybe more than one and normally you were from the Same Soul family and normally you have intended to share this life journey be flown before you even showed up and you physical body and you were getting ready going on your own separate journey and Mission were preparing for the ride together

cell in order to arrive at the point where you are ready to call in this perfect partner in a sense you're you're the partner who will help you to blossom into the fullest expression of who you are and to leave the fullest best life ever that you can possibly live you would need to be come to the degrees salsa where open-hearted and receptive to the blessings knowing that you deserve what you want and what is right for you to receive it and it's not even a question that it's coming it's that certain teams face

it's to take all the infirmary buddy that's listening

breathe right now just breathe just put your hand on your heart make a wish on that

that's a lot of wonderful to take it it really is it's almost like marinating

and the energy


it's easy it's easy to it's easier to love than not to laugh it's very natural for us so when it sounds to the mind like this huge task of opening your heart it's actually super Supernatural and just need to let go that's all it takes taking every past relationship is an invitation to be who you are or to grow or to be powerful or strong enough to where you are right now instead of having regrets

yeah I got to actually acknowledge that and be encouraged by their experiences that have led them do they are today yes I will share personal vulnerable story which illustrates this beautiful a one of my relationships was the hardest I've ever had it was the hardest relationships I've never argued with anybody so much like I argue with that partner he was very up and down roller coaster like very happy passionate and at the same time there was so much tension and ripping apart and yeah it was probably the most productive relationship I ever had because that fabulous man who I have no doubt that he was my soul mate in the terms of showing those things to me he shuns the spotlight and Kel the magnifying glass to every bit of insecurity

of myself that I held which I needed to face and resolve in order to step into my mission more fully and to be more powerful and who I am and to be more Unapologetic for who I am and what I stand for so that even if I love them even if I share bed with them could sweep me off my feet and your shaking my confidence so he played that role brilliantly if we look at our Dynamic from Human standpoint that would look up yousif emotionally and it was from that standpoint but spiritually it was a profound gift which I like Ali I was able to receive because I could see well if he's saying those things to me you will never hear anything that's Rob's you in the wrong way from another that you do not believe about yourself so that our offensive to you if they're fun to you than you

inflight fear of dad being true

and with that it was a beautiful invitation for me for to do self check and to say well actually their moments when I am ruthless in myself. I'm abusive in how I treat myself and that's the time to change that and one said did you know I was able to accomplish so much more professional and personal and in every way because that relationship was a parcel invitation to step up was it easy they still choose it knowing how many gifts it has given me absolutely just genius

so much more to continue on with you so I'm so excited you're here thank you so much for your time and I look forward as we are down that rabbit-hole exploring a little deeper into the heart and the spirit in the solid relationships the more when we return here and passionate living

hi it's Nicole Brandon we are back on passionate living with one of my favorite shows ever we're talkin to Sky Blossom this information is so beautiful I feel like I'm being robbed or something so thank you I am sure you know I wanted you to be able to share the people once more how they can reach you because I know people listening to the CD you are so clear and it is such a beautiful container for love so tell people again once more how they can find you and work with you thank you give me a best thing ever. Calm and on Facebook Sky blossoms connect them both and actually run free meditations in the morning it's called it

Facebook group called conscious Society Society

here are awesome awesome on the radio is that one of those words you can use in the romance but it is work is just terrific it's funny because I always strive to the very top people in the Pinnacle of success whatever that is the cherry on every Sunday in people that have the tools and the techniques and the secrets in the know-how and the key is in the doors and the windows in the pathways to Leading a lid living a better life or have you ever lost your life and that life is a dream of and desire and deserve and know that your men to live and you certainly are that all your information really brings home as you talk about relationships and romance the way it's meant to be and meant to be recognized them until you left so I'm really grateful for you so thank you for being with us today

extracting for asking the best questions and willingness to dive deep the top of the show but I want to go on the other side of that wall for a minute on the other side of that happy canopy special sacred secret level a terrific wonderful bus and bus the dangerous myth about the smart people believe that actually kill relationships just for a second into the gear of the dark side one of them you actually brought it up and your parents successfully busted that mess for you and prove it with over 50 years of success where it's 50-50 towards given take that's an absolute mess it's not a given take its

100 and 180 flu on contribution and then when people asked me often while what if I give everything I'm such a giver what if my partner does not contribute down the question is become one with a partner

so if you are wholeheartedly giving your best and you value yourself as well then you hold a standard for your partner and we talked about choosing each other on a daily basis so you don't keep track of your contribution because that is a recipe for disaster and builds and builds resentment built expectations it's totally and it's a breach this appointments right when you do your best in it and give your best because it makes you happy. That's when the relationship is in the smooth flow it's it's not I rub your back and rub mine I rub your back because you're my beloved and it's a pleasure for me to Delight you and there's no expectation that you will rub my back but when you do it's certainly lovely but maybe you will never do that do something else

and let's see I have 10 of them was just remember well another one we also kind of touched upon that's commitment is a lifetime where a commitment is a moment to moment Choice oh and here's one more miss that I think is so popular people get confused about that all the time they confuse relationships and love and love and relationships that different things obviously you want to be in a relationship when there was love but love alone is not enough qualifier for a relationship you also need to be compatible and sometimes you can love someone deeper when you are not in a relationship with them so if you knew she loved people assume well that's means we have to be together absolutely not the case when love is unconditional relationships are very conditional because for a long-term success

it takes similar alignment of goals alignment of Lifestyles there's so many things that come into play to assure. You were living together as harmonious to your moving in the same direction and that is to truly enhancing your overall life experience

how do you say yes you're not making the dark side see the Dark Side by busting and there is such a season that there is almost a place in a space almost ethereal Heavenly because you're giving its space

hey you want the hour to float in to fly in and that's it it's so special to hear it phrase that way and then I guess one of the other things that really stood out on the website for me and really stood out in your work cuz I'm listening to you sing some of your shows and I was sick because it's a smorgasbord of information on the way to really be able to give in to cherish and to nurture and to support and to love deeply and to love profoundly and each and every lesson is its own Jewel and Jim but one of the things that I really wanted to be able to share with our audience today is the how do you recognize the one for you

beautiful lovely question thank you

well first of all you feel when you meet the right person the one for you it feels very natural there is a moment of recognition it's almost like oh there you are right it seems like you've always known each other and it is the feeling of home and you feel very relaxed which is different from feeling of infatuation infatuation gets you tensed up and you try to make sure that you are like door you're putting your best foot forward when you meet your to match its you you drop into your most eccentric self and you are not trying to pretend whatsoever because you feel that you are seeing truly seen beyond your appearance of yandi behavior that that person can see you're very hard and salt

I've seen it happen on the instant literally like you mentioned with your parents your dad knew that your mom was right for him before he asked her on the first date said that is very common for some people it takes them a little bit of time I've interviewed one couple and they've been friends for about 6 years and worked together and then literally in the one day at the same time keep its tried them both and they were like oh you are incredible and I see you in this new life now and they've been happily married for many years they have three children together but it took them six years to build that romantic aspect of their connection but they have been best friends for 6 years and they have a lot of working together they lost any time together so they can match them the feeling of home has always been there is just a romantic in the last 40 min later

yeah so I know that it's like a two-day thing for people to make a list of these are the things I'm looking for in somebody or this is my list of must haves and haves to some people but I want somebody to somebody to write down I want someone to see me I want to self in any given moment in time I want to be able to share the invisible I want to be able to have somebody love me for my spirit and soul and not just because of what I look like or where I come from and why do you think it's so hard for people to ask

for their soul to be seen

Well because most people have been conditioned to brought to believe that they might be not good deep inside I've actually had some clients who would convey to me that they believe that they discovered themselves that they want like it and that others so basically they're really real. They're horrible human being which God knows where that condition is comes from like from painful childhood from some trauma but and this is an extreme case but most people have been conditioned to degree to believe that they're not good enough for this before. So being seen is one of the greatest fears whether people realize it or not that's why people are afraid of public speaking that's why we're afraid to shop without makeup that's why we are trying to show up at our best because we're afraid that is

relax a little. People want like us and we will be rejected and ultimately Dylon right so we adopt all of this little tricks on how we know we can elicit approval from others and when we get into the dating scene

I I did not even understand the concept of speed dating you're trying to tell something for 30 seconds like if it was me I never went to one of those but if it was me I would just be looking style in 30 seconds into someone's eyes seeing them and what's interesting for most people it would have been highly uncomfortable

I love the idea of being able to be yourself completely with somebody and know that that person is the one and that is you talk about Basecamp for that place in which your soul is nourished and nurtured and I always remember being taught as a child of the landing pad is also launching pad and ran but they also fly from there and solve relationship which we soar are also the ones that we come back and we land in 206 safe place on our Solace and you just paint that so clearly and your discussion and in your picture relationships we just get there

you know I want to add on to that in order to be to allow yourself to be seen and to be comfortable in your own skin people really need to be comfortable with themselves and learn to appreciate and like themselves genuinely or they genuinely can look and have you seen the movie The Secret yes well I I've seen at the most most likely many of our audience members have seen it many times and there is a seed in the beginning of the movie where Bob Proctor say I love myself I just want to kiss myself and he's literally shows like kissing his own hand or arm and I watched that and I said while I kind of like myself and I'm confident but not to the point of wanting to kiss myself that was the case bag then years ago when it just came out and then finally when I was able to cultivate the degree of self-love where I literally a door

myself in the mirror and literally done it's a whole different game and it's not a duration from a narcissistic respect if it's a healthy appreciation for the miracle of yourself and part of it it was a dream which was so real of me losing my leg and I leave through the entire emotional experience of losing the lack this dangerous to leave this belief and Devastation depression and emerging into embracing my new way of being and finally it was like a movie at the end of this dream I was dancing choosing to still dance if in this one on one leg and when I woke up that dream was so real. When I saw my post lags in my bad I was so happy and relieved that that was just a dream but what I did at that moment I did kiss my lab maybe for the first time and that helped me gain this profound appreciation for every part of my body for every

part of who I am and for every step that I made on the toss of this life journey is it was not supposed to be perfect ever nobody's bath was supposed to be perfect and yet it's perfect and it's in perfection

just flashes really loud and I it's funny because so many of the members and people that created the secret are friends of mine dear dear friends of mine and I love the fact that you share the secret and that you share the facts are mama lions and let's speak so highly of your soul and your mess and your attainability into achievement in light and wonder and just the scene that you would choose

is a great reflection of you and the work that you teach and I'm absolutely in love with your steps am I and what an incredible journey to somewhere you began in another country and to leave your family at 11 to leave your Homeland to leave your country to leave the Safety and Security of your careers in your background behind to trust your instincts to trust your heart to trust your spirit to trust your soul to hear Divine calling and to step into that and that not only to step into it but now to share it with the world and help people and our national in the way that you do and you know it's really remarkable and could have see you I think that's absolutely astounding an English be very proud of you thank you

love what you're doing and I love the website so I have to ask you I know that we're at the top of the show here but I never had you come up with the website and it was very simple I was thinking of how to name my book right and both my husband at the time and I we kept saying to each other you are the best thing that ever happened to me and then we said well that's the name of the best thing ever because it has a few meanings first of all when you have that love relationships and social connections that's truly the best thing ever but what's you're really after is being the best version of yourself ever so that you can be the best thing ever in people's life being a children being at your parents being at your lover beneath your clients or friends you are the best thing that ever happened to them so that's what it's all about

great title the wonderful things about doing a show late this is that I have the opportunity to share the astounding just share truly truly truly Justin Chef genius wise stage talent and magic with the planet really to give people an entire world of opportunity and tools to lead in to live that happily ever after life and everything that you have shared today

each in its own way is it Diamond each thing that you have said if people only had that one takeaway and you said nothing else their lives would improve their lives will be better their hearts will be open relationships will be deeper and two had two of those it's real or all the way down the line of everything that you have been sharing during this past show it's just really is a lineage and a line for happiness and you can track it backwards and forwards into their future and through all the history of timing and you work is just really beautiful and I thank you so much for joining us and look forward to having you come back again and somewhere we like it so thank you so much as brilliant and I loved her slow and I'm totally in love with your mission and with

with with the

I'm trying to find the best words to describe it you're bringing together and sharing the gems and they are so brilliant at actually getting the gems Auto call Brandon and Skybar since we are wishing you a passionate life while I saw the joy and happiness and each and every one of your wishes and dreams come true and we are wishing you the happiest day ever afterlife and I look forward to seeing you here next week on passionately

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