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Unlimited Life, March 2, 2022

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Michelle Karen

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Michelle Karen

Unlimited Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Michelle Karen

Nicole's Guest: Michelle Karen, Astrologer

French and Finnish born, Michelle became aware of her psychic medium gift as a child and after devouring Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs at 14, decided to become a professional astrologer.

At first self-taught, at the age of 17, she enrolled at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London to earn her Diploma a few years later, further complemented by graduate studies in Medieval Horary Astrology with Olivia Barclay.  Among other prestigious teachers, she studied with Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas, Charles and Suzy Harvey, John Addey and Cordelia Mansall. She was 21 when she obtained her Master’s Degree in philosophy with honors, at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, on the Role of Archetypes in the Meaning of Human Existence in the Works of Carl Gustav Jung. In 2006, she was selected to be the exclusive Astrologer at the 78th Academy Awards where she did readings for several prestigious nominees. 

A regular newspaper and magazine contributor, Michelle Karen writes a monthly astrological column in the Sedona Journal. Her expertise is also called upon globally by many high profile radio and television shows.

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Guest, Michelle Karen

Guest Name
Michelle Karen
Michelle Karen, Psychic, Medium, Astrologer, Philospher, Yoga Professional, Classical Pianist, Martial Artist, Actress, Model, Writer, Author and Columnist
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Psychic, Medium, Astrologer, Philospher, Yoga Professional, Classical Pianist, Martial Artist, Actress, Model, Writer, Author, Columnist
Guest Biography

French and Finnish born Michelle became aware of her psychic medium gift as a child and became a professional astrologer at the age of 14. She obtained her Master's Degree in philosophy, with honors, at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, on the Role of Archetypes in the Meaning of Human Existence in the Works of Carl Gustav Jung. Michelle earned a Diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London and her graduate studies were in Medieval Horary Astrology.

She also has a professional degree in Yoga from the Ecole Française de Yoga du Sud-Est Méditerranée and has studied classical piano in the Conservatories of Paris, Geneva and at the American University in Washington D.C. She has appeared in several Hollywood movies. She is also a member of the National Black Belt Club in Tae Kwon Do and serves abused children through FreeArts. She is also a trained actress and model. She has studied at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in Los Angeles, with the Gene Bua Acting for Life studio and the Phoenix Film Institute.

Prior to writing Astrology for Enlightenment, she's authored 8 books in French, Finnish, and English on Astrology, Living Food Nutrition, Yoga, and Spiritual Novels, one of which won a literary prize in France. In February 2006 Michelle published Aruna, An Initiation Tale based on a vision she had when she was 20 years old.

A regular newspaper and magazine contributor, Michelle Karen writes a monthly astrological column in the Sedona Journal. Her expertise is also called upon by many high profile radio and television shows globally. She has also been the exclusive Astrologer to the Stars at the 78th Academy Awards in Hollywood.

Michelle's International Readings clientele span over 35 countries. Her readings are in-depth, unique and precise. Michelle uses astrology, tarot cards, numerology, all along side her profound psychic abilities. She is able to "read" people whom no one else can read. Not only does Michelle analyze the charts; she heals planetary alignments and personal energies, enabling significant life-shifts to occur.

A global citizen, Michelle has lived in France, Canada, Switzerland, Finland, England and the United States, specifically Los Angeles from 1995 to 2008. When she's not traveling the world, she lives in Los Angeles, CA and Helsinki, Finland with her cat Rafayel. She is bi-lingual, fluently speaking French and English, as well as some Finnish, German and Spanish.

Unlimited Life

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon
Dame Nicole Brandon

Unlimited Life – New Science, Ground-Breaking Information, Ultimate Health, Secrets, Tools and Technology for Leading and for Living an Unlimited Life.

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Nicole is revered Internationally and one of the World’s 100 Most Influential People. In 2019, 2020 and 2021 she was on the top list 10 of the Most Fascinating People in the Nation.

From stage to screen, from books to broadcasts Nicole shares her dynamic gifts and talents for having it all.

Nicole is known across the globe as “The Ambassador of Kindness”. Knighted for her humanitarian service Nicole has been a Peace Ambassador in 59 countries. Nicole is also a World Peace Flame Carrier and a proud Member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the Association of Transformational Leaders in Europe. She has been a Keynote Speaker on almost every forum from Fortune 500 Companies, The Olympics, the World Cup, Charity Events and even to Doctors and Medical Organizations on What is a Miracle.

An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

Nicole is a New York Times Best Selling author (having penned 32 books). Her talent on the air find her Hosting 6 Internationally acclaimed programs (Passionate Living, Unlimited Life, Hourglass Bride, Parenting Today, The Green Room, and The Secrets to a Dream Life) 

Nicole is the Television Host of (Happily Ever After, Keeping Score, Mental Prison and DreamLife)

Her videos, books and broadcasts can be found worldwide. 

Nicole coined the phrase “Artistry in Motion” which of course, is the way she lives.

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call Brandon with unlimited life and welcome to the show I am so thrilled and so excited by today's gas and so honored at the very same time as you've been doing these shows now for over a year and it's been so incredible and so extraordinary we really strive to bring you the very best people all around the world to live an unlimited life how do you get to those barriers and truly there's so many times that we're getting gas and somebody will say this person always loved when I have first-hand experience of somebody and I can say honestly from the bottom of my heart and truly

every fiber of my being this person is the Pinnacle of what they do this person is the very greatest center field in life and your future and your forever and I've had a grand opportunity to work with Michelle and to experience the greatness of her talent and her gifts and I can tell you she is just one of the special people one of the greatest gifts that we have here so it's Christmas season I can't imagine a better person to bring to you to finish point and she became aware of her psychic abilities and gifts as a child and I know that we talked about

incredible talent and affected by the age of 17 she enrolled into the faculty of astrological studies and London to earn her diploma and just a few years later she completed her Graduate Studies in ecology she has worked with prestigious teachers from around the world and she was just 21 receipts and even Switzerland on the role of archetypes and the meaning of The Human Experience and the great works of a Carl Jung in 2006 she was selected to be the exclusive

astrology and 78th Academy Awards 2016 nominees she also has an addiction about that she's worked in films and television she is study with my favorite acting school in the world which is the tnba I can feel like studio in Burbank California she has worked in several movies and videos and she was a French voice of the navigation system in a Honda she has a professional degree and a member of the national black belt club and she also volunteers with free arts for abused children in her free time and she paints I mean she is one of the most extraordinary least talented

play the tree of life she is just the tree of energy and its branches from every single place and just a pours out of her and the way that she's able to help in touch life is just amazing and then prior to writing 2008 the Revolutionary books which is astrology for enlightenment which we'll talk about today she also offered six other books in French and Spanish in English on this ecology living in countries on five continents in her readings are index so unique and their precise and she uses astrology tarot cards animal ology along with her profound unbelievable psychic abilities and she is actually able to read people that no one else can

conference in December of 2009 Laguna Hills sheets channeled by Lee Carroll and she said that she is truly semester astrology astrologer who reads on directly and she is one of the first to bring contents astrology to the planet she is also a shaman and I know it sucks but I stood in ceremony with her and there is a blend of astrology soul in your heart and your venus and her finish fruits of Love of Nature has led her to prove where she has been initiated and semester Shannon and she's gray

society and she has been meeting groups right now to Peru and Bolivia and Mystikal transformed attorneys and I highly recommend she spent time in Colombia and Performing some of these all over the world to the Global Citizens and lucky for us to United States and when she's not traveling the world she spends time here and in Helsinki and she is just one of the most blessed sacred magical beings on the planet and we are so honored and so blessed and what a magical mystical beautiful gift for this holiday season to have today's gas Michelle Tanner Michelle welcome to the show and thank you Nicole thank you for having me and so excited to be here especially now that this amazing end-of-the-year that's been quite a transformative year for all of us

and it's so I am looking at your by which is absolutely extraordinary in ceremony with you and working with you and having meetings with you I mean you have a gift and a talent that is beyond the Beyond and it's just it's so wonderful and looking at this Edna says when you were girl you knew and adding did you when you were fourteen days just to the world actually I wanted you to know it's very strange Because by the time I was fourteen we had already lived in four countries my father was a journalist and we had already able to listen in and then we move to England and we went and seen and I was not feeling great in my body and myself because

he's traveling with a constantly changing country language is friends and there was really not a lot of clearance around me and my family went to United States Senate with the time when you know the Necromancer has published a book and he came back with that book and I did validate and I thought oh my God somebody was never met me can actually describe me better than the people who live with me and I saw this is so extraordinary I started reading the whole book a nice original taking note of everybody's birthdays and and I started getting a little radio show because that's who Tina or the kitchen school could call me after hours and I had all that data and I was getting very popular because Kristen

so this is a study that I said to let you know I'm going to be in the front and they read every book I could find at the time we moved to Washington DC with the sexiest thing because it was so many books in the libraries and schools and everywhere so I was just getting my hands on everything I could find and reading and reading and reading and and then when I was seventeen I found if I could see that's what you could study that started studying there and did an incredible mentorship as good as your men so who was my teacher and then the rest is history when I was twenty I studied getting crunk since he's and everything just denying it's like I did my first official reading when I was 16 and it was the person who was the granddaughter of the day

Siri very famous traitor in Russian writer and who had another situation in her life that was way beyond what I could know as a child and I remember I tried to 15 Swiss Francs and she does do have to be instantly all her friends and I have no recollection of what I said because I never remember what I say in weddings that she was happy because after that I had an unending Road of people wanting to have readings with me and it never stops. Then I feel so blessed that this has been my life since so I never do you know when I travel the world and I'm going from one place to another and I have all these people who want to be friends with me and who want to invite me and like how this all started with a dream little 14 year old girl who wanted to be in the sky

when you're reading people's I mean are you able to

Steven hoping and vision for the future or be able to single place in our lives that we can't gain Clarity or the speakers to me astrology is a tool for empowerment and it's a tool that gives you a vision because it stays on your television of nature but it's based on Cycles Planetary Cycles it's based on what is going on in the sky so little room for Spiritual imagination because it's at 7:10 at in the sentence sign at a certain time you cannot invent anything you know this is

the way it is but what you can do is interpreted in a way that's going to put people down on the way that's going to inspire them and I don't believe in putting down I believe that we each have a stack of God inside of us I think we all Masters in the making and that astrology is an incredible tool for vision for understanding where we going it's really like a roadmap so I think it's actually very funny that I'm the voice of the navigation system in Hondas in Canada because really that's what I do as in this truck I'm the GPS of your life knowing until we can rent in me to drive around and hope to get to where we want to go or we can take a GPS in math or Jenny

and say well you know I know that's going to be a little bit of a dr. Right now that's going to last or need two years or year-and-a-half that this is how I can best Empower myself food at. Then I don't have to be a victim of what's happening to me because people always think that as soon as you determine who we are but they forget to do things that we also influences. It goes both ways it doesn't go one way and that we can take you know all the ingredients to make a cake and we can burn or cake or we can make them assumptious cake you as an eighth and it's always and it's the same ingredients but what matter than what determines the outcome is the art of the cook the chef Giada De person and the Consciousness with which we use has elements in order to create a better or more difficult out, and this is all in our hands

to action needed more we know outside then the more we know who we are and then know in the more we know our characteristics and the more free we are at the mall at cause we can be in the world and the more magnificent and Ice Candy and this is what it's all about right now being magnificent these people waiting to talk to you online year and is there a closing or an energy that we should be looking for in a new year around the world or in different areas of the world as soon as me and you know the thing is that we are actually entering Year to all of Humanity's life because we have to go a little bit back to the end of the Mayan calendar which actually is not true TV and because they

he's in the main calendar many references to date beyond the 21st of December 2012 but what happened is that everything was mapped out until December 25th 2012 as a combination of Humanity's Evolution and a majority of people reach that point in Consciousness City Twisted Xmas everywhere even people who are not necessarily conscious going to insinuate they heard that date over and over and over again and loaded with all sorts of things and people thought it was maybe the end of the world which in a way it was it was the end of one world that was the end of the world of fear they are all this negativity of Cruelty of Corruption of Lies with all those the finance and not to say that Beyond 2012 it says ended I wish

that is so much to see so many discussions in the consciousness of humanity over the years that it could not be done in just one day and when you and even a few years so we are after 2012 we did reach the point of being able to start on a whole new basis so there was an extension even though some people will tell you that wasn't that nothing changed that is not true and ask anybody all Isaac changed our lives are different a lot of people died a lot of people chose to go to the other side including my sister who tragically died in a riding accident last August in 2012 but the thing is that you know some people died in noted to the enlightened and I can tell from experience

in her body was not necessarily the most you know actively conscious decision or was not necessary into anything I'm doing and that's when she crossed over what happened is that she awoke and on the other side she became very active and I can feel her in my life and I can see how much she's helping me now from the other side and how different she feels and what she did when she was in her physical body and her soul has continued in magnificent ways and with much more love and kindness and enjoy and vision and her help now to me is invaluable because I know she is absolutely and I can I just don't just know I have absolute proof that she is working with me to a lot of people a lot of people

members friend to Crest over the very sudden unexpected way and this was all part of the plan because those people have been living with the Consciousness and what is happening now is a global shift in Consciousness and what is great is that it's not just in one country or when people it's all over the world you go anywhere on this planet it's happening everywhere people are waking up and it's amazing to me how no matter what eye color with a language is cultural religion everybody speaking the same language and how we are one and how would each one of us does sex everybody and that some of the challenges we have gone through in 2013 which really meant it was a very difficult year for many many people

a lot of illness has a lot of people got laid out a lot of people had financial problems with out of relationship issues a lot of questioning where am I going I feel lost I don't know what to mix that that I know I have something to do but I don't know what it is and I'm hearing that everyday my readings all the time but the good news is those people were asking this question than going through this town and she sees other people who are Awakening these other people who are part of creating the psyche that's going to emerge out of the rubble that is emerging out of the rebels of the old and those people who have died they have them still crossed over because death is not that you know we just leave a physical envelope and if you go to my website and she'll that's conversations I had with my father when after you died six years ago

she said she would he was fascinated twist reincarnation and he really told me that after he died he would give me proof that reincarnation was real and yes she did then he gave me actually even more information that was amazing and some of it I put on my website and I can still feel him with me also so please know that you're financially or even those that have crossed over that those people are part of the unfoldment and the young light and the energy and especially in this moment as we're approaching a new year that it was actually a gift and a blessing and that it's something wondrous and schedule

absolutely no reason to the madness and that's what we really need to keep in mind and keep focusing on the big picture not just focusing on the trees because even as illnesses that we have gone through and God knows even from the simplest flu and cold and another little annoying things but that still block as quick as this was started letting go of some old Comics are dimes and some old Consciousness and old limitations and some old misunderstandings that we cannot do this that I'm too small and too are in the week and $2 go into the circumstances around me together all of that is that's causing my life and I'm not and that's not true that is not true we are powerful beings we are beings of light we have a huge heart and the movie

what's in the movie starter solenoid tuition and the more we know that we know because we do know you know some people have intermissions and then they say to me up well with the who am I to know yes you are to know you know and if you feel something this is the time to manifest it if you have a dream this is a time to believe in your dream and the synchronicity that we are going to live in 2014 I'll going to be mind-blowing and we're going to think of something I don't manifest and this is why we have to be an absolute Integrity without cells which means honest with ourselves we cannot afford to stay in that has take to relationship we cannot afford to stay the job that well it's Tuesday to deal but do I really love what I do know we have to be honest with ourselves and people tell me yes but how am I going to survive financially

I'm a living example of that my whole life I never had a regular job I've always made a living with my son and my spiritual work I have never had any secure I never know where my next meeting know it's coming from and yet somehow the past 40 years and has been happening so I know it's possible and I'm leaving that so excited people would just feel that you're on the show and so if you have a moment I would love you to talk to some of her Studio on

hello Sherry Rose

hi Sherry welcome to unlimited life

thank you thank you for having me on Siri how are you I'm doing good. How are you I'm very well

so how can we help you Sherry what do you think of all of this with this knowledge in the energy and the new year

I think it's exciting for me it's exciting the last year last couple years has been just use that word

and now I'm ready to change I'm ready to put that behind me and and move on

and if it was in store for me that hasn't recognized itself and darkness is actually with Designs light so when we on those dark times and I haven't seen myself being too many of those are actually the Forerunner of something else has something greater than trying to do too much out of there that says I felt and that means you going to keep me into your life you know and that's beautiful so darkness is not fun when it's there but we always have to think that there is the dawn is beyond darkness and that dreams and wishes are going to come true and if we focus on the certainty of that without mystery knowing how or when but knowing it will come true we accelerate the process of manifestation

that's terrific information Michelle pay insurance

it sure is

it's a beautiful sis Sherry what's happening your life right now

I'm calling to acknowledge the energy and

seriously actively looking for a job

and I'm not getting any head so I'm wondering if I'm just looking in the wrong place

well what is in your heart what is it that you love doing that if you had no Financial consensually what do you love doing

I love helping people

this is Willie.

And that's a great. You know the secret to creating Financial abundance is to actually feel what is what is the emotion that comes to us when we are enough financially affluent feeling of Freedom the feeling of security the feeling of power or something else entirely different and the secret is to already feel that feeling in your life and from there the rest is going to come and abundance is going to come because we always think that we have to be to have more to do more to be more but it's actually the opposite we have to be more to do more to have more so it's about moving forward in the direction of our dreams so helping people you know that's the most beautiful thing in the world because so many people need help there's so many things you can do

and they just starting to do it your work is going to manifest itself as it makes sense

and maybe sometime if you know you know like for example even volunteering in the place and studying to work in that place by putting all your joy in your heart and your passion into it and seeing the people around you becoming excited and happy and and just something blooming in them or something opening in them that is that can lead to an actual job where you can actually make money doing it and be financially rewarded so that you can continue doing that

to look into your heart because if you tried you know the old ways would like or we need a job any job just to have money the new ways is we need to do something with you in love with truly believe in that you're an absolute Integrity of it ourselves that we cannot wait to go to work to do every morning we cannot wait to get out of bed to go and do that work and that's how many is good to manifest in my life in your hearts believing in your dreams and writing down maybe all the talent that you have all the things you do ask all your friends what do you admire me what what is it that you like me what is it that you see in me that I may not be seeing in myself and once you have that feedback from your friends are positive friends

manifest what you can manifest into the world

okay she Andy has a gift you clearly has a gift and it's about sharing that willingness to help

and you know it supposed to helping yourself and getting yourself because you know like I asked you that a lot in relationships people want a relationship well if we haven't created a really good relationship with ourselves if we're not madly in love with ourselves it's going to be more difficult to create that live outside of ourselves so if you want to help others help yourself and simple way could be just to go for all your drawers all your cupboards you know I'm killing everything and donating whatever you don't like or don't need that doesn't serve you anymore Anson are things are going to start something out the roads looking up for you


Magic on the show thank you so much and thank you so much for calling in Ceres thank you thank you both on your magical year and now we have Chris who is so interested in astrology and would love a reading from you

yes so I wouldn't do that on the radio because I think it's better to do things that all of general interest that you are welcome to contact me at Michelle with 12000 special and I'll be very happy to do your personal reading absolutely we can jump into the air as you're talking about has had

really sort of Whirlwind year as well and I know Michelle is you're talking about 2013 being that way for so many people and I think it's so many of the area's you've talked about you know Chris has been in the washing machine oven at the same time his is just such a shimmering light through all this Consciousness and so then does that marker in the world because I absolutely absolutely Christian other thing is that there's a move which is not much going on in their lives and those who have great upheaval cuz it's that great upheaval we have chosen to the year at this time we have chosen to be the architects of the most incredible Adventure Humanity has ever I mean this is like the most magical times we can think of these times and her daddy. We are creating history right now all of us together

Judy and in collaboration with each other so how does that he feels is good it means we are not happy with the status quo will not just meaning to follow like love into what where we were given and we are creators we are Architects we are manifested as we are people who have a vision and believe that this chair is supposed to be given Greater Life in the greater world and there is and now is the time we are the ones we've been waiting for as a hockey set and that's true and that's where the calendar and the main calendar ended in 2012 because there's no telling what a group of Masters are going to manifest in the world once we get together and recognized around me

that's great everything that you know she continues to forge brew and go through and helps people in so many different ways can you talk to her a little bit about the ceremony that you do because I really think of it this time on either so helpful and releasing a lot of that the pain and strain and things that have been holding us back and even people that have been trying to hold his bag and then moving forward and releasing into a really freeway and a manifesting way of our visions and dreams and I think that that would be really helpful for Chris as well

thank you Nicole yes I do love the dispatches ceremonies that several handed down by the Incas for 500 years and I learned myself in through with my teacher Don Pasquale and it's an amazing it's very it looks really simple but but you do you have to be a train Shaman initiated Shannon home those because the seven ingredients going into the making of a dispatch show that if we forget anything the lineage steps in and you know Implement whatever we forgot that intuition is very protected space but these are fun as prayer ceremony that are very light and yet very profound in the results so basically we take a sheet of white paper which goes down to the an envelope of dreams that folded in 9 which represents the three

world's the Underworld the middleworld the afterworld past present future and recreate everything in the middle world in the center in here and now and there's many different dispatcher or dispatcher means an offering to the gods of ring to pachamama mad at her and the apples the mountains but we as many different kinds of Dispatchers in the community I need a special and I need needs to be in the right relationship so it's about coming in right relationship with everything in my life without cells without job to the money with a partner of Simon need place where we live and Andrew and we put a praise into King to switch are a maiden them in to of coca leaves and here we used a lease and a rat pedal and a white pedal the right fellow represents the age of the actress the mountains and Southern

and the red represent such an unlimited MetroCard and we blow those we put them on a third eye and we blow into them and we put them into the dispatch and then there is a whole symbolic mandala that is created with also selling it goes up to 19 gredients 99 ingredients that each each amino Masala edible something so we not done to split up prayers we put on some prayers for the plan is for the reasons the animals the trees every single fruit candy chocolate a ribbon flowers and the result of studying and it's always different there's always a different energy and then everything is folded up and then everything is good spices for a man who does it on his

and the trays are then transported into the universe and we are creating something very magical in the world and things change very rapidly after. Can you come to whatever country or wherever they are to do them and if they can't participate in the ceremony can you still help them transform the energy in their life by doing any practice sessions with you absolutely I do have two private sessions I'm actually doing a to dispatches at my house tomorrow to Sunday for those who live in LA so you can do is write to me at Michelle at the Shell Karen. Call me if you interested and I'm and I do them all around the world so if you go to my website and she'll

Google Calendars events and I have two such as planned in Finland in February I have one in the gold buzzer in January I have to buy food to go and in March and then in may have 7 friends and I do Search romantic Retreat and of course when I do my to reach with which this year will be between the 23rd of September until the 7th of October we do many many ceremonies and we get initiated and we do amazing transformative mystical magical weapons attack in a trap and I eat a certain we'll make that information available to all of our listeners only show you some words of wisdom or intuitive advice to her she's entering this New Year's because I know this is such an incredible gift

but I feel for you is that it's about this year for use about expanding your horizons and looking at the broad picture and it feels like you have either it's such a good idea or a dream and if you look at the big picture and you really hold a dream in you and you're going to be able to do things will fall into place to the right people will show up for the right circumstances will make themselves available for that dream to go into the world but it feels like you just to look at into the world right now is something big the biggest vision for your life. Thank you take care

hi Tricia on my goodness he's so rich and inspiring and filled with I think the lights of inspiration that so many of us are leaning into knowing that we've come out of the year that has in many ways squeeze those aspects that we're out of alignment out of us has used to so who was real and who was not you know and who had to send it in her chosen maybe not too right now so it's so we all we had to do really it's just that I can look at it and say well haven't you seen you know I didn't see things like that but things for us

when Peter Patricia Sanchez and 52nd and he said that your life is going to be amazing and I love the way that you are right now so thank you for sharing that

but I'm sure everybody has that visceral feeling of of that and and I like the the way that you've reframed it Michelle and terms of its good news if we've been on a rollercoaster you know because clearly we needed a Shakedown and

and I love that word

and you know if I wanted to share with you that

one of the things that's really striking me is that you're so positive in your in your come from and and I'm recognized I'm aware that a lot of people can feel beat up by the process of life when they eat a hip Optical that end and I was fascinated to read in your bio or here in your bio that you studied the role of archetypes in the meaning of human existence which archetypes have always been incredibly potent and inspirational to me and I I know that my question to you is this

if in fact many of us don't recognize who it is that we are in our full flowering how is it that you could recommend to us how we could work with ourselves to archetype switch for is anyone listening he doesn't know what an archetype is it's their energy companions or something you can suggest to us about how we might be able to access more of the we are more valued more love for ourselves so that we can stay true to our course and follower are Northstar

you know I love the question to share because the truth is that it's important I mean 2014 is going to bring all of us closer to our core and we're going to become we're going to remember that to the cells that do you haven't even been aware of until now and the gods godliness inside of us is going to awaken Saudi paint that we're going to feel that good coming out of the dream and we could actually start to look at our lives as if it is a dream and stuff to see a green life as it has a real life and I would suggest telling us close to know astronaut astrology has answered Shamanism has answers very simple way is to crush your dreams at night and just started Matthew in a landscape and very simple way to do that is to get some mugwort tea that's very good tea for real

including the intentions in your car before going to sleep that you will remember your dreams have a pad of paper and a pen next to your bed and does he do you know iPhone that don't wake you up at 10 able you to write and the secret is to not change positions when you wake up and just ain't exactly the same position and grab whatever it is that you can remember whether to do word sentence in image because that's going to be the thread that pulls the rest of the dream out of the unconscious and as you write it down and give it to title a time and a date and then don't try to interpret your dreams just listen to them and let them go you know and they keep them together because at one point you going to start realizing where you go at night and what you do at night and and some people feel

and I figured out I don't do anything and then they look at their dreams and that I can help him dozens of people every night and that's what's going on right now is that the difference between a Waking Life and Consciousness is really not that marked it's actually a continuity and I think if you start to do that you're going to start becoming more and more aware of who you are as a Divine being and as being of light because you know the most glamorous thing is to Be Alive walking your truth and be honest with yourself and that's that's what life is about that's where I work is about it's not since he broke it. Countries around the world that snakes but it's not important what is important is to just show up in integrity and with very open heart and to just take things and learned from everything.

to stay in the same position so the physicals I had a dream you really yes because if we start to move you know we all haven't had that we had like a dream and then you move and you forget it and you are sure it was such a vivid dream you are never going to forget it so the secret is to however you wake up you stay in position you don't move an inch and you just tried to grab your teeth when you can so it may be a little uncomfortable but it will never eat it too and that's the idea because it's important to you no Jenny is semitism talks a lot about journeying and we use drums and all that to Journey

that's just listening to a dream to so many so many messages so much info important information that comes through our dreams and the more we become aware of each animal conscious we can be in our daily life in the movie it's a daily life becomes

it's all very very beautiful as I once was was taught by a dream teacher to choose to pose a question before we go to bed such as your dear God please tell me in tonight dream what your will is for me regarding such and such and then you know sincerely your name what do you think of that giving it some Masters and the teachers and the guys and everybody you know who's working with me in some way to add to help me remember what I know and that's usually the prayer I asked you to stay rad at I asked to something specific that that's usually the prayer I have androgyny you know you will feel that you are remembering what you know you will

kill dad and sis, Solutions show up or synchronicities abound that you can never had put together yourself in a conscious wait so we can possible and yet these things happen and this is a time of Miracle this is this is why we have to be in such Integrity in the words we use in the emotions we have express ourselves because I would have magic and all the emotions have magic and if we use them properly we can shift the world in a meeting World ways and Transformer own reality incredibly become more and more next year in 2014

I'm not playing I just also want to say one other thing that I've heard that I just think would be so helpful to other people to hear which is I know so many people struggle with questioning how is it that they can share their gifts on the planet and you know what is their life's purpose and there's a lot of struggle and confusion sometimes when you're going for a job that's the day out of the box and really is part of your your souls Destiny and I guess one question I have for you I will ask after I take his points which is the new jobs that are coming into this into the school that hadn't even been done yet there are new ways of being new words with ensuring our talents that you know some sweet we had to wait until we were I don't know what

going to the third dimension with our destination and the question I have for you is

what is it that you know why is it that people have what is the people can do to take the blinders off and maybe you've already discussed that I guess I bet I'm leaving at this point but I don't know why we're ready now but if you could speak to that integrate unit Square Pluto aspect that started in June 2012 and is going to end in March of 2015 and we have actually two major periods in 2014 of that is that it's going to be really a time of I mean I mean the first. Is going to be in April of 2014 and 2nd December 2014 Nissan X where the old is leaving and a lot of things a lot of angry scene in A bank's collapse

weird murders Racine companies going down governments going down because everything that is not done and integrity cannot sustain itself in the new energy which is an energy of Truth Integrity standing in our power and shining on lights so of course out of that collapse is coming new inventions new technologies new ideas and it's a time where more than ever we can even create things that have never existed and people will be receptive to that so it is absolutely a time where we have to be at use your imagination open the scope a deception that even if things have always been like that with maybe now they're not like that anymore and I know for myself I don't own a TV said I haven't owned a tea set

because I was raised with the TV said because my father was a German is so we basically had dinner with changes of states and resolutions and what was happening on living room every day and I go to the dude that that's an adult that decided I would never read a newspaper would never have TV and I stuck to my word and I think that's what has enabled me to remain creative because I'm not you don't get caught in the collective subconscious you think for yourself and you start to feel things and you pull didn't you know events happening in the world you will always end up hearing about them anyway so it's not that you out of the loop that you are going to be able to express something unique that is just of you that is something that is coming from the very pure source and where you are listening to email inspiration that is coming cuz we sync your Wii on the physical body but we do

that is so many beings around us when I'm not in the physical body and you have things and wisdom to share and the movie heightened of frequency and the more we are in the frequency of Love gratitude the movie Set did we are two very hiding so you can you know how fast a whisper into a are things that are going to expand our world and immeasurable Waze

it's beautifully thank you. Archetypes and I also was reading on your website that you were talking about Shamanism in astrology together and if you're able to express no way and share with people to be able to cleanse the energy and open the energy and as you're talking to Patricia about the opening of energy and the can you talk to Chris S about that connection between the shamanic and the astrology because I think they're really just a relationship right now

you know I feel that they both are very complimentary of each other because it's 12 G we'll talk about cycles and it said blesses you know we ate some omantel intellectual understanding even though there is an element of intuition and sensitivity but the way I work as soon as I feel like I used to. Which is a picture of the heavens for the day time and place of your best as a poodle to sort of travel inside the psyche of the person I'm reading and to rearrange things which is really exactly what Shamanism does because as a sermon which is different from Magic you know I I have a very good friend of mine has a very powerful magician do we always discuss it's how we understand each other but yet I thought as a difference because magician uses the laws of the universe to create things

they want to create where's the Sun and listen to messages and is led by the Federate the squirrel that you know whatever that stuff to speak and we are LED into a transmutation of energy but anyway words to Shannon is transparent like to do things work in darkness and transforming sings the internal reality so that the external realities are the direct descendants of the Incas and we're actually secluded by choice in the glaciers until 1954 until they had a vision and realized I had to come down and start sharing that with them and the kill is rolling on the floor laughing when we talked about protection because they don't even understand a concept

protection that I can protect yourself against what is outside of you protect yourself from yourself

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