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Unlimited Life, March 16, 2022

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Terry Shintani

Unlimited Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Terry Shintani

Nicole’s Guest: Dr. Terry Shintani

Formally Designated a "Living Treasure" in 2006, Dr Terry Shintani is one of the youngest individuals to receive this designation. He is a unique physician-nutritionist-community health advocate and medical school professor. He has served the underserved and Native Hawaiian communities throughout his career with hundreds of programs and activities. One of his programs won the highest national award from the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services. He has been featured in News week, CBS This Morning, CNN News, Dateline NBC, and as of 1995, he appears in the Encyclopedia Britannica. As a lawyer, he authored landmark legislation that legalized Native Hawaiian Healing practices so that it may be practiced and preserved. Currently, he serves as the Associate Chair of Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine and is on the National Advisory Board of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. 


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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

Nicole Brandon and welcome to unlimited life I have such a special and such an extraordinary gift for you tonight it was my goal and deepest desire when I created the show to bring you the very best experts in the world the people that were at the Pinnacle of really cutting-edge information in that had the keys and the tools and the techniques the doorways the windows the pathways and really the steps and they guide to be able to allow you to reason to live your very best life you're happy inside the life that you always knew was possible and waiting for you and can I guess tis exactly just the cherry on the sundae tonight you're speaking with Doctor Terri and Tony and her is amazing I had the opportunity to meet him several years ago and I was so blown away I happened to be in Honolulu on vacation and I was able to go into his Center
and I was amazed first by the energy when I first walked through the door I've never felt so open so Center so apiece and so like I was in the right place but I did in that moment when I walked in and I was there an able to witness a workshop and there were the place was packed with people and whatever is watching their faces
literally change and light up and you can see in people's eyes that they knew that there was enough there was something that they had waited a lifetime for that they were finding in that moment and it wasn't somebody that was being said off and saying do this exercise for three months ago have this one nutritional bar do this one thing it was an understanding of their own health and wellness and every possibility of leading and living a pain free life healthy life a life full of energy and vitality and strength really great happiness in a way I've never seen before and I was never able to shake that feeling because they carried it with me everywhere I would go into other doctors offices I would go to other workshops or go to a convention that go to centers looking for that light I kept looking for that I that I saw when I was in dr. Theresa and Johnny's office
and I've had the opportunity this week to be back here in Honolulu and I am proud and honored and blessed and absolutely glorified to bring him on this show today and try to talk to you about all the wonderment in the possibilities that are available for your help because it really is possible to live that heaven on Earth it really is possible to live in a life in a body that you absolutely love and so it is my joy to introduce you to an absolutely an amazing wonders men and somebody so gifted and talented in the world as hell that you're Terry's in Town Eatery thank you and well thanks for helping me out with you it's my privilege to be with you when you were 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + other kids wanted to be a fireman and astronauts and was there a terrier that was always helping people or was there a Terry or did something happen later in life
door open really good question when I was six months old my dad had cancer course I didn't know it then but I remember about when I was about 30 second surgery and they took out the left side of his colon left with a colostomy and I became very scared that I was going to lose my father because of course this is in the 1950s and in those days no one survived cancer so one of the things I did was I would pray every night dear Lord that feeling that that died cancer and the other thing was I started thinking they can send a man to the Moon they can blow people to pieces with a nuclear bomb why can't they cure cancer so my whole childhood I started thinking
I need to be a doctor so I can figure this out and so yes when I was when I was very young I wanted to be a Healer of those things that people thought they couldn't heal so here I am now I'm now I'm a professor and I run the alternative medicine clinic at our medical school at the University of Hawaii
amazing I read on your website it says something about you being on Earth and I loved reading that because when I think of the treasure I think of something that smell I think of something that has entered Vibrance if you think of a treasure chest it's sparkly and it's shimmery and it's new and it's something that we've been looking for very long tonight looking for a very long time that with sparkle and shine like that I think it's absolutely perfect I was that Monica That official
status because I work for
I wanted to help as many people as I could and I wanted to help the people who need it most and in Hawaii the native Hawaiian people have the worst Health in the nation that massive obesity diabetes cancer heart disease and they were they were dying much younger than the rest of the US and so I spent most of my career at a community health center helping native Hawaiians lose weight and arguably I had one of the most of these populations in the world some of my patients with 400 500 600 seven hundred lb and then cuz I had because my because my program was so successful in turning their health around and because I worked probably the most difficult
groups and I published the study on my program that was so effective we won a national award for it from the US Secretary of health and what it would also I think they recognize what I brought back to life the native Hawaiian healing practices and I was a lawyer first and I wrote the law that legalized native one healing of the US and in Hawaii in the state of Hawaii I wrote the law that legalized native when healing practices so I think
putting all that together I think they
I thought that was worthy of
I mean and you know and this is my own narrow perspective I think about people climbing trees I think about people think about fruit and vegetable in sport and I think about the healthiest people in the world that was exactly what I did was see the problem is in Hawaii with American food and what's worse we got used to eating spam and canned foods and sugar and soda and so when Islanders eat that kind of food
become a method will be so my program took them back to exactly that picture I took them back and I and I tried to restore the old ways the old guy at the old traditional ways and when we did that in a in a formal program cholesterol levels dropped blood sugar drop I started taking people off their insolent several of my patients lost 200 lb or more and they and they would keep it off for decades and so that's why I know we won an award and that's why I wrote those two books to Hawaii died and now the peace diet which is what you can find on Amazon
really excited about what you're doing and you just mentioned a lawyer and you wrote such a huge leap and jump and so when I love that you thought to do that because certainly there is something inside of you and Justice and peace and truth and trust and wanted to make things right which is still making things right and then you woke up one day and see what I really want to do is like the truth is I kind of always wanted to be a doctor I didn't think I could I could stand being in school for 4 years and then three years of residency and I thought if I go to law school is only three years I can't be license and I can be on my way I was trying to take a shortcut and I went to law school and in the middle of Law School
I started having these dreams of these visions of me being a doctor and not being a lawyer and I just realized my destiny was not in the field of law also I finished up law school I got my license to practice law and then I think I was the only guy studying the bar exam and the MCAT at the same time
I love it and I know I mean you are people consider a unique position and nutritional advice and the health Advocate and a medical school professor and all of these things all the fields of medicine and natural when I when I went to med school I want to be a Healer and I realized most of what they teach his is putting people on medication for the rest of their life left on the medicine roster alive like blood pressure medicine or diabetes so I didn't learn what I wanted to learn I want you to learn how to get them off the medicine they just put them on
so I went to Harbor to get a degree in nutrition because most of the diseases that were ailing Americans was nutrition-related diabetes or high blood pressure cancer Strokes chronic pain you what's your what's your famous for these are all nutrition largely your problems and to me I was remember I was a lawyer first to me treating a fundamentally nutrition degree in nutrition disease such as diabetes without having a neutral backdrop to me with malpractice
but think about it it's a nutritious disease and you don't know nutrition in my head the alarms are going off this is malpractice I don't know what to tell this patient so I went to Harvard I got the best nutrition degree I could and now when I see patients I know exactly what to do and I knew exactly how to get rid of their diabetes thing off the medication and that's what I became well known for
you talking about your book and I know that we're jumping to a break when we come back I would love to talk more about what you're writing now and sharing and how people can reach with you and work with you I know you're here in Honolulu and I'm sure everybody is buying airline tickets Grayson County return here on a limited life
pay smeco Brandon and welcome back to unlimited life we're talking today with Dr Terry shintani on health wellness and truly had to leave and live a happier healthier life a life that we all know is possible for us and the other side and we're talking about the Hawaiian diet and I absolutely love the fact that you were able to take people back to a way of life away that the body was designed way that we all know is in front of us and that you were talking about the minute we started eating spam or canned foods rbox foods are processed foods are things with sugar things that have words and descriptions we have no idea what it says on the box
and so
the people that live in Hawaii they lost all of his weight and now you have a new book on nutrition and how and I have the opportunity to the other night talking to you and you were just saying you know this is vitamin is good for you or that's great for you and I know that you and health and nutrition as you said you wanted the very best to be able to help people get off their medicine not even pain medicine to leave in to live a healthier life and the life of the new was possible and to tell me about this new so excited to go to be so successful with most arguably the most obese population in the world I figured if I can get
500 lb guy to lose half of its way down the two hundred and fifty or so I could do that with anybody because because if you if you get to be 500 pounds you have to know that you have this genetic predisposition because not everybody can get that large so he has his genetic read us some of these people have genetic predisposition and I'm able to turn it around and now they're finding that it maybe they were turning on and off their their obesity jeans with the change in diet
and so in my book I realized that part of the problem with most diets today is there so unnatural that the body is always fighting back and so I called it the peace diet for a couple of reasons and yeah thank you
and actually it was great for Amazon because because it's easy to you know it's a one word that it's very easy to find on so late but I called it that also because we were having a discussion I'm an old peace activists you know I'm I'm very much into world peace I don't like all the killing that's going around the world and I didn't like the new Obama plate you know that you know they used to have the food pyramid and I actually knew she knew Marion Nestle who was the chief dietitian who designed them the pyramids and I should marry and why did you do this don't you know if you feed people meat and dairy two to three times a day they can't possibly control their cholesterol and she says I know I know I know this is why do you do it because this is half belongs to the USDA Department the agriculture they're promoting their goods so I said you mean the pyramid is as much advertising as it is for health suppose you got it
and later on she wrote a book pointing that out but anyway so now we have the Obama plate it's called my plate and I didn't like that one either so when I tried to read fashion Dr shintani suede
I said okay we'll need lots of vegetables lots of whole grain and then and then also some fruit at the last of the vegetables because there's too much lot of sugar and some beans because there's a lot of protein in beans but you know I get too much and when I if you can imagine in your head you are wrong play you divide it down the middle and the upper to quarters are are larger than the lower two borders it becomes a peace sign and I said oh my gosh I'm just going to call this the peace diet so that's what it looks like on on my cover I have a cover of a peace sign with a plate that has vegetables grains fruit and protein mainly being so that's how I came about with with the name and the other thing is when you followed the peace diet
the body is a piece and when your body is at peace that means less inflammation that means less fighting books sugar rising up and down less fighting the collection we have a chapter in all of these of a chapter on how to control cholesterol without medication how to control blood sugar without medication and here's a good one how to control inflammation and pain with less medication because a lot of people too many people are on too many pain medicines and let me tell you what shocks people one of the worst foods you can eat for chronic inflammation and pain in this whole country is eating lots of chicken I mean that's chicken is going up while beef is going down in terms of consumption
and they're actually creating a little bit more information I'm not saying beef is any good that also promote inflammation but I have a table in my book in a chapter about inflammation and chronic pain that shows that the big sources of information come from the omega-6 fats arachidonic acid and its precursor of linoleic acid and if you know which ones they are you starting eliminating those and have a table in that chapter in the piece that I ate about inflammation and pain and when people go on my programs and people to join my programs may need for weight loss and blood sugar and diabetes and some of them for cancer and I have a chapter on cancer also they find their chronic pain starts going away he said hey after 10 days on my programs are usually ten days long to ten days my back pain is gone and I came here to control my sugar but my knees Don't Hurt Anymore
and I said that's because you're taking out
the omega-6 fats and I have a like I said I have a table in that chapter on inflammation about that and what people don't realize is the standard American diet as described by the pyramid and the Obama my plate is too full of yourself because and is now linked to almost every chronic disease you can think of including cancer diabetes heart disease arthritis allergies asthma a autoimmune disease I can go on and on and on are inflammatory diseases and much of it I'm not saying all of it but much of it is from not eating the right food in your body not being a piece
always fighting
this or that work this insult that imbalance so that's what the peace diet is about
Mason what a great way to quickly
stomach lining gets replaced every couple of days to skin every few weeks your blood every hundred twenty days can you keep eating good food and you said you're going to start getting a good body
if you keep eating junk food you're going to keep having a jump party so I tell people look if you if you really want to get healthy stick with it even good food in your body will start replace all those molecules with good molecules and if you do it right this less inflammation in your body your body stops going to war and it's a piece and pretty soon everything repairs itself and then hard to see start to disappear diabetes starts it disappear inflammation starts disappear and in some cases cancer starts at this patient's in my practice one of them for examples stage 4 breast cancer that metastasized to the liver
this is like almost 8 years now they can't find it at
so these are the kind of things that happen when when you put your body at Peace by eating and living properly and it and by the way it's not just about diet and in my diagram I have eight enhancements around the diet includes exercise positive attitude and well good relationships emotional health help as well
so so I wrapped it all out around a little piece plate that go like a piece of plate and I called it peace diet so there we go that's a great question that comes up a lot and let me just first say all the whales have a lots of calories you can't get around its 9 calories a gram a tablespoon of whether it's coconut oil olive oil safflower oil or lard one tablespoon is like 120 calories it's a lot of calories and so if you overdo these things it's very easy to put weight on it I know some people say well if he's the right kind of oil
you're not going to gain weight well that that's really defend someone and when they show and when they had experiments on a raising or lowering fat content in
that the diets of mammals are the fat higher than oil content the higher the obesity rate it's just kind of works out that way but specifically coconut oil
what's good about coconut oil has a very low inflammatory oil-filled Mega sticks content is very small that's the that's the good part about it so let's say they have Crohn's disease or they are have a wasting disease may be connected to cancer I'll use coconut oil for that because it's low inflammatory and it provides the calories that they'd be but if you're overweight you have a high cholesterol that I go easy on that stuff because it'll make it harder to lose weight and harder to control your cholesterol
other question is so unlike Himalayan sea salt crystal ball I think the negative effects of salt are over at the size what they were in my programs for example 10 days long
and I think I write about it in my chapter on her part to season my piece about how
if you know what you doing you can lower the sodium in your diet without losing any taste what do I mean by that the biggest source of sodium is sodium Yuri can't really taste the biggest source of sodium in the American diet are animal products loaded with sodium and the other ones are natural foods even if you salted or with soy sauce on it and you know I'm in Hawaii we have lots of Asian food with soy sauce he belongs say that my food station asked me how much sodium is in and I said
all I can tell you is it's low sodium because within a couple of days people lose about two or three piles mainly because it's dumping the water because of sodium is so low they can't hold onto the water now if you talking about now I know you asked about sea salt or Himalayan salt see those are good qualities salts just remember
she used to be a lot of living things so we all evolve from the ocean so it's natural to have all kinds of minerals in Basalt it's not natural to have just sodium chloride the kind you get out of a salt mine so sea salt is the one to do partly because it has a nice profile all the many different minerals you know what I don't have some iodine I will have you know a nice balance of sodium potassium sodium chloride a salt and Himalayan salt is actually Levi from sea salt
proceeding install as well so yeah that's it that's another good thing if you're going to do a salt or sea salt would be the best out of your butt
I love on it and by the way I prefer sea salt to Epsom salt
I've truly better for you it's better to do it depends on the situation
depends on the situation
what's the best way for people to work with you I know that you travel and you lecture all over the world and you do sessions on Skype I'm I'm about 2 mi
but my Foundation was
about to get on in our last 10 day program I had people come
from all of the country from Florida from California where actually I was mainly a local Hawaii program
people from neighbor Islands I had somebody from Palm Springs I had somebody from Canada at this time to hear about it and I had I had a dentist come from San Francisco is he can't find a program like that anywhere else like what I have because I don't do just diet I do lifestyle I do
if you look at my peace diet books diagram I have Aiden has nuts and I deal with all of those as well date and assets before internal is physical method of spiritual external are you exposed to earth air fire and water which of the four elements of all to me that means you know exposure to radiation exposure to e m f e l s and of course water you need clean water in there so I deal with all of those and you can find programs like that anywhere else and I deal with the spiritual health as well because I'm trained as a traditional healer as well as
a conventional medical doctor in a traditional Hawaiian healing the spirit the spiritual part is never separated you know what the Healer say you know the Western Bible says in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth that means the spiritual side and the physical side has looked at equally
so he says why should I help program not be the same why should I help program only be physical why shouldn't it be all so spiritual and sew in traditional Hawaiian healing
hope you pay as much attention to spiritual health as well that's what I like to do in my programs as well
I look forward to sharing more return on passionate living
Mountain Dew
hey it's Nicole Brandon welcome back to unlimited life for talking tonight to dr. Terry centanni we're talking about health and wellness and nutrition and certainly not only that our way of life but what I would consider the only way of life because
who wants to live in a in a body that needs medication who wants to live in a body that's sick or that's tired or that week or that
I always think about the pickle jars because I know when you have a pickle jar and you can't open it you bang it against the counter and you hit it with a four can you hit it with a knife you watch people found it on the floor and then finally the pickle jar open and you hear a popping sound that oxygenation and if it pops in it open and once it's open next time you know I might be a little chicken at all of a sudden you forgot that you ever had trouble opening that pickle jar and our body should be open we shouldn't be banging them on counters and knocking on wood forks and knives and hit it against the floor we do all these crazy things to herself to try to free ourselves for the kind of life that we knew we were meant to live to kind of be in the body to kind of have the unlimited life that passionate life at life full of joy and blessing you for you and freedom and everything that we know we're here to experience on this planet and therefore
we fill it up with all this junk with all of this was today in Honolulu and I was looking for pretzel and I was walking to the aisle there was not a single bag of pretzels they did not have sugar it didn't have all of this crazy stuff in it I went through and I actually finally got to the end of town I look back in there and maybe forty choices and I thought how is it possible that there's an entire row of pretzels and there isn't a single pretzel
it doesn't have sugar or if you ever tried to buy a loaf of bread and you can literally spend an hour and a half in the bread aisle and say this is remarkable I never knew there was sugar and bread and look at how much sugar is in bread and then you find it one bread that doesn't have sugar and you know what it's supposed to wish to spread you ever had in your life why because it's not filled with all of his dog is not filled with plastic and and you do all of these two crazy elements that are not consumable and not meant to be in the human body in the human spirit and so I'm so excited the doctor shintani is with us today and his books and his way of thinking in his life in the way that he heals people and
are there so many things I'm going to ask you that but I want to go back to the top of the show and talked about when I walked into your practice and I walked into your Center and I had that opportunity to do that a couple years ago and I felt so different when you were creating your space is there a conscious awareness of that from the minute people walk in their going to start getting well to do was
I have my practice in a place where when you walk in The Healing Begins so we actually have meditation music playing in the room so that that plays into it I make sure that I train my front office staff saying that you know your healers to because other people come in their suffering they want to hear a friendly voice sympathetic voice they want to be hurt so please remember that your voice is here so that was that was kind of something that went into it also in my office we don't have artificial plants we have all real plants at 3 that let out oxygen take up the carbon dioxide that they let out oxygen plants are supposed to be
so we try to keep all of those energetics in mind because the healing should begin when you step into the doctor's office just it feels so wonderful when you share information with them they sell her inside that was right or that their parents gave them something different but they really long for XYZ or their body really wanted.
I tried to
give them enough information to get them to know that they can heal themselves a lot of people don't know they can do that and once they know that then it's up to them because some people choose to be sick some people don't want to go through the effort and that's their choice you know a lot of people I remember my other doctors saying wow because I actually have a very high rate of success and they asked me why how do you motivate these people and Isis motivating them it's not my job they have to motivate ourselves my job is to show them the reasons
and to show them that it's possible for example if you go to if you look at the cover of my book on Amazon
of course you'll see the peace play in the Middle East is centered on the piece played in the middle but if you look at the cover not only is the not only is the peace play peace sign in it describes basically it's a symbol of how roughly how but I have a tike on surround them showing that if you work on all of these aspects four of them are internal and four of them are external
man you are empowered to to turn your health around and when people start realizing that they can turn their health around then
they start to have the motivation that because for a lot of people to go to the doctor and the doctor just talk to them and power minutes I'll take the pills three times today but that's not important all that is just your enslaved to the medication and what I try to do is show them that they can get off the medicine by taking care of their own hell but you have to do an old stick what you have to do it not just with one magic bullet or two Magic Bullets you've got your own hell of physically mentally emotionally and spiritually
and that's what's going to set you free free from medication free from Pain free from these diseases and once people become aware that they can do that then they become motivated so that's that's how that's that's how it works
experience for me stepping into your office does not feel like that why can't my heart and soul seeing when I walk into a place
let you know and there's some attention to that and I think what
I think one of the I think the feeling of our modern medicine
is it's almost designed to make you dependent on Pharmaceuticals it's really a sad situation I just gave up I just gave a kind of a keynote a medical school and they told me I could say anything I want it I think I said some things that they might not have expected but I said you know you going to spend four years learning how to put people on medication I hope you will spend as much time running how to get them off the medications as well because if you put them on medicine you haven't healed them yet and you haven't become a Healer you become a Healer when you learn how to take them off the medication well enough and then you will be a Healer
appreciated that but when you really think about it it's true isn't it if if if all they do is put you on medicine for the rest of your life they haven't healed you at all all they've done is made you a dependent on the pharmaceutical system so I tried to show them how if they if they do all those things you know you know like I said on the cover of my peace diet book I have that piece played in those little icons to start to wean yourself off medication and Getwell
so that's the that's the whole idea and we're talking about this today and you have had an unbelievable run as far as a health and wellness and people looking at you and envying inspired by your work and I know you've been featured on Newsweek and CBS This Morning and CNN and dateline.nbc and as of 1995 is it you actually appear in
but I work really controversial question but something about losing so many different components them people and areas of of medicine and health among us about global population in Ghana what are razor how old you are or if your 3 or if you're hunt and when I look at longevity and I look at people who have been blessed because I've been through and it didn't have to do and I've been all these countries
410 and 115 on it like you look at people who have lived as long as there are wisdom keepers of the planet and they are carrying my bag at the mountain not the help they are the healthiest and they don't use suntan lotion to look at the cover of my Beast I've booked you can look at it on Amazon for example I have died in the Middle with the peace sign and I have a text to ernel enhancements or of them are internal or external side look at the exposure to sunlight as one of those facets you know yet because of course if you're if you're exposed to radiation it'll kill you pretty fast I mean I'm talking about nuclear radiation of course you have
Rays from the Sun and that's one of the one of the areas of importance because let's face it
oh we've all been under the sun and having sunlight is a natural thing we also know we also know that too much sun can cause skin cancer and too little sun will cause vitamin D deficiency so now in answer to your question about suntan lotion if you are suddenly going to expose yourself to a lots of sunlight and you can overdo it easily and you know that they talked about all these skin Cancers and you know buddy work work work work indoors indoors and we haven't built up the melanin in your skin to protect it overtime so then you probably need some sunscreen but it's but just remember two things you can overdo sunscreen people
sunscreen on all the time they actually can become vitamins watch out for those chemicals some of the chemicals in suntan lotion aren't that be nice I really recommend people to do is a little of that is possible unless you have to balance it against the the necessity of going out in the sun without without building up your tolerance for it because like you were saying those those people who are in an Ecuador and actually near equatorial America you know their skin is becoming brownish because of the tanning and the melanin actually is protecting their selves and sun exposure and if you are fair-skinned from Minnesota and suddenly you go out there you're going to need some sunscreen to protect yourself because your body hasn't filled up the melanin to
to naturally protect yourself so so I think the natural way is best but if you're in a certain situation that might be a prudent thing to do
he mentions that the body might have a vitamin D deficiency why is vitamin D so important 92 functions and Counting we used to think vitamin D was important for absorption of calcium and bone health which is true but then now they have studies are showing that girls who are vitamin D deficient can't jump as high their muscles are affected seniors who don't have enough vitamin D start losing their memories surface of the brain vitamins D deficiency can cause hypothyroidism some of which which we're still discovering and they also find
33 I'm sorry
women will have optimize by or who have levels of vitamin D in the higher levels 83% less breast cancer 30% and 60% less colon cancer correlational studies but it does 90s
it's very safe
so why wouldn't you try to optimize your fight with you
are there foods that naturally are high in vitamin D mainly by recommending Vitamin D from some sunlight exposure
taking my simple supplement vitamin D3
but I love that this is something that you can do
always question the ocean thing is we're coming up to the top of the show but I love to take a couple of minutes and talk about longevity because I know there's some interesting Lee I I was just we're having this discussion
Okinawan sister Nation with the longest documented but actually Americans like myself actually live longer kind of an interesting concept and especially in Hawaii Hawaii has the longest lifespan in the United States and so the whole idea of longevity is important to me because you know I turned 65 now I don't feel like I'm that old and yet my passions and then actually one of my chapters in The Feast I focus out of reverse aging
and you reverse aging I'm talking about biological age and you can't reverse chronological aging but in the in the peace diet book one of my early chapters is how to reverse aging it's actually by reversing the markers of health issues including blood sugar and cholesterol blood pressure and looking at your your diet and lifestyle you know all of those factors play into it but if you optimize those things you know the Holy Bible says we can live to be 120
so I figure I'm going to try to get myself and all of my patients to live to be 100 and then I'll retire to the planet which means I'm going to be here to make a pact that we're going to be wisdom Keepers for a long time and it was one night she wasn't feeling well I took her to the vet in the bed so they don't think she's going to make it through the night and I was devastated a friend of mine called me and I was crying and he said what's going on in my little dog was tearing she was her she was nice and I said terrorism hospital I don't
she's going to make it through the night and my little dog of 105 and they are sharp and they are active and they are all of us and I know that it is and I know that you were currently serving do you know as associate chair of complementary medicine and alternative medicine at the astounding and everything that you have your hand in and I guess
you know one of the questions I always love to ask my guess we talked about passionate living on this show and for you what does it mean dr. Terry shintani to leave and live with passion
what it means if you wake up in the morning and you just can't wait to do what you need to do today because that's the way I wake up I wake up at night I need to do this I need to finish and I work late at night trying to finish up what I want to do and I do it because I I want to do it and I work until I'm sleepy and I'm almost disappointed that I'm getting sleepy because I need I want to finish this and that I am working on 10 more books because I think people need to hear information about these things so to me passionate living
to love what you do but you know I always I always look at the the four elements of physical mental and spiritual physical help your very good at do you have to have the physiology you need to be clear of mine and by the way diet and clear your mind as well as to what you're doing and have good thoughts because you're you're you're you are what you eat you are what you do or what you think you are what you say you are what you pray things are important and the emotional side
we don't have to remember we are beings of light and love and our purpose here is to give as much love as we can while we're here we're here for such a short time and you know this is Spirit of Aloha which is what I was trained in a traditional Hawaiian healing is that is the idea of you give you know in modern times everything is given take
in ancient times in the Hawaiian way was given keep giving
and that's the spirit of Aloha and that's the emotional part and when you do that eventually it comes back to you
and then spirit I think your relationship with the almighty is important
so when you put it all together I think we can all live passionately because you'll have the physiology to it will have two mental capacity to do it we'll have to love and by the way the love also comes the motivation to do things and then we are Guided by the spirit and when you put all four together passionate living the reality of every day of your life
dr. shintani, that's Dr shintani calm and my book is on Amazon the peace diet by dr. shintani and bees right dr. shin or look at my book The Peace diet on Amazon are in a better life a life is free life is joyful a life that really has every element that you've been looking for a witch's energy and that's friends and that beauty and healthy skin healthy nails and fabulous way to love and Longevity and anti-aging process any way to reverse it to actually have that energy into field
wonderful at to wake up at you really be able to bound out of bed I love the fact that you talk about girls that don't have this cat jumped inside I mean down and keeps jumping bounce on beds and it's the most natural thing in the world to do and imagine if we're being waited down by chemicals were being waited down by negative energy will be weighted down by the society and things that were told her things that we shared or people for speeding us things when they're kids and somebody pushes cookies on us or cake or ice cream to make us feel better instead of loving us and that there is another way to be able to be energized on this planet and dr. Terry's in town he certainly does that so it is a great guy and suffer myself Nicole Brandon and dr. Terry centanni we are wishing you and unlimited life happy life a life of joy and pleasure in each and everyone of your dreams come true and we look forward to
can you hear next week

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