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Unlimited Life, August 11, 2021

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Unlimited Life
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with Nicole Brandon and guest Dr. Nimira

Unlimited Life with Nicole Brandon and guest Dr. Nimira

Title: Dr. Nimira - Baby Making Guru

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Unlimited Life

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An undefeated champion with 220 wins out of 220 competitions Nicole holds National and International titles in Dance and Acrobatics. Nicole has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. She is a 7 Time Hall of Fame Inductee.

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text Nicole Brandon and welcome to unlimited life I am so thrilled and so excited for today's guests because when you talk about an unlimited life how do you get through those barriers those walls those hurdles how do you turn things into a gate so you can pause for a moment and then walk through what are the tools to techniques in the secrets to really having that unlimited unbridled life whether that's Financial spiritual or most importantly your help and they were talking with doctor in the mirror olive oil and it's amazing because she came on our other show and we were talking on The Hourglass bride to about consciously creating a better lifestyle and how you do that for yourself and for your future family and I've never come across a doctor more dedicated to really making that happen for you she's absolutely incredible she became a chiropractor really because it was the very first
even listening to her that the values and the philosophies of professions really lined out with a guy using the philosophies about life and she comes from a very spiritual place and she really has to leave from the get-go that our bodies are created to last and then if we really take care of them as we were designed to that they would function well throughout our entire lifetime and it's amazing because when she talks about it how everybody is a really beautifully organized collection of Adams and she talks about the huge contradiction of the philosophy Chiropractic Care from people that feel that they need to get adjusted regularly to the difference to somebody be coming
and well and actually just being checked to check in on their willingness to check in on her house to check it on the alignment of their spirit and their soul and that very often it's nor logical competencies that need to be adjusted and they really just healing capacity of the body she's incredible she talked about fostering a new generation of healthy kids and one of my favorite things that I read about her she talks about kids who will be able to experience a life and a body that was created to last from a very get-go and I remember that she was saying that she has so many times that we think about Nursery colors and registry items and all these frivolous things that really aren't going to matter in a few years but imagine how you could have sent the health of your children for their entire life if you spend that very same amount of time and energy preparing for the baby's first time which is the mother's room so from Consciousness to Creation to being able to
bring forth life itself and the nurturing in the unfolding of life itself I am thrilled to Target today's guest on conscious living Conscious Creation and home is someone talking to me I got you new here welcome to the show
thank you so much nickel and so excited to be here this is I mean your work is amazing I have you came on to her show enter an hourglass drive to like and it tell you how many calls you've had about your showing people like the way she located where can I go in because it is sad not to see idea and ideal but the truth is that we can't be well we can't be healthy we can't sell any people or
Kiki painting you here shortly so when I was younger I used to be able to do this instead of Happiness been bigger Radiance fatality life and I know that you've been dedicated to practice and you know your many years of study to being able to have people and great health and a happy life and lifestyle for individuals and for couples so tell me
my journey in my diet and I definitely grew up in weight Elementary School and Junior High School we drink a can of Pepsi a day like that and you know there's so many different things that we didn't know any better and people said was okay and there wasn't really this huge knowledge base of what's really really good for you what your body can get away with and what's really going to make your body suffer when it comes to the long-term consequences of all these
the correct since I was in high school right after high school for me to even figure out what Chiropractic is because her practice was about the Spy Dia that are bringing nervous system responsible for everything in our body and that our body is still feeling help organizing stuff maintaining that make sense that's what I believe
distinct phrases that are important so what did you say self-healing
that's important and what process to be able to think everybody can do all that absolutely that's one of those people you know every morning and it's not that you take your first breath when you open your eyes when you wake up in the morning we're so excited we're breathing and you know we woke up to live another day but we were living all night long to think about it
so okay so you were in this accident and you know I was you know in a terrible accident so I know what it's like to have a life-changing event and somebody recommended the chiropractor and it was something new that you had in her and you went there and the journey began
time to drink again and you know I'm not point I I knew that it was something that I wanted to do because it lined up with my philosophies about life I mean I didn't want to go through life but just not my snot in My DNA I can't function if I don't have my purpose of this generation naturally healthy kids but I just wanted to make sure that I could help people with her something I've always wanted to do and do it from a place that lined up with my own beliefs
I actually ended up finishing my undergrad and I went to chiropractic school then I still didn't know too much about Chiropractic I'll be honest it just kind of have anybody in my family with the chiropractor and it wasn't really a life-changing experience in terms of his hurt so badly that my life has he bothered to educate me about what Chiropractic really is and what it's all about and it's this idea that are bringing or nervous system control to do everything else
and when I got there I learned about this idea and we started a new start learning about all the different techniques to add Austin the stuff in the other end and you've learned about Protocols of care and maintenance care and getting adjusted regularly to maintain your house and I was like that part doesn't make sense to me and I don't believe we should be any doctor to keep us healthy
everybody should be able to do that on the phone that was the whole purpose were organizing self-maintaining and self-healing me to seminar about something called upper cervical care and that's the type of training to be a adoptable looking at the top of the neck the very top actually protects our brain stem and every message in our body goes through a house on neurology functioning under the keeping of adaptable
Central upper cervical care ended up being about looking at the neurology making shirts adaptable and if it's not possible for me to jump in here really quick to ask because I know that and you're dealing with a Neurology in so how'd how can you tell if it's a dad about how do you know that your body is healthy and well or that it is that your Consciousness is Spirit your soul your everything is an alignment working part of me goes well we're just a bunch of atoms and I just happen to be beautifully organized and so
something called in for thermography and what that does is it gives us it's a scanner that shows me how the brain is sending messages to the body and we're looking at them over different periods of time to see what the scan looks like an overtime if I see different scan showing up that's how many times when people come in for the first time I'll take a scan when I first see them and then I'll take one like 30 minutes later and then I'll take one when they come back on the same pattern and that's how we can see that our bodies actually stuck in a pattern that means over that period of time your body hasn't been able to change to help function or heal or do anything we're just stuck
when we can see how that morality is functioning that's how we know to make us any documents and then when we're done making me that we actually affected the neurology which means the scans for the Giants to really look at how our bodies functioning and if it's stuck or if it's adapting to change it it be like if I come in and I just got a raise or I had crazy wild sex or something amazing happened to her you know whatever that is Discount is one way and then all of a sudden I get a phone call in and something happened
bullets can show something different 30 minutes later it does it affect you call them, and toxins or chemical or physical and emotional changes how we see that the body is adopting is it when most people go to the doctor even the regular chiropractor many times people are totally stressed out when you walk in the office because they made
already hyped up in the fight or flight mechanism can understand what they look like when they walk through the door but then I have every single one of my patients rest on a resting chair in the brain stem do you think you should be who you are
so then after they rushed for 15 minutes I'll scan them again and many times 15 minutes of 15 minutes probably
and so when people get stuck what causes stuck
the stock comes from those three things the thoughts so physically but if you're one of those people who left high school and went to college for 48 years with your head in a book route a computer and then you got a job and get the computer all day long or how does in this horrible store word posture that we call it all the time and you don't move around and literally look in the mirror and see that your head is Ford on your shoulders that's what your body in this horrible misalignment that you're probably not getting the proper messages through and the symptoms that we have usually it's pain
but sometimes it's digestive issues or it shows up long-term blood pressure diabetes long-term bad because if you hung up for posture up at the top of the neck that bone is definitely limiting the messages from going from the brain to the body and that's not just your muscles could be your reproductive system allowing the proper messages going from top to bottom
that's amazing cuz somebody comes in and they're stuck and they went from you know college to working in our heads up when you shift. Do you see a personality change they joy happiness Euphoria does effervescence does that their Vitality peek out or steps that's the fun part when you are able to balance your neurology your body starts to knowledge countdown it's chemically emotionally all of it so I sometimes have patience but come in
I need it. Don't know what's wrong and they tried everything right and it's just you look at the scanning you're like oh my gosh you are still stuck and apparently you've been stuck for like 10 years but it definitely gives people a sense of hope which is the biggest thing when you can show somebody a skin on them and it's not like you know I moved the bones around and now you're nervous system should be working properly that this is with her skin looks like on this is what it looks like 15 minutes later you may not be feeling amazing but you can see that your body is still working it's working on it
and then from there as our body goes to the healing process cuz healing takes time to see a change in their emotions and how they're feeling and what they want to actually get up and exercise and all these things one of my favorites and maybe cry but she tells me that you know she's been to six or seven actors in the past and she was in so much pain she had this pain down the leg and she's with a hair stylist that she loves doing and so telling me that you know she finally got sober so much weight
but she's just so motivated to get life going again instead of being stuck in the same pattern neurologically on life
that's fantastic wow I can work out somebody's whole life can shift just by shifting about that the mindset of having to go to a chiropractor and he crunched or for maintenance or whatever that is and I remember that you were talking about in the last ride to the people can come in
for health maintenance just to check to make sure you're well just as get a pat on the head and say you're doing great you know that you think that mindset when you hear Chiropractic automatically is having to go in every week to be adjusted and you know I know myself I've had some amazing Chiropractic experiences and my experience going into the chiropractor not wanting to see me again really wanted me well and then telling people this is incredible and I think that that's really what it should be that you should be able to go in and be elated that you're healthy
have somebody be able to check in and held in so I would love you talk about that side of the coin and not about being adjusted you know I tell people all the time going to the chiropractor is not about getting adjusted always going to get a dusted and you keep getting stuck and keep getting stuck because everybody is so feeling and so when I learned about the upper cervical care in the idea of getting scanned see if the body is adapting precise adjustments
and allowing the body to accept that adjustment and hold on to it because when you're holding the bone in the right place to be adjusted but me your body keeps getting stuck if you're holding your Corrections that's when your body is actually healing and so for me as possible until in terms of mindset that's like you know when people go in for their routine mammogram or prostate exam and so for me that's what happens with Chiropractic going to the chiropractor to get checked to make sure their brain in their nervous systems are functioning properly
I'm hoping that they don't need a correction and so you know most days I'm barely a dusting in my office you know it really depends on the day and what's happening everybody but money and didn't get it if you're having a crappy day your body is still doing what it was designed to do which is adapt and heal
and so that's where the idea of of maintenance care comes in everything is going okay but I'm really hoping that I don't have to
at what point should somebody come to you is it when they're in pain or when they do you know can't walk or when they've had a trauma that just won't go away we should everybody go in and say I just want to get checked in and make sure that I'm balanced purple you can't walk you know pain is unfortunately one of the last symptoms come and one of the first symptoms to go so even if I start working with clients sometimes and they're out of pain I have to run but usually typical event in your life with her is giving birth to her moving across country or even if you're not feeling bad sometimes it's good just
reason my new passion is creating this new healthy generation of kids when they were first born
we've had a lifetime of having that misalignment which has been affecting their neurology from birth and that's when they are now suffering in their older age for front different chronic issues
that's if we can check kids I said check not and then we can make sure that they start their lifetime with proper neurological function and bodies that were traded from the gecko
so can you pick up like bipolar on a child or something like that if a child is misaligned
I always like to tell people I don't know.
Because for me my function is to make sure that your neurology is working properly many times that will clear out multiple health concerns but we should always look to the first and then as long as we have the best functional neurology then we can look for supporting the body and other ways possible or otherwise needed so you know sometime if you have high blood pressure and high blood pressure for years and you're on medication or you know you have some other concern neurology straight to the brain can get the proper messaging to the body but it doesn't mean that just because we started care you know you're awesome
please allow the body to come back to balance and then work with the doctor to kind of help you if your body is getting better to kind of start potentially winning off the medication if that's what it's doing because things you have an immediate response to care sometimes it takes a little while and so for me I was told people you know eating healthy exercising resting all those are great things so they can't completely fix you if your knowledge is not working properly and so I'm all for having a healthy diet is there a good support for the care because you're taking care of the corps 1st which is your brain Urology and then if we need to look at you no specific having a hard time with you know whatever it's having a hard time with
then we can look at adding Garden
so I was told people you know don't stop doing all your other stuff first get your neurology 3 and then we kind of looking to see what can be taken out what can we add as in how we can help support them because the system only support life is chaotic we have stress we get his car accident food we all do it until we do need to support system because we're going to be pushing it a little bit
I love this is such important information and I so appreciate it and now I would love to talk about you or the baby making Guru so is that how you became known as a baby making Guru and how that aligns with your practice
I told you I'm still learning to get used to it and I've had some practice into preconception house still getting your body ready to conceive just a little you're so it was one of those things about taking care of their health problems but I really really started one is just wanted to start focusing on prevention it's a big thing for me especially when it comes to little kids have the greatest effect on their house you can have the greatest effect on their house if I start working with genetic material from their parents and so one of those things that happens is most people don't talk about having babies until they're already pregnant and so I decided to
back and look at what can I name my practice so that people don't come to me once been already so I can hopefully make sure you meet me I can potentially be a fairly serious person I try to have a sense of humor about it but sometimes I don't look as part of being an introvert and grew for me wasn't the fact that you know I can explain expert I mean I definitely have experienced I did get myself ready to have a baby myself and I've helped a couple of other
people kind of cut their bodies for the experience that I know that in my own pregnancy came from the year of planning and prepping that I did to get my body ready to conceive so that I can have an easy and healthy experience as well as that we're all teachers it really goes back to that idea of the fact that our body was designed to last our body knows more than we need to take a step back and allow our bodies to be our own teacher and every mother is their own teacher our bodies know how to literally create life grow it in our bodies spell it out when the time's right our bodies are best teacher it knows everything off
and so the group comes from that aspect as well as learning that our bodies are around teachers
I think it's just fascinating I really do and so one of the things that we had talked about that I think so really important subject is that people here around pregnancy that won't even say that they're pregnant
some months down the line it's like they're still afraid to share that they're pregnant because I might lose the baby or something might happen or there might be some sort of judgment because I'm huge subject
yeah I think the biggest fear in it and it comes from you know it's at the social fear we're afraid that if we tell people that we started trying then people might wonder why it's taking so long and what's wrong with you or if we tell people were pregnant too early than and what happens if we have a miscarriage then you know you go through that.
Or that it may not be working right
that's the only way you're going to lose the pregnancies if your body wasn't ready to carry the baby or it wasn't ready to make the baby and so for me this idea preconception health is getting your body as ready as possible to do something that it was designed to do we were designed to make babies sometimes we put our body through so much crap it's not letting to get pregnant and so if we can actually go through the time and energy is becoming or logically clear so that our body works properly logically and then you know looking at our diet and our nutrition and our water intake and managing our fears and our emotions around to becoming parents and all those things which are part of my seven keys to successful African babies
just getting pregnant pregnancy suggest that some people don't enjoy it and for it to be as adaptable as possible so that we can have the best experience
you're not afraid of me and therefore it should be working fine
now you just talked about seven keys what are your seven keys
so I went back after I was trying to figure out what was going on and what I really wanted to do and how to create and so we look at relationships and then we look at the neurological aspect then we have water and rest and exercise cleansing and nutritionally and supplements and then I have to sit down and look fine exactly what I did when I wish I could better things I came up with in terms of being able to Mentor my client and my patients that are physically in the office with me of what we should do to get the body ready
the best Freddy's possible to have the healthiest experience so you know I just called the seven keys to success we preparing babies for some for people even now who might want this help to get there by the empowerment to get their bodies ready and be excited about about creating a family and so we take care of all those other things as well
that's fantastic and so can you tell me just a little bit about why some of these things are important like the rest are watering I know most people don't think rest is important off Preston's of the list of all the things that you need to do to make your life work
and that's funny because I have people tell me all the time I don't need that much in our body will need to sleep at night that's when your body gets a chance to do all of its healing and recuperating so that it's ready to wake up and have another day and the last time we did it the less Keeling is able to go through and it kind of become
issue where you know you keep anyone from asleep and your body to the Blu Life and life healing and so if we actually and I and I don't want people to wake up feeling like they just ran a marathon in their sleep I want people to wake up feeling I just got to get you because your body spend all that time working at night to go to healing process needs that time to not only heals but also rejuvenate
and what happens if you're waking up through the night for people that get up and get down and get up and get down
cuz I'm looking at what's causing you to get up and get down you know they talkin to go to the bathroom a lot is that you drinking too much water before bed or do we need to look at something that can be fixed now because we're actually her not to properly in your body knows to hold it for a little while or boy dolls life we might not getting up multiple times are you rolling around and waking up in bed because you're in pain I need to look the neurology to make sure that you know your muscles aren't spell messed up or something you know what are your thoughts racing like why are you why are you staying awake that is still important
do to shut their brain off so they can actually do what they need to do while they're sleeping
I love the idea of last it's so funny I have a friend of mine and falling awake my favorite court and an expression called nap at 8
and I love navigation because I love the idea that you can even during the day take the time for yourself even if your mind is racing and you know it yourself at rest and so do you think it's so important I really do to for the body to be able to switch gears and not to run on all cylinders all the time the absolute favorite room is every single that person that walks into my clinic is the resting because it's sleeping the 15 minutes that they're there and I have to fix me up even in the 15 minutes in the middle of the day your body now doesn't have to do at night
that's fabulous and then you also heard what A j7 case you talked about water and today in today's world there's alkaline water of water I mean I know that one of the great comedians lives Clark talks about how when he was a kid how he would go outside and turn on the faucet in the kitchen and turn out of fox and there is water and water was ever in a water is the most abundant thing and now you go to the market and you buy water and so what is one thing but isn't important what kind of water do people drink
I think it's important to make sure you're getting enough water I don't know what time you feel like you're thirsty you were already dehydrated so first we just want to make sure they're drinking enough water. And I love the rule of the body weight in ounces of all 64 Oz. 128 lb
they're not too many people walking around that are 128 pounds in their adult life many women but definitely not many men and those people need to realize that you're not even getting your glasses Malone what you should be getting your body is suffering because every single cell in your body is completely turn off and can't function well if you're not able to get enough water into your system and then allow it to be used to help flush out all your
and so getting the water is extremely important for me I personally tried to drink 2 to 3 hours a day and I'm a hundred twenty-five so it's so important to get that water into dehydrated you can clean out so many health problems from drinking enough water which is one of the big thing there's differences in the different types of waters I usually don't recommend bottled water has been spending a long time and has plastic bottles and so sometimes it's better to just drink straight from the top but I think everybody's at a different place in our life and I'm definitely a proponent of do what you can until you can get to what you want to do personally that you can't I mean don't drink from bottled water if you can please don't but you can start off with
the multiplayer icon or your income as well as ionized and that allows our bodies to help get rid of those free radicals and and functions that are sold and you know we're not all up at that level I would love to have you know how much water do you need to drink so I carry a 32 oz bottle with me I just put three rubber bands around it so I know you know once they have a leader I take off a rubber band
but I know I'm getting the right amount everyday and if you can drink it and glass or steel that's always better otherwise to bpa-free plastic plastic water bottles from the supermarket. Are you talking about nutrition you know as well and and I know people don't know if you know they hear so much you going to hear about the GMOs or somebody should be gluten-free and we think things are natural
whether or not natural at all or even because we buy them at the store that sells natural products or that we think seeing it was a health food store something along that line and so knowing the proper
you know for your particular buy for your lifestyle if you are interested in getting pregnant if you are interested in renting a triathlon if you are interested in closing a business dealer you have a newborn baby and need to be up with the baby or you're breastfeeding very much so do you go to somebody for their own personal Lifestyle the very best products for them
so what I do mostly especially cuz I'm I've been trained in nutrition but not to the degree that some people have been trained in nutrition so from their goals are and what they're willing to do because it doesn't work if you're not willing to do something I recommend limiting it something you're not willing to do and I'm really going back to not eating as many processed foods and eating more Whole Foods Clean Diet and then you particularly might want you know a specific guy they found because you need to be gluten-free or or or whatever he is out to somebody that I know who took instruction after who has the experience greater experience
first kiss so many people aren't and then from that point move forward to see what we can do to help them get even better
because you always here if you need to talk to me but I know when I had my fitness Studios somebody so well you know I can't eat healthy because I have three boys and so they always have the stuff in the house that either but people don't even think that way oh my God
I'm not with the another big reason I mean that shift for me it is really I started my way with what I wanted to do and how I prepared my body and then I realized it became this idea of creating new my staff when we knew we wanted to start a family my husband and I cleaned up our own life what to eat and what's good for her we were already eating clean and so from that point it was just teaching her what is good healthy eating habits and what's not good for you and why you know why we shouldn't be certain things and having healthy alternatives for her she is her first day of her religious education
what they were going to be serving and so I found out they were having pizza and she asked me what am I supposed to wear from the beginning so it's not like 85% dark chocolate because you know to eat different things and she could eat ice cream
the point is where do you start bringing in certain things and what's the quantity that you're feeding them eat cake or cookies or ice cream for a 32 year-old it just depends on what portion each of us is eating and what's the quality of the food we're eating and so she already knows either parents just don't know
it's not that you know their parents don't care maybe their parents just don't know what they could be doing to help their kids eat better or to do it on a budget because everybody's like you know if you eat all of organic all the time like I can't afford to eat all organic all the time
so you don't have to go off the deep end with having a huge you know spending loans for your food Seether
that's fabulous that mean it's just it's such a great information that's something we can all do and all aspire to and amazing and I know that one of the other things that you really don't for this so much for your home for I can just we can just talk for days play style and so I would love to cuz I know that everybody feels like to have to do it on their own and I have to handle it so many times people don't even share with their spouse when they're not feeling well
Staples or something so I love to talk about that subject of sharing Wellness with your partner with your mate with your spouse to give a lot of time with your family eat whatever they want do you know all the signals they want to spend the rest of their life with this person and we are all assuming that the rest of our life with this person is into their eighties or nineties at least we're not assuming that that might change in the next 10 or 15 years
30s or 40s I have not many people who have heart attacks in their forties from just for people to be struggling so early in our lifetime I'm so if we can take a step back and look at our house as a couple what are we going to do to make sure that we're around for happily-ever-after Great Lakes we have a beautiful wedding day and we know that we're going to have a happily-ever-after but how long is it going to be in what are we going to do how are we going to fight to make sure that we have our cell phones
because there's too many people that are dying too soon and so you can definitely be principal has learning to make those habits as a couple to looking at how we live our life and how we shift our minds that you what is healthy and what is not healthy for us and what can we do to prolong Our Lives as well as possible for them to get through it and then taking it a step further if we're actually looking at making that change in our help in our lifestyle and making sure that we're neurologically balanced when we get married then by the time you're ready to have kids our bodies are ready to do that and then it's off point Mommy and Daddy are both giving the best jeans but they can offer to the kid to have that healthy life or they've even you know each other first
consciously create
and then what happens if people are getting up in years and somebody is in pain or somebody you know so whatever it is and they end up coming to you and then how do they add a point if they've been married 25 30 years whatever
talk to spouse and say okay so I found this road to Wellness that I can give us a better life even now and come with me on this journey
I think happens really early and it just kind of potentially gets worse and worse over time and so I was like to share couples email from the beginning to just be as open as possible if you can but starts with you know about your health and your concern for each other as well as your any fears of surrounding having a baby and and your life and your future if you're already at that point then it's really still the same it's sitting down and having a serious conversation about you know how are you feeling where you at what's going on in our lives what are we willing to do to continue being together for the rest of our lives in the bathhouse possible you know nobody wants to
will be taking care of their kids and you know you don't need to rely on somebody else to keep them going and so then it becomes about looking at what can we do to maintain the healthiest lifestyle possible until her dying breath
be serious about it
that's a serious conversation it is a serious conversation but it's an important conversation as a conversation when you're starting your life together when you're getting married and saying how are we going to handle her house but how are we going to wait at least they are going to be like and I were going to exercise and what are we going to eat where we going to live when I was reading some of your clothes and I had pulled this and I was reading it at the top of the show was you were talking about
you know that they spend, spend so much time thinking about the nursery colors or the registry items or frivolous things that are going to matter in a few years but how they could affect the health of their children for their entire life if they spent the same amount of time and energy preparing for the baby's first home which is the mother's room and I love that absolutely love it because people do they I mean date they spend the same amount of time thinking about the registry items or what they're going to decorate their house or the white roses for their front yard or whatever that is and so how do we shift Consciousness how do we shift our thoughts at that point to be able to say I'm going to reprioritize here because this really is what's going to give me the life of Trance about
I'm hoping it would everybody gets to hear my aha moment too much makes it easier for everybody else cuz man when I had that moment I mean thankfully I also have a moment to act like for me to preparation the first time around 3 and all that other stuff and I was like even better if I thought about all these other things that everybody does a total of like what we think should happen when you have a baby that we forget about you know what could really have an impact on that baby
I can see but before pregnancy can affect the experience we have as well as how I can change the health of our kids and so for me it's being able to get out and share with as many people as possible about my aha moment hoping that it gives them to
that's great that's absolutely terrific it really is vitally important to be able to express and to be able to explore and be able to truly step into the world and life that we journey and I were looking and longing for
so it's just perfect and when I always like to ask people for description or four definitions and so what does Health mean to you
stormy hope is actually not only physical well-being but state of mind that I never ever have any fear surrounding his mind in terms of house for me is the Peace of Mind of knowing that my body is doing what it was designed to do which is why I love upper cervical care in on some of my patients crappy to stay when we take that is not stuck that means his mind and knowing that it's healing it may not be perfect yet but it's still working like it should be it's not a feeling you know good all the time I'm just getting coffee but still knowing that my body is working on it and having them
excellent definition it really is and then at what age I know you were talking just a little bit of that children
can babies be a Justice can little kids be adjusted or see a chiropractor absolutely believed that she was we had I had her late that night I think by the time the midwives left our home it was almost midnight so but even though it was a long birth a long labor she still when we checked her came out perfectly balanced and that was probably my proudest moment she came out beautifully balanced enough for a really really long labor but I think it's important for every child to get checked out to make sure that you know everybody is ready to do what it was what it means to do to grow and develop in his life and so you know I'm hoping that kids don't need to be adjusted I'm hoping that I can check them
it's perfectly fine but if they do need to be adjusted then it's so safe and so specific and almost no forced to be able to to move. Open up in free the life force that's going from their brains Nobody Until It's a very seasoned and peaceful process for them you know getting adjusted Billy doesn't have to be scratching noise from the beginning but that experience of what it feels like to have your brain anybody working properly I think of the kids to experience and hopefully we can adjust them as little as possible
that's fantastic and then what about teenagers that are going through Growing Pains is it in cuz I would think that that would be a time when the body everyday is Shifting as he talks about checking his just to say hey is your body's still adapting rate if it's not everybody can get any point in time in their life to make sure that they're not the way that you worded
I just think this is such an important subject and such an important topic in and I wanted to quickly just go back to your seven keys cuz I love it there things that came up in your own world and your own life and that's always really wonderful because I know that for myself people ask me almost on a daily basis how do you do it
you know because I really live your life and I did I want to check my flight 25 and to be able to share to nurture somebody so they can have a life that's unlimited as well and I love the fact that you've taken the time to sort of home he's down to seven viable keys that are the people can use and move forward and a license so just a program that you have your set of keys online
but the seven keys are really for anybody at any point in time in their life I would just like women to start doing it before they get any point in time and for me there. Relationship management but bring body adaptation that chiropractic care the cleansing the nutrition in the raspy exercise the water all those things and the my website actually is the blog part of my website on the baby-making. Gru is different topics week it's a little behind right now because I really didn't to house or how they're related to preconception how they're related to pregnancy all different aspects and so the blog is called the baby-making. Grew really you can apply it to any point in time in your life
and the Seven Keys program that I have is a six-month Consulting program to help women who want to get their bodies ready for pregnancy and we kind of dig deeper into your own personal life and how we can help you get to the healthiest Point possible before you leave their name and email actually has a video that I can send you it's called the number one overlooked thing you should do before trying to conceive it's actually my favorite key until that's one of the things that I love talking about as well
and so that's the information that's on the website there that's great and so is the website the baby-making for the website that is different. No actually fits the baby kitten baby making. Grew so it's not a. Comment on that site as well and I cover the seventies in different topics in the blog and then for anybody that has information about cervical care and general also have my main website which is dr. namira. Combo is this doctor in my first name. Com
it's great and can you spell in the mirror for an audience out there I'm sure it's
and it's doctor with a d r
it's so wonderful and it's always nice we have all these people listening to the show's audience International and people are listening to South Africa and then I have these gifts on some people saying this person and how they find the material and so it's so wonderful that you're so accessible this to help so I can program is definitely anywhere anytime anybody ever wants to find somebody they can still go to my website information for the contact me back to let me know where you live and I'll find you one for cervical chiropractor in your area so
I appreciate that for somebody that's looking to have more conscious lifestyle for themselves or for their families
for me personally because I am a chiropractor I'm going to say that it's really about changing your mindset and looking at how your body functions like are you going to look at your nutrition exercise blast which even those are all very healthy things are still an outside-in approach because you're looking at how you can take care of your body from the outside and looking at your external environment are you going to look at your internal environment and take care of your internal body first by looking at your brain in the ecology do for me I always like to take care of my internal environment first and that's my mindset it's how I've trained myself to think that something's going on or if I want to be healthier if I have a health problem I always look to my internal environment first to say is my brain and nervous system working properly and if it is external environment in terms of which
before doing a thing
great advice it's phenomenal truly is and it's so wonderful to have you here with us and I so appreciate your generosity and your time your experience and your expertise and truly I mean I've been honored and I've been privileged because I've had the opportunity to interview so many doctors through the years and somebody Healthcare practitioners and sometimes you just need somebody and you say yes
and you know that that person is so aligned with Consciousness and they're still aligned with helping this so aligned with wellness and I know that I felt it and knew that immediately when I met you and you are such a radiant light and you were so giving with your time and your information and you are so dedicated and so devoted to really making a difference in people and in the future of their family and so I'm so lucky and so proud to have you on the show and for all of those that are listening I am do you know how to say Russian race to work with you because I really know that you were going to make a difference in each and every one of their individual eyes
thank you so much for having me I would like to share with people you know I just really believe that we were put on this Earth to to love and serve each other and so this is my way of being able to do so and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be able to share so that I can do it even more
well thank you we look forward to having you back and we look forward to hearing more on your new practice and I love to hear from all of you that go to Sea-Tac Tamara because I just know that you'll be overjoyed and I love to be able to bring you the tools and the techniques to be able to truly live that kind of unlimited life that you've all been dreaming about 4. Thank you so much for being with us today thank you
what an amazing guest that's what you wish for that's what you hope for to have a doctor that is that dedicated somebody that is not aligned with Consciousness with lifestyle is thought he's taking a practice beyond the scope of the practice and even created a doorway
some months before life begins to be able to work with life to be able to help create a conscious family in a conscious life in a conscious way of living to be able to make having a child creating a child birthing a child a blissful experience of people on him fear that you don't have that beer if not when I could tell people that you're pregnant because what if something goes wrong with the pregnancy or that you have so much fear that you can't get pregnant and to be able to relinquish what she calls being stuck areas in your emotional body your spiritual body of physical body that has kept you where you are for years either your health your way your state of depression where you are in your life and to be able to sort of them cords that so the magic Genie and you come down and that magical creature comes out that really long and urine
news this is so limited health and vitality as possible and to be able to live like she said you no pain free lifestyle joy happiness and frickity way of life that you don't really think about it and how pain is the last thing to come in the first thing to go but a line in yourself and knowing that you're well and being on the steps and state is every day from what we become what we drinking the amount of water that we drink all of these wonderful kids to really be eating healthy lifestyle and I absolutely love what you do. The amount of time that we put into decorating a nursery you are into registering for wedding and all of these things that we planned but we don't actually planned
can I have a healthy child and that has a healthy lifestyle and a life really of that unbridled joy that we know that is possible so situation honored to have her on the show and then we have a couple of them knees and guests coming up that I'm just so excited for we've been talking about dr. kedia coming on and she's a psychologist that teaches people to tango dancing and watch the demonstration of his process and as we're talking today with dr. Amir about being stuck and how people get stuck she is able to work with people through movement
and their emotional bodies from movements to get through another stage in your life or pasta border or boundary or fear or a wall and it's absolutely fascinating it's riveting and the result has been amazing and so she's going to talk to us about how that works and how just changing the position of the body towards something or way from something and how everybody is connected to those emotions and how she is able to get people to the other side of these walls and lickety-split time and in a way it just lasts forever with a really I live in a different than a happier and healthier way of life she is phenomenal and then we have Melissa Terry coming up and put Melissa Terry is one of my very favorite guest of all time I think I was right on every show that I've ever done in so I'm so grateful that she's coming on this show because even on our hourglass bride show that we
I think she's the number one show that has been downloaded and information in her what the subject that she's talking about is always so profound but she specializes in teaching people how to free themselves for joy and so whether you've been raped or abused and you're looking to find love or trust live or whether you're afraid of success and your own life you're afraid to make the money that you know your worth you're afraid to get that raise your afraid to start your own business but how you free yourself
how do you unleash the key open yourself to have that kind of life you know you are meant to live in that you deserve she is incredible I know that every time I have taking pages and pages and pages of notes when I'm thinking oh yes I have to ask her a question and she is one of the loveliest people that I've ever met and her information and I know that when she is on the show and we make it a live show we've had so many colors on the line that we have hours worth of a cat that we've had to bring on several times just to answer all of our colors questions and so I will let you know she's on in 2 weeks 3 weeks I believe and I will post it and I will make sure that you know that that's a live show so you can call in and talk to her and she is just remarkable seamless effortless in her information so just always fantastic
search for today I want to thank dr. Amir at that was the most beautiful information and her work is really and backup all the work that she's doing with women helping them create life with couples helping them create the healthier life and with children giving them a life and a future that they can look forward to and a life that
it's not only pain free but joyful happy effervescent and a new generation of healthy and happy kids which is really are Divine Purpose and what he looks at it as her calling and nobody I've ever met I have come across is doing the kind of work and when you're working he feels if you're the only person in the world her time is your time her dedication and her heart isn't making you well and really making your dreams come true and offering you this kind of life that is absolutely possible to live so thank you doctor in the mirror looking forward to Melissa Terry looking forward to doctor Katia for all of you out there it's always wonderful to have you with me today as always and this is Nicole Brandon from unlimited life wishing you the unlimited life of History

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