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Hungry for the Truth, October 7, 2014

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Universal Soul Love
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Guest, Zaffar Khan

Next on Universal Soul Love with David and Lana Love with special guest Zeffar Khan

Guest, Zaffar Khan

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Zaffar Khan
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Author, Speaker, Mentor, and Businessman
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Moving to Australia:

My name is Zaffar Khan. I had the good fortune to move to Australia when I was quite young. Australia truly seemed like the land of promise and opportunity to someone like me from a very poor country. I am married with Vina and I have 3 beautiful daughters.

Author of 36 Books: I have written 36 books on personal & business development, which can be downloaded free of charge from this website. Twenty two books have been printed already.

Rotary Club:

I am the president of Rotary Club of Archerfield, where we have unbelievable great people working with me and we are enjoying every day and making this club a great success and all of us giving great contribution to the mankind as we all must do a little to make this world better place to live. You can go to the following two websites to know and have better understanding about Rotary, and where you will find we are neighbours, community leaders, and global citizens uniting for the common good. With you, we can accomplish even more. My message is to join Rotary does not matter which country, religion, political party or city you belong to:

Fred Hollows Foundation: I am always involved with Fred Hollows Foundation in a different capacity. You will be surprised to know that 4 out of 5 people who are blind don't need to be as they can restore their sight. Sue Lawson is a great friend of mine and she is so active in Queensland, Australia. She works for the foundation 25 hours a week. I would like to take my hat off for her services and unbelievable contribution to this organisation.

P & C committee:

I have been involved with Local College P & C for more than 10 years in a different capacity, from being a member to the President. I suggest parents should involve in these kind of committees to improve and making our schools and colleges better place to study.

Fund Raising in Queensland Australia:

Whether there was a fire in Victoria, flood in QLD, disasters in Samoa or Indonesia & other parts of the world, I was always there with the communities to help generate funds and many of the fund raising functions were organised by me alone and with the partnership of local community organisations.

Unbelievable Achievement & Lost it all:

I went to New Zealand, and started a taxi company by the name of Ideal Cabs. I then built the second largest taxi company in the whole of NZ within 12 months' time. Once again it was unbelievable achievement. I given NZ government a plan to decrease unemployment from NZ. The scheme called "Six Million Dollar Scheme" and it was accepted by the NZ Government and the national television of NZ made a documentary on me as the scheme was a GREAT SUCCESS. But I got greedy and distracted - I wanted more. So I bought car yards - one, then another, then another and then started a car auction business. Unfortunately the hands that I had left running my business were not as safe and secure as I had thought. Bottom line - I lost it all. I did not even have the money to purchase my airline tickets to come back to Australia.

So I borrowed some money and came back to Sydney and thought I can just do this again. I started another taxi business, which went very well and I established 1, 2, 3, and 4 branches. But the choice of the wrong business partner, a couple of dirty acts against me, I had lost everything again I had made. Yes, I LOST everything AGAIN - Like a lot of you, I was wondering how and where the next dollar was coming from to feed the kids, pay the rent and make ends meet, but now I am the CEO of one of the leading deputising companies in Australia.

Real Success:

It seemed like the end of the world - how could I have tasted such stratospheric success, and then be wondering where the next meal was coming from. To me that was the real start of interesting life, and understanding real life, real friends, real life lessons. That was the time I understood the real definition of success, which was jumping from one failure to another failure and still hanging with the string of enthusiasm and staying in power. Knowing the fact that "Just Thinking & Growing Rich" is not enough, you need more than that.........& I realised not giving up is REAL SUCCESS.

Thinking Big, Motivation, Getting rid of Fear, Positive thinking etc., they are not enough to achieve your life goals. You need a foolproof step-by-step system to follow which will allow you to achieve anything you want in your life with exact steps and road map. Then I wrote my first book, which is called, Just Don't Think & Grow Rich (GPS to success). I strongly recommend reading this book. People always tell me that it's the first time they have seen such a book, which is written in a systematic way, which guides you from the first step until you ACHIEVE THE UNACHIEVABLE, and then I wrote hundreds of articles and 36 books, which you can download FREE of Charge from this website.

Welcome to the world of Success and Good Luck with your journey!

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