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More Barbaric Atrocities by Islam World Wide

Title: More Barbaric Atrocities by Islam World Wide

Should we tolerate this barbarism in America?


Cultural Enrichment destroying UK and Germany. Massive Jihadist Terror Attacks World Wide



Governments of these respective governments are sabotaging their own countries for promises of political power and great wealth. Rapes and female mutilation we see in Africa are coming to Europe.


Inbreeding creates violent, barbaric killers – Play the audio


List of terror attacks over the weekend


Remembering the Founding Fathers  

The Truth Zone

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The Truth Zone is in your face radio and not for the weak of heart.

Constitutional Christian Conservatarian. Over 25 years of studying world affairs and how politics and spirituality collide. The irresistible force meets the immovable object.

We have been deceived by forces that want to pull us away from the One True God Jehovah. Why? What is to gain? Who benefits? What is his motive?  

We are deep into the Vortex of the Information Revolution. Knowledge is power and liberating. 

Time to take the red pill