New World Order conspiracy

America’s Shadow Government, July 11, 2017

Title: America’s Shadow Government

FBI creating terror to keep budget intact. War on Terror a fraud and never ending on purpose.

The truth about Syria you won’t hear about in the mainstream media.


The Truth Zone, July 7, 2017

Title: Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice – Satanism Exposed! Part 2

Satanism through the covert affairs Play the audio

New Age same as the Old Age

Our children on the internet – monitor or not to monitor?  

The Truth Zone: Satanism and Pedophilia, July 6, 2017

Title: Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice – Satanism Exposed!  

From DC to Hollywood, the elites bow to Satan also called Molech. Hear the names involved in this compelling audio clip. You've heard them before. 

The Truth Zone, July 5, 2017

Title: More Barbaric Atrocities by Islam World Wide

Should we tolerate this barbarism in America?


Cultural Enrichment destroying UK and Germany. Massive Jihadist Terror Attacks World Wide



Americans love being lied to., June 30, 2017

Title: Americans love being lied to.

Trump’s foreign policy is more of the same from the last two administrations and this claim that taxes can’t be cut until Obamacare care is repealed and replaced is a bold faced lie!


Lies, Lies, Sweet Little Lies. Americans love being lied to., June 29, 2017

Title:Lies, Lies, Sweet Little Lies. Americans love being lied to. 

Those who question the government's narrative get vilified by all who cling to their cognitive dissonance.

It's very difficult to believe we are being played by the powers that be.  

The Truth Zone What is a Conspiracy Theorist, June 28, 2017

The CIA invented the term conspiracy theorist

Why the blue bloods sponsor islam – Audio

The common denominator between the NWO and islam – audio


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