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The True World, October 28, 2017

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The True World
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Guest, Dr William R Deagle

The True World with Matthew Deagle and Guest Dr William R Deagle

Guest, Dr William R Deagle MD

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Dr William R Deagle MD
Guest Occupation
Founder NutriMedical, Surgeon, Health Professional, Public Speaker, Radio Host
Guest Biography

Founded in 1998 by Dr. William R. Deagle MD*, NutriMedical offers only those select products personally recommended by Dr. Bill and guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Our NutriMeds have been selected for particular use in nutritional support and treatment of numerous medical conditions as well as the maintenance of wellness.  Popular NutriMeds such as NutruSilver, NutrioDine, and NutriDefense were professionally formulated by Dr.Bill.

What makes our nutritional supplements different from the thousands of other online vitamin companies ?

  1. The consumer would have to find and purchase our supplements at a licensed doctor’s office. We offer to you our online office/shop.
  2. A process known as Albion Chelation makes our supplements  BioActivated and BioAvailable.  This means they are not only of the highest quality but efficiently effectively absorbed over many hours into every living tissue and cell in your body.
  3. Bill offers you customized protocols and personalized advise via email and phone for those who seek assistance with issues such as Diabetes, CardioVascular, Bones, Joints,, Hearing Loss, Muscle Building, Depression, ADHD, Infection, Digestive, Anti-Aging, Weight Loss, Men’s and Women’s Health, to name a few.*
  4. The Wellness Protocols section of our website is currently used by Practitioners and patients alike. They provide valuable references for the student of Holistic and Integrative Functional Medicine. Patients with any of these conditions and desiring to maintain wellness and avoid the ravages of genetic, environmental, or contracted illnesses, will most assuredly find this information extremely valuable.Enjoy life, stay well, and age slowly or not at all, through a healthy lifestyle and daily NutriMeds!

Dr Bill holds Board Certifications in the USA and Canada in Family, Internal, and Trauma Medicine as well as Surgical Specialties in Emergency, with exposure to Orthopedics, Plastics, General Surgery and Ophthalmology.

Dr Bill is scheduled to present two lectures in 2017 to A4M, American Academy of AntiAging Medicine: DNA Biophoton Song of Life and Theory of biophotons applied to DNA epigenetic controls in disease and aging.

Dr Bill has a daily (M-F) three hour radio show from 10 AM – 1 PM. As founder of the he offers LiveStream Simulcast on multiple video platforms covering a wide range of topics from Medicine to World Politics. Medical doctors, health professionals and listeners around the world consult to learn Dr. Bill’s Functional Medicine Approach. Through integration of superior quality nutritional supplements and the latest in advanced imaging, labs, genetics and diagnostics, Dr. Bill offers you the “NutriMedical Family Member” a coherent strategy to optimize your health and recovery from illness. In Health and Happiness,

Listen to the NutriMedical Report Show, Mondays to Fridays 12 Noon to 3 pm CST, Enjoy the Friday “Firing Line” as Dr. Bill answers your questions with co-host Michelle!

Bless You, Your Family, and Loved Ones.

The True World

Show Host

On this show, Matthew Deagle, an expert in subliminal symbolism, symbolic language and hidden history, discusses current and past world events, public and private, in the context of their symbolic connections in the collective consciousness, as well as hidden aspects of the historical and present world, hidden history and hidden chronologies.

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