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The Tony Durso Show, October 18, 2022

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The Tony Durso Show
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Ask For More with Crystal and Mark Victor Hansen

The Tony Durso Show

Ask For More with Crystal and Mark Victor Hansen

World renown for his wildly successful books, such as the Chicken Soup for the Soul series*, Mark Victor Hansen, together with his wife Crystal Dwyer Hansen wrote an amazing book which I am reading myself. It’s called Ask! The Bridge From Your Dreams To Your Destiny.  
(*Over 500,000,000 books sold. Yep, over 500 million.)

Looking for guidance & wisdom to help you in your life, career & business? I interview some of the most successful people in the world, whom I call Elite Entrepreneurs. 

They share their journey and provide guidance & advice you can use to take things up another level. 

Thanks, and remember: Just Take Action!

Success awaits those who persevere and remain steadfast despite the odds. Sow good seeds, do good deeds and join me on the next episode of The Tony DUrso Show.

The Tony Durso Show

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Join Tony DUrso with Special VIP guests from some of the biggest names in the world from Hollywood Stars, Sports Greats, Business Experts, Game Changers, Bestselling Authors, and World Class CEOs who share their insights and personal journeys on their road to success.

Each guest opens up their World of Fame to the audience covering a variety of topics from Business to Sports, Literature to Music, Television to Film, and much more.

The Tony DUrso Show with Special VIP guests gets into their core essence: where they’ve been, what made them who they are and what they’re doing today, along with future goals and plans.

The audience is sure to come away with valuable gems and insights imparted by these world-class guests.

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