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Threshold Radio, September 26, 2015

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Threshold Radio
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THR 3 New Science of Nutrition Part 1

Threshold Radio with Johnny Blue Star

Threshold Radio's guest this week will be nutritional expert, Hugo Rodier, M. D., a board-certified family practitioner, an integrative physician whose focus is on prevention with an emphasis of treating a patient’s mind, body and spirit. The core of Dr. Rodier’s practice is nutrition and he has been actively assisting patients with the symptoms of leaky gut and other disturbing disorders whose treatment is often fundamentally based on food not pharmaceuticals. At this present time, Dr. Rodier teaches at the College of Health and Department of Nutrition at the University of Utah.

Leaky gut, a condition described as hyperpermeable intestines is a condition where various undigested food substances, yeast, toxins and other waste to  flow out of unnaturally large holes in the intestine into the bloodstream where they are attacked by the immune system, creating vast complications including food allergies and resulting in auto-immune reactions like gas, bloating, diarrhea but sometimes claimed to be the foundations for serious chronic diseases, including diabetes, lupis, chronic fatigue, psoriasis, celiac disease and multiple sclerosis. With these claims in mind- and the growing testimony of medical science and its practitioners, leaky gut may be said to be a catastrophic, far-reaching condition in developing countries.

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Threshold Radio

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Threshold Radio is a radio talk show postulating that personal connection to a Higher Power is the most profitable way of being connected to your life, your destiny and to the Source whose purpose is embodied in the nature of things. Threshold seeks to help the Seeker find his or her place in this world by adding another level of experience to one's daily activities and a true methodology of transforming the personal, business, social and political life of this world planet. Realizing that the ultimate connection to the Creator is between the Seeker and Divinity, Threshold provides whatever guidance it can to assist the listener in making that connection and how that connection can provide powerful spiritual and practical solutions to health, business and political challenges. In addition to this, Threshold explores threats to our intrinsic rights as spiritual beings, rights like personal privacy, liberty and pursuit of happiness and opportunity aligned with the American Constitution, the Declaration and the vision of our Founding Fathers. Threshold affirms that the torch of liberty should be held aloft to encourage peace and prosperity for all citizens of this planet. Regarding music as a potentially intrinsic bond between all peoples and cultures, it presents the work of songwriters, composers and performers to foster a healing connection to all people on planet earth. Threshold is a global media event with an outreach to all people of good will in a world struggling to be perfected

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