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Threshold Radio, January 14, 2017

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Threshold Radio
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Threshold Radio with Johnny Blue Star

Johnny Blue Star begins the program by explaining the spiritual mission of Threshold Radio vis-à-vis political commentary. Is the media really being fair to the President because he did not initially condemn the hatemongers in the Charlottesville protests? But even so, hasn’t the President revealed his bias against minorities in the deportation and travel ban scenarios? And, further, hasn’t he jeopardized the security of his own base by offering jobs without adequately protecting them once they obtain their jobs. Trump seems to be against lifting minimum wages, preserving reasonable regulations regarding financing and the environment, restoring the citizen rights challenged by the last two administrations, being responsive to minority and court problems with the direction of his administration.

Can we really love our opponent in the midst of serious conflict, especially when lives and lifestyle are at risk as in the case of war- and, in particular, the possible nuclear confrontation with North Korea? Johnny and Dr. Hugo Rodier, MD. discuss the “fire and fury,” fear-invoking rhetoric used to address the North Koreans which has had a wide impact on many countries around the world with the reasonable inference that Trump was talking about a nuclear strike.

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Threshold Radio

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Threshold Radio is a radio talk show postulating that personal connection to a Higher Power is the most profitable way of being connected to your life, your destiny and to the Source whose purpose is embodied in the nature of things. Threshold seeks to help the Seeker find his or her place in this world by adding another level of experience to one's daily activities and a true methodology of transforming the personal, business, social and political life of this world planet. Realizing that the ultimate connection to the Creator is between the Seeker and Divinity, Threshold provides whatever guidance it can to assist the listener in making that connection and how that connection can provide powerful spiritual and practical solutions to health, business and political challenges. In addition to this, Threshold explores threats to our intrinsic rights as spiritual beings, rights like personal privacy, liberty and pursuit of happiness and opportunity aligned with the American Constitution, the Declaration and the vision of our Founding Fathers. Threshold affirms that the torch of liberty should be held aloft to encourage peace and prosperity for all citizens of this planet. Regarding music as a potentially intrinsic bond between all peoples and cultures, it presents the work of songwriters, composers and performers to foster a healing connection to all people on planet earth. Threshold is a global media event with an outreach to all people of good will in a world struggling to be perfected

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