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Patrice Chaplin is a successful author, including City of Secrets and The Portal. In these two books, she added a completely new dimension to the mystery of Rennes-le-Château and its enigmatic priest Bérenger Saunière. In the Spanish city of Gerona, she found a private society that possessed a powerful secret to do with the Grail and linked with a nearby mountain, Canigou. Over a period of fifty years, Patrice learned that there was a portal what physicists call a wormhole that existed on that mountain and that the initiates of this society were taught how to work with this. She herself did this voyage and learned that Saunière attempted this experience too, with unknown outcome.

The Spirit Revolution

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Kathleen McGowan and Philip Coppens

The Spirit Revolution is a weekly one hour radio show, in which Kathleen McGowan and Philip Coppens serve up a riveting cocktail of news, opinion and interviews with leaders in the fields of alternative science, revisionist history and transformational self-help.

Kathleen McGowan is an international bestselling author, including The Expected One, which has sold more than one million copies in the US and has been translated in over fifty languages.

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