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Kathleen McGowan
Kathleen McGowan
Los Angeles
Talk Show Host, International Bestselling Author, Researcher, American Novelist, Revisionist Historian, Human Rights Activist, Inspirational Guide

Kathleen McGowan is an international bestselling author whose work has been translated into more than thirty languages. Her fiction series includes the instant New York Times bestsellers, “The Expected One” and “The Book of Love”, and has sold more than one million copies worldwide. Her latest books are a non-fiction inspirational guide to transformation through prayer, “The Source of Miracles”, and “The Poet Prince”. Kathleen lives in Los Angeles (California), Scotland and Southern France with her husband Philip Coppens.

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Kathleen McGowan is an American novelist. She is notable for her bestselling novel, The Expected One, which sold over a million copies in the United States and has appeared in over fifty languages.

The Magdalene Line is a series of novels, featuring historical female characters which the author believes history has either misrepresented or obliterated.

Kathleen McGowan began working on the first novel The Expected One in 1989. Focusing on the role of Mary Magdalene, it was self-published in 2005, and sold 2,500 copies. On July 25, 2006, the book was re-published by Simon & Schuster under the Touchstone imprint. The novel focuses on the Christian saint Mary Magdalene, evidently inspired by books such as the 1982 The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail and incorporating key symbolic elements found within the mythical organisation Priory of Sion, and became an instant bestseller.

The second novel of the series is The Book of Love, published in 2009, focusing on the life of Saint Mathilda of Canossa.

Each novel of the series features the heroine Maureen Paschal, who is tasked with uncovering historical, Christian enigmas. Other characters include Berenger Sinclair and Tamara Wisdom, as well as the enigmatic character Destino.

Kathleen McGowan
Kathleen McGowan