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Success with McIntosh, October 26, 2017

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Success with McIntosh
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with Cynthia McIntosh and guest Linda Holmes

Success with McIntosh with Cynthia McIntosh and guest Linda Holmes

Guest, Linda Holmes

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Linda Holmes
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Loan Broker
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Linda will be sharing her expertise with us and will be discussing options available to entrepreneurs and start up companies to acquire loans.

¨ What kind of loans are available for entrepreneurs?

¨ What should be considered when deciding whether to get a loan or not?

¨ What do entrepreneurs need to watch out for when signing contracts for loans?

¨ What questions should one ask when discussing loans with a lending institution?

¨ When is getting a loan the best choice to make, and when is it not?


Success with McIntosh

Show Host

Welcome to the next chapter of your life!

Ready to change your life from ordinary to extraordinary?  Let's find your real vision and to make it become a reality!

By helping my clients find clarity and perspective, and by supporting them as they reach for the stars, we build dreams and take the journey to fulfilling them - one step at a time!

I've spent many years working with professionals and artists.  I've learned how their lifestyle has a very unique set of challenges, hurdles and experiences all of its own - a lifestyle that needs to be mastered in order to find fulfillment and success in life.  Each individual needs to define exactly what fulfillment and success means to him or her, and how to create a path to obtain it.​

As I've worked with clients over the years, I've learned that they need a lot more than someone to teach them to run their businesses. Because of the challenges of being self-employed, they needed support, direction, and vision.  I want to see them succeed. I am here to provide a support system to them, and to help them create a vision for their future, to decide what it is that they want to accomplish, to figure out what steps they need to take to accomplish those goals, and to prioritize their lives in order to reach the final destination that they have set for themselves. The world is out there full of possibilities!

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