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The Hostile Zone, June 24, 2024

Stranded in Space NASAs Astronauts and Boeings Starliner Crisis
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Stranded in Space NASAs Astronauts and Boeings Starliner Crisis
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with the charismatic Eric Cinotti and the angelic voice of Bianca Sea

Join Eric A. Cinotti and the vocal sensation Bianca Sea in this riveting episode of The Hostile Zone as they dissect the latest breaking news and critical issues shaping our world. Dive into the ongoing situation where NASA astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams remain stranded aboard the International Space Station due to technical issues with Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft. This episode uncovers the resilience and scientific precision of these astronauts as they navigate an indefinite delay in their return. NASA has announced an indefinite delay in bringing home the astronauts due to leaks in Starliner’s helium system and thruster failures, although the agency confirms Starliner’s emergency readiness.

Starliner launched on June 5 and docked at the ISS on June 6. The astronauts were initially scheduled to return on June 14, but the return date has been pushed to an undetermined date in July due to technical difficulties. Originally planned as an eight-day mission, Wilmore and Williams are now on a prolonged stay of up to 45 days, with the deadline of July 21 for Starliner’s stay at the ISS. The astronauts are utilizing their extended mission for scientific work, including spacewalks and data collection. Analyze how this situation affects NASA's collaboration with private companies like Boeing and the future of space missions. Explore the potential for technological advancements and the importance of stringent safety protocols. Examine the concerns expressed by space experts and the international community, and discuss the potential impacts on NASA's future plans and the private spaceflight industry.

Stay ahead with expert analysis and in-depth discussions. This episode is essential for anyone interested in space exploration, technological advancements, and the intricacies of international space missions. Subscribe, hit the notification bell, and never miss an episode of The Hostile Zone with Eric A. Cinotti.

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

The Hostile Zone, hosted by the infamous and dangerous and much lied about Eric A. Sinani. This is where public corruption, abuse of power, a waste and misabuse of public dollars, and ultimately using your personal position for gaining power and influence over others is met with extreme hostility. Otherwise, everyone else is welcome. Welcome to the Hostile Zone. welcome to the hostile zone you're here with the infamous and dangerous and always in your face calling a spade a spade no fake news here right here on the hostile zone I'm eric a sonati eric andrew sonati with a big a who Eric Sinati, of course. Right here on your FM dial, 99.9 KKTC. True country. True America. True Sonati, folks, because Sonati's on your side, as always. And never, ever forget that, regardless of the bots, trolls, and haters. And the stalkers. And the stalkers. Yeah, we have those two now. So I'm accompanied by the on-air sensational vocalist, Miss Bianca CSEA, like the ocean. Bianca, see, that's me. Hello, everyone. Welcome to the show, Miss Bianca. I love that brooch. You always wear that. Oh, thank you. That is, like, legitimately, and I remember when you got that. That is, like, a legitimate, like, super antique. It really is antique. Yes. I love. It's super antique. I love antique. shopping every time I'm out and I see something similar to that remember I sent you a picture of a charm of a necklace like that yes yes because I do a little antiquing myself you know so I love it I mean it's great you know I feel like when you go antiquing you have like a part of history in america you really are you're bringing you know some stuff they don't make anymore you're keeping history alive yeah you're keeping it's recycling as well oh there you go green it's great we're very green here on this show yeah So, yeah, I love this. I love it, especially since I've been watching the shows like Bridgerton and stuff. What show? Bridgerton. Wait, wait, wait. Was she the one that at one point was a columnist? Well, no. I believe it's like Marie Antoinette. Yeah, you got me. You're probably talking about me in that era. She was beheaded. She was guillotined, yeah. But this, Bridgerton is like a show for it. It's like English? It's like English? No. Like royalty kind of? It is royalty. You know, I'm embarrassed to admit, folks. I'm embarrassed to admit, but I've been paying attention to the Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. oh and I never did before I never did before having met harry on more than one occasion um I'm a fan of prince harry uh so I i um I can only imagine what it was like for him to grow up and be uh like literally like he says despair you know um Well, you know, it's like a it's like every brother and sister But it's like a regular sibling, you know, oh wait, there's always the favorite Right. We're talking about we're talking about one is going to be the king. Okay one is going to be the king of a Major nation when a multiple Commonwealth's underneath it and you know, that's a big deal, you know you know, fighting over who whose G.I. Joe is being passed down and who got the used TV and who got the new one is is basic stuff that we argue about in our end. But, you know, you know, if I if if my brother and were fighting over over who was gonna be president and he and I and I was the one that was destined to be president just based on the air of how it's supposed to work yeah um there would be some battle I'm sure of it you know in a pipeline going blood goes only so far they say blood is sticking in water but power is power money and greed is thicker than everything Could you imagine fighting over stupid stuff? Hey, whatever. One day I'm still going to be king and that's it. I'm sure that, right? Every time they play hide and go seek and Harry won, William was like, well, but I'm going to be king. But anyway, this is not a royal show, but shout out to you, Harry. That's funny we're talking about this. But my brooch is very like... That is very Queen Victoria. I love that, Harrison. And you know what? Nowadays, I want to bring this back. I mean, I love accessorizing. When you have something and, you know, the rule is like if you're under... over 50 you could wear the brooch but you know what that's that's just a tale that's just like like saying you can't white wear white after labor day or something you know um fashion on icons you know you always start up a trend and I feel like I love this and plus you know what carrie from uh sex in the city also had like a brooch like this when on the vogue uh episode Well, you know, I got a couple memories from Sex and the City. Number one was when she was in Vogue. That's when she wore this. She wore this, a brooch like this, but with the pinstripe jacket. So I liked it. I remember she goes in the room there, and the guy that she woke up to, he called her Cookie, and his pants were off. And she thought she was in heaven. She thought she was in heaven to get, you know, to get, you know, the Coke. That's what I said, because, like, you know, like, he was giving her a martini during the day. Yeah, getting drunk at Vogue. Look at me. Yes, Cookie is drunk. Oops. I spilled that Vogue. Yeah. I love that. Yeah, it is. It is definitely, yeah. It's so funny. It is definitely interesting. But yeah, so what's going on for today? Well, today is a complete opposite of where we started. I know, I know. Let's get to the, if you're watching the show, the ticker on the bottom of the screen. Right here. The Hostile Zone at The Hostile Zone at eric sanadi at eric sanadi at and bianca c s e a at and of course always eric at and if you wanted to drop us a text how would they do that by texting us at 917-877-0171 Sounds good to me. Awesome. Anyway, so really kind of far turn from, you know, Royals. But it was just an interesting, you know, thing we went off on. But today I want to talk about something a little bit more, you know, interesting. I guess it's important. I don't know how much news coverage there will be on it. It's not a matter of national security. This is not a, uh, one of those type of stories, but this is an educational story. If folks, if you have children, uh, this is definitely the time that they might want to listen to this show. Um, and this is definitely a good topic to research on your own. So basically, uh, Let's talk about a story about true American resilience. Legitimate, true American resilience. Getting knocked down, getting back up, like Frank Sinatra says. Resilience. standing up fighting for what it is that you do and what you believe in this is a story of that and it's happening folks right now as we speak next time you go outside look up into the sky and you'll and you'll understand what we're talking about it is the pursuit of perfection because in the united states we believe there are no points for second place Bottom line, you either win or you lose. We don't want second place, right? We have the Olympics coming up. We want the gold. We don't want the silver or the bronze. All right, we'll be happy if we take it, but that's not what we're looking for. We want the gold. So we are a nation of resilience. No matter how hard we get hit or how hard we get kicked, following Sylvester Stallone, we're going to get back up and keep taking the hits. That's right. Because we're in pursuit of perfection against the backdrop of the final frontier. Yes, folks, we're talking about space, the final frontier. Maybe there's another frontier after that. But as of right now, it's the final frontier. And we have an issue right now. NASA astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams are on our remain aboard the International Space Station. and their return has been delayed indefinitely indefinitely due to issues with their their uh their craft now here is the interesting fact miss bianca what guess who made this uh starliner spacecraft who made it boeing oh if you remember boeing has been in the news um they've been in front of congress uh for allegedly having shortcuts and um you know pushing um you know things to be uh production etc moving forward and there had been accidents some planes crashed some planes broke um so I find this to be an interesting uh I've seen a lot of interesting uh story because they mostly when they talk about boeing um they're talking about the the you know the um you know the regular airliners that you me and john q public fly on when we go to disney or vegas or wherever we might go um but they act but I mean as I said on this show before and other shows that I've appeared on boeing is one of the major government contractors So Boeing makes all kinds of military infrastructure equipment, you know, things that fly, you know, all that kinds of stuff. I'm not specifically going to name the things that they make, but they make several different things for the government, the Department of Defense. um cia and other agencies uh three-letter alphabet agencies they are making equipment for them so um it's not not a good reputation for them huh no but um we got now we got two astronauts that are are stuck on there and uh you know that is I mean that that is if anything I you know This is how I see this, Ms. Bianca. Yes. This situation here, before we get into the details of what's going on, we have so much negativity in our nation right now. People are arguing and fighting each other on the street over politics. People are fighting and arguing over race and religion and just everything, right? Sadly, yes. and and then we have threats from foreign nations that we're worried about and then we have people here within our own nation that are are against actions of the united states overseas so there is so much discord word of the day so much discord amongst the people here in the united states that even though This is a serious matter and it's a dangerous matter. I think this is a positive thing Just go with me, if you will, for a second. Okay. A positive thing because this is something that shows American might. It shows American resilience. How so? Because these people are stuck in space for, as they said, an indefinite amount of time. Wow, that's seriously out of this world. so this is not just a tale of technical difficulties but this is a tale of the human spirit human endurance and scientific precision if this of all things is not the the example of the the red-blooded american and and what are core values at the root what our founding fathers said and felt about our nation when they created the United States Constitution, it was four times like this. John F. Kennedy said, we will put a man on the moon, not because we can, but because it's hard. right um I ad lib to quote bots and trolls I don't know I didn't get every word specific but basically he said we want to go to the moon not because it's easy or we can but because it's hard because we wanted to prove american might american ingenuity american resilience look at elon musk and spacex know a lot of a lot of the rockets that he puts up there shout out to uh elon um we appreciate your support I know that you watch the show shout out to you um but um anyway so he is and his program has had so many failures But like anything, just like Einstein said, repeating the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity. Elon Musk fails. A rocket doesn't launch properly. He is immediately back at the drawing table. figuring out what went wrong what they can do to make it work next time you know I'm sure that he suffers a dagger in his heart every time that happens because this is his dream baby he named his son x you know what I mean this is his dream he is a visionary he is again american ingenuity and resiliency so um I feel that these astronauts will be safe You know, the information here that they you know, that they will that there is ability to survive in there. Again, it has got to be a very scary and perilous time. There's got to be a lot of fear, anxiety. But these two astronauts are highly trained. highly educated and they know what they're doing and they have confidence in each other, which is something we as Americans need to have. I remember my military days, my firefighting times, all that EMS. Going out, criminal justice, investigations, everything that I've done, I've had a partner at one point, and we had to acknowledge to one another that I count on you, brother or sister. I count on you, and you count on me. If you go, we go. I'm there with you. that's it you know so um these two astronauts have each other they are america's finest we just don't send people to the moon we don't send people to the international space station we just don't do that um so these people are highly trained and they have each other so let me ask you is it like cast away in space right now that's an interesting statement is it I mean there has been there actually was a russian cosmonaut who actually after the it was the it was after the fall of the Iron Wall when when Soviet Union fell he was in in space and Well, basically, the Soviet Union fell, so he had no government to bring him back home. And he spent, I forget, almost a year in space. And it was a multitude of nations that came together to help the United States and other people came together to help get him out of space because there was no more Soviet Union. And he couldn't even walk. They had to carry him because you lose your muscle density. You lose bone density. um anyway so they have like a space um they work out in there but I mean yeah uh you know that for you know extensive period of time treadmill something but at least yeah no no you're right they do they have a treadmill they have uh they have a weight machine that's connected you know with gravity and stuff but um interestingly enough um you know they were able to bring him food and supplies they were unable to get him out So they could drop stuff off, and they also pick the garbage up. So they pile in the garbage into a garbage compactor on the International Space Station, and when they bring supplies up, they take the garbage. Wow. Contrary to belief, many people believe that they throw the garbage into outer space, and it just floats there. Wow. They recycle and they have like compost. They compost it and send it back. Yes, there is space junk flying around, nuts and bolts and pieces of this and pieces of rockets that are whatever. And, you know, folks, everything that's in orbit will eventually come back to Earth. You know, roughly 17,000 objects. fall back into the atmosphere a day a day a day a day wow we have a we have a norad which is uh which is in cheyenne mountain wyoming and they uh is that they're the north america did the north american uh basically without getting into a seahole they uh they are uh it's us canada that monitors the airspace coming into It's not just for foreign countries coming in and stuff, like invasion of aircraft, but also they monitor not all space junk. There is another division that monitors space junk, but they do monitor what's coming in, and so they're aware of these things. Now, 90% of this stuff does fall in the ocean, because contrary to belief, folks, most of the Earth is water. And believe it or not, the majority of Earth is not even populated. Even if you look at the United States, the majority of the United States is prairie land, wooded area, or forest area. People, you know, they think, you know, everything. But we have big cities with a lot of congestion. But if you go out to Idaho and to even Nevada and Arizona, it's a long distance. And those are just a couple examples. We could talk about the North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, you know. And plus, since there's the Internet and everybody has cell phones and pictures, you know, it's more it's really brought up even more because people actually like film when something from the sky. Right. Which I think also is a very good point, because I think that. you know there has been a uh a rise in well they you know typical of the government when they want to do something they don't um cancel a program they don't get rid of a department they repackage it basically like I said in the show a million times they take the bologna and cheese out of the bread take rid of the slice of bread, take the bologna and cheese and slap it on another set. Another piece of bread is fresh bread and they and they call it a cheese and bologna sandwich, not a bologna and cheese. And voila, it's a new department. So it used to be known as UFO unidentified flying objects. Now there's no such thing as an unidentified flying object. No, it is now a unidentified aerial phenomenon. Aerial Phenomenon? Aerial, UAP. So, you know, they repackaged it. So, yeah, I think with the rise of people seeing this stuff, and don't get me wrong, folks, I think it would be a small-minded person not to think that there is not something else out there. that we are so grand and mighty and so highly intelligent and so our nose in the air to think that out of looking up into the sky that we are the only living beings in that vast area that we don't even know how far it extends. You would literally have to have the tiniest mind to believe that. And NASA now has even come forward and they agree that there's something out there. Now, where it is, actually, I want to get into this, but there's something very interesting that happened this week too. think we've always known you know what I mean it's just not talked about there's a thing there's a thing called the Dyson sphere okay Dyson like Dyson chicken right Dyson sphere the vacuum the other vacuum yeah Tyson chicken right so Dyson sphere and I'm gonna explain it and I still want to get into what we're talking about with this but I think it's all interrelated it's a good conversation what And then we'll hit an embedded song before we get into the specifics about space. So the Dyson sphere has been potentially that with the new Dell Webb telescope, we used to have other telescope. Boy, that name slipped my head. Boy, anyway, it'll come to me in a second. You know, like when you want to name something. I know. Well, they call it the brain. Yeah, a brain. So anyway, so they got the Webb. They got and I said Dell Webb. That's like a construction community. The Webb telescope is out in space and it's out further. Oh, Hubble. The Hubble telescope was in a lower orbit. and now the web is surpassed that distance it's got more mirrors and it has much more strength and you're seeing a lot further than we ever did before so I love the way it looks too because it really does look like uh the honeycomb yes yeah right with a very thin layer of gold yeah right Real gold. Well, honestly, gold has a lot of good value to it. Besides monetarily, it actually serves a lot of good purposes in electricity. I think it looks beautiful. Look, if you have the HDMI cable. That's my favorite one, actually. If you have HDMI cord at your house, you remember when the HDMI cords first came out, you had regular ones and they had ones with gold plate on it. It's good for conductivity. It does whatever. I don't want to fall into the sea hole on that. Some scientists have found an odd maybe anomaly, we'll call it, of something that had some infrared signature. And they're trying to figure out what that infrared signature is. Some are speculating it's the creation of a new star. Or some saying it might be what this scientist's name was, Dyson, who came up with this theory. And they're saying it could be a Dyson sphere. And let me explain what a Dyson sphere is. Yeah, what is that? The concept of a Dyson sphere, which actually makes a lot of sense. And I wonder why we are not exploring this. And maybe we are. Maybe Mr. Musk is exploring that for Mars. I don't know. But it's basically where you take a bunch of satellites, like we have satellites now, and they circle around. their star or their civilization, whatever it is that they're circling, the planet, whatever it might be. And on the outside of it is basically really powerful solar shields, solar panels. So the sun that's coming out, which would be very weak if they're further away. Cause you know, we're, we're several planets from the sun as it is. And we're getting like, we call the Goldilocks area where we, we have the ability to, you know, we have good, what's the matter? You laughing at me? It was cute. That's what they call it. The Goldilocks, you know, Goldilocks meaning like it's perfect. It's not too hot. It's not too cold. We have, it's just right. That's very cute. just right so um these dyson sphere would be around and it would it would uh harness the power of this of the star of the sun and in through these uh solar panels and it would provide like an abundant full maybe an unlimited amount of electricity to that planet well that's it whatever it is civilization whatever you want to call it It is a very lofty, lofty thought and a very interesting concept that probably poofed some people's minds out here. But look it up. He was a real scientist. Now they're saying with the new telescope, the infrared telescope, they're seeing infrared sees a heat signature basically like your motion camera on your on your doorbell yes it has the ir yeah ir is looking for a heat signature and that's what's giving you your your vision so they're saying that what they're saying is a heat signature So it could possibly be that if it was a Dyson sphere, and I'm not saying it is, I'm saying some are speculating this is a possibility, a small possibility, but still a possibility. But it would absorb with the solar shields and then be able to circumvent that power back to where it needs to go. But those panels would heat up. as they were soaking in the energy. Even though they're distributing the energy off, they would still have a heat signature. And this is what some are speculating, that this potential thing that they're seeing, which is not, I want to say, it's like maybe 100,000 light years from us, or maybe 1,000 light years. I don't know. Don't quote me, because I was not even in my notes to talk about that today. So it's close enough. compared to some of the other stuff that's out there. It's actually relatively close. If that were the case, then that would be an unlimited source of energy, which could literally change how things occur. um okay so moving forward so um so with the the astronauts do they have any like family members like and also well of course they yeah they're not I don't they're not listing any of that I don't have the information on that how long were they expected to be up there well let's say yeah the the the they're basically saying nasa announced there's an indefinite delay in bringing home these astronauts butch wilmore and suny williams due to leaks in the star liners helium system and thruster failures so um leaking the helium and uh system and uh issues with the thruster with thrusters having some uh you know malfunctions or failures or whatever so now is that affecting their air no no no no no no and they should they should be able to probably still receive supplies as needed and stuff they're just kind of on the station this is their their way of getting home so um that's that's what that is okay okay um but despite the issues nasa confirmed that the starliner still could return and if it was an emergency so I don't really know what that means because they haven't provided any any uh like uh written data on how they intend to do that um So basically, if anything is like running out or whatever, then they are still able to come. They should be able. It says, yeah. But if they don't need to, that they're still. Yeah. I'm guessing they're going to stay until it can be fixed. And then, you know, then they, you know, they will. The timeline basically we're talking with is the Starliner launched on on June 5th and it docked with the International Space Station on the 6th of June. The astronauts were initially scheduled to return back home on the 14th of June, but the delays have pushed back their date into an undetermined date. And you're saying likely, hopefully in July. So, again, American resilience, American might, American power, American ingenuity, and just the heart of America. They are out there wearing the flag of the United States. They are out there scientifically, but they're still there, and they're there scientifically, and they're doing stuff. They're doing research, you know, that should better mankind, whether it be looking for sustainable resources available on Mars or on the moon or whatever scientific experiments they're conducting on the International Space Station, they're there. Well, I hope everything goes well for them. I mean, my heart goes out to them. Yeah, I mean, it was initially intended to be an eight-day mission. But, you know, basically that they're prolonged to be prepared to stay up to 45 days. There is a deadline that they're saying that they're pushing for a deadline of 21 July, July 21st. And I say deadline as in that's what the NASA is saying. This should be the time that they should be able to get this done. But, you know, it could be any day and that could be the time they're putting out. You know, I'm sure that they're safe. I know that they can get supplies, you know, and NASA saying the work continues. This is where resilience come in. The astronauts are utilizing their extended mission for valuable scientific work, including spacewalks and data collection on Starliner's performance during the extended mission. See, Starliner had not done a mission this long. so they are doing spacewalks which everything they do is spacewalk they're they're experiencing the vacuum and environment of space um every time they learn something every time you go out there you're used to seeing something you're going to see something else you know right right yeah so and also this this um start that this uh starliner was not was only intended for like an eight day mission or so so they're checking on it on when they're going out and they're saying okay well there's a there's a 45 you know you know they're seeing what the damage how it handles the 45 day potential 45 days so miss bianca do we have an embedded song that we're gonna play oh yeah I mean like since uh uh cobra kai is coming out soon um I'm I i can't wait to know the date of it um and I love the movie karate kid so I figured we should be playing you're the best by beer tone karate kid shout out looking forward to cobra kai got word we might be getting a guest on here from there so uh this is for you All right, hook it up, Miss Bianco. All right, here we go. Here we go. Try to be best because you're only a man and a man's got to learn to take it. Try to believe though the going gets rough that you're going to hang tough to make it. Thank you. Thank you. in cause you're left with the pain of the strength that you have inside you oh gotta be proud standing out of the cloud when the odds of the game defy you try your best to win them all and one day time will tell when you're the one that's standing there you've reached the final bell you're the best around nothing's gonna ever keep you down you're the best you down you're the best around nothing's gonna ever keep you nothing's gonna ever keep you down Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. you're the best What a good song. You know, you're the best. What can we say? And you know, on that note, I felt that it was a good song for resiliency, you know, because Karate Kid, he came from down and he fought to the end. And this is what our astronauts need to do. This is what NASA needs to do. We need to push ahead hard. And I think that I have another song, Rocky. We're going to take a Rocky. It was Rocky IV. Oh, it was when he fought the Russian. And Hearts on Fire, John Cafferty. There it is, Hearts on Fire, John Cafferty. Let's play that because you know what? That is another one of American resiliency. All right. Hearts on fire, folks. Enjoy it. Remember that. USA. Thank you. any more. Wow. Can't complain about that. Who doesn't love a little bit of Rocky? I love Rocky. Right? A little bit of Rocky. Never hurt anybody. Sly is quite the honorable guy. Honestly, I know that there's been some questions with some background people. But, you know, I found that song to be highly appropriate about American exceptionalism. and that we have a burning uh feeling in our heart that we as americans want to be the best not that we're conceited folks not that we think we're better than anybody else but you know there is nothing wrong and please if you take anything from sanadi in this show there is nothing wrong with having pride for your country there is nothing wrong with thinking your country is the best Because you know what? That's what you're supposed to do. Because just like Russia feels that they're the best, and when their soldiers step up on the front line against an American, each side has their own feeling that they're the best. And you can't knock either one for that. So you should never be embarrassed to fly the American flag. You should never be embarrassed to have love for your country. It is just a natural thing to do. Now, this doesn't mean that you can't be disappointed in the actions of some of our leaders and the actions of our government. I'm not saying that. I'm just saying love your country, love your nation. Have respect. These two astronauts are in space orbiting at 17,500 miles an hour around the Earth. not knowing if they're going to get home or not that is american might that is american honor loyalty american courage and ingenuity and ingenuity and we should respect that so right yeah I mean I'm always uh proud to I'm always proud of where I was born right And that's America. And I'm always going to be proud. Right. And it doesn't mean that you can't you can't love other countries. It doesn't mean that you can't say, hey, I love Italy. I like going to Italy. I like going here. I like going there. But, you know, at the end of the day, this is your nation and this is your home. Hopefully, if it's not, then maybe you need to reconsider your living arrangements. you know that's all it's a big world you know there's always room it's a big world so um yeah we're so we're getting close to the end here so basically just to sum it up yeah we had a good time here so um so basically to give you the the the crux of the story and to sum it up boeing starliner part of nasa's initiative to collaborate with private um companies for space missions The ultimate, you know, historically, NASA handled everything. They were, you know, they did everything. Whereas now they're using a lot of other private companies to assist in space exploration and space missions, obvious, you know, SpaceX, et cetera. They face significant challenges. Nobody can say that it has been challenges. These two astronauts right here is an example. This is just one challenge of many that we probably don't even know about. But these two astronauts are stuck there for a prolonged period of time in orbit. Now, I'm very sure that their safety will be fine, but it's got to be an unnerving experience. I mean, it's gotta be a non-nerving, scary experience that you are supposed to be in space for eight days and you're told that the ship that you're on has a leak And the engine that's going to get you home is not firing correctly. That's got to put a little fear in you. But these are professionals, right? Yes, they are. Now they have to be mentally strong because day by day, you can't think of the worst. You always have to think ahead and be prepared for the unexpected. Right. And you know why? Because, you know, they got the helium leak and the thrusters, but they have the ability. People can bring things to work on and fix it. But the great, the part that you should get out of this story, folks, is a twofold thing. It's a twofold. It's a twofold. Okay. It's a twofer. Yeah, it's a twofer. Thank you, Ms. Bianca. You're welcome. We'll give you something here. Give you a little ding for that. So it's a twofer. So number one is that they are there and they are continuing their mission. They're continuing their mission. They're not in there on the radio saying, how soon can we leave? How can we go? They're taking advantage of the opportunity. I mean, it's a wonderful opportunity to be in space. Not for everybody. Not everybody would want to do it. You know, so, you know, flying high is, you know, being up there, it's a serious thing. So it takes a lot of cojones, right? A lot of bolas, a lot of whatever you want to call it. I don't have to cojones. I don't have to bleep it out. It's a word. It takes a lot of tennis balls. Or it takes a lot of ungats. Ungats. And it takes a lot of female tennis balls, too, would be fair. You know, we're not going gender here. But it does. It takes a lot of gum and courage to stay there and not, I mean, of course there's fear. Anybody that doesn't have fear is a sociopath. When you go into any kind of war, in a combat fighting situation, into a boxing match, there is fear, but you harness that fear to get you past. That's the resilience. The second fold of their actually completing this mission and doing above and beyond, they're going above and beyond what their mission was. The second part of the twofer is this is a display for the world. of American might, resilience and American ability to adapt, overcome and conquer, not conquer in a way that we're going to take over people, but conquer a situation where the odds are stacked against you. That's the twofer. God bless America. God bless everybody in the space program. God bless these astronauts that are up there because all they have is time and they're using that time for good. And I believe you have something to piggyback with time. It's after time after time. So how does that work? What a coincidence that you're saying that. What is the time after time? We're going to go to Bianca Cam, folks. That's the song I wanted to sing. There you are on Bianca Cam. Time after time by Cyndi Lauper. And by the way, I personally met Cyndi Lauper. She is a good hearted woman. I got to say, she's very great. Very intelligent. She is. She is quite the artiste. Yes. Yeah, I'm a fan. Yeah, I'm a total fan. I mean, she's a sweet person, and she made me a super fan. So shout out to Cyndi Lauper. And keep on doing what you're doing because, you know, she's an icon to me, and I'm like, oh, I love her. All right. So here we go. So what are you going to do from her? I'm going to be singing Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper. let's see okay I'm on my bed, I hear the clock ticking Think of you, caught up in circles Confusion is nothing new, flashbacks Sometimes you'll picture me. I'm walking too far ahead. You're calling to me. I can't hear what you said in the news. If you fall, I will catch you, I'll be waiting Time after time If you're lost, you can look and you will find me Time after time If you fall, I will catch you, I will be waiting And darkness has turned to gray Watching through the windows You're wondering if I'm okay Then you see it's over now You don't think it's out You don't think it's out of time If you want, if you look, then you will find it Time after time If you fall, I will catch you. I'll be waiting. Time after time. You said. The second hand of love If you're lost, you can look and you will find me Time after time If you fall, I will catch you, I'll be waiting Time after time If you're lost, you can look and you will find me Time after time If you fall, I will catch you, I will be waiting Oh, that was just wonderful, Miss Bianca. So here we are. I wanted to just add in the final notes because we're coming on a hard close here to the show. So we don't want to, we want to make sure I don't fall into a sea hole, but that I do provide, I do take time to put notes together for the show. So I want to extend my deepest feelings and thoughts and prayers to the families of Astronaut Wilmore and Astronaut Williams, Suni Williams. I do extend my thoughts and prayers to you. You have been a dedicated servant, both of you, to NASA, and you are the epitome of what America is. You are the future of America. There are children around the nation and potentially around the world that will hear this story, look up into the sky and see a star and know that you're up there doing something for the greater good. And for that, we thank you because you do make a contribution to the United States and to humanity at large. I just gave them a thumbs up up there. A thumbs up. Who doesn't look up into the sky? I think with the rise of everybody having a video camera and with these new phones, such high definition and stuff, everybody having these devices that we are seeing a lot of space stuff and everybody is assuming everything is a UFO or a UAP. But there are thousands of satellites up there and the International Space Station can be visually seen with the naked eye. You could go on NASA's website, folks, and you could put in your location and it'll give you the date and time of exactly where to look into the sky. And you will see it. I've personally done it. You will see it moves quickly across the sky. It flies across sky. And I'm sure people at some point saw that and said, Oh, my Lord, nothing moves that fast. Well, that's right, because it's going 17,500 miles an hour because it's in orbit. I got to say, I have an app that has like all the satellites and my goodness, it's like. Everything is Starlink, Elon Musk. Yeah, from far away, it really looks like, you know, like salt and pepper around the globe. It's crazy how. And how many civilizations might actually be out there? You know, it's just amazing. So Sonati's call to action, folks, because, you know, we're coming on a hard close here as we marvel at the bravery and adaptivity and the adaptability of our astronauts. men or women, gender not included, let us consider the importance of the continued support and funding for NASA and its missions. Some people say this is a waste of tax dollars. Absolutely not. But when we are utilizing resources, valuable resources on this earth that we live, and maybe one day we may be forced to look elsewhere for life. And but for these people who are doing this, putting their life at risk, to explore that might be what saves humanity. So we need to keep that. These missions don't only push the boundaries of the capabilities of a human, but it drives technological advancements that reach far beyond space. Far beyond space, because there are so many things that we take for granted on Earth as everyday humans, John Q. Public, that were derived from space. It's fact. It's a fact. It's the end of the show. I don't want to go down the list. But there are plenty of things that came from space that we now use on Earth. I would say Google it, but we know Google's algorithms are off sync. So find yourself another search engine if possible. There are new ones coming out. um and if you do learn proper prompts when you google and I always say validate where you get your information from when you get intel on google look up the original source not the source that you found it go inside the page and look and see they should cite c-i-t-e though like in a in a research paper they should cite where it came from look inside Have your head 360, 365. 365 days a year, 360 head on a swivel. That includes when you do research. Don't believe everything you read, folks. Space exploration is at its infancy, and I personally look forward to the advancements that I will see and that the next generation will see. i think it's a beautiful thing and I want to end it on a wonderful quote from a great american president who spun the entire space program in the exploration of space we find the spirit of adventure the quest for knowledge and the promise of discovery the late john f kennedy miss bianca how do you end the show for everybody by singing the national anthem acapella you're gonna do that acapella All right, go for it. Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? Whose broad stripes and bright stars Through the perilous fight O'er the ramparts we watched Were so gallantly streaming And it's not going anywhere. Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free And the home of the brave. Wow. Use your voice, somebody hears you. Use your voice, let it be heard. Use your voice. Cincinnati hears you. Use your voice. Thank you for listening to The Hostile Zone. Because in Cincinnati's zone, I hear everything, everywhere. For everyone else, see you next Monday for more outrageous talk where we pull back the curtain and hold no punches. From me to you, have a great week. And remember, everyone, treat others kind. Treat your family kinder. And always love our country. That's right, folks. Love your country. Check us out on any social media platform, every single podcast, iTunes, iHeartRadio. We're there because you know what? Sonati heard you.

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