Spouting Off, October 16, 2018

Spouting Off with Karen Kataline
Tanya Alexis Notkoff
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Spouting Off
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Guests, Douglas Newsom and Tanya Alexis Notkoff

Spouting Off with Karen Kataline

Guests, Douglas Newsom and Tanya Alexis Notkoff

Headlined, Spouting Off, October 16, 2018

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October 16, 2018

Please join us for the Spouting Off 50th anniversary show!
Karen will begin with a monologue about the latest issues of the day and some thoughts about our show anniversary.

Then, you may remember last week when caller Tanya referred to the fact that she used to be a Democrat but she "Walked Away."  She's Tanya Alexis Notkoff and she's back this week to tell her story. Here she is in her proud #WalkAway shirt and MAGA hat!  Too bad that in the current climate of insane liberals, it actually requires courage to wear it! 

Guest, Douglas Newsom

Guest Name: 
Douglas Newsom
Douglas Newsom
Guest Occupation: 
Co-founder/CEO of BBS Network, Inc. (BBS Radio)
Guest Biography: 

Douglas Newsom is co-founder and CEO of BBS Network, Inc. (BBS Radio)

Doug is Kundalini Experiencer! A keen, bright eyed participant of thought and activity. A unique soul traveling new roads - deeper, more aware and full of Energy!

24 years experience in corporate business development from inception through till profitability and/or fully operational status. A creative, operations and entrepreneurial background; responsible for the successful creation, startup, management and development of a veritable dozen companies over the course of his career, and has raised in excess of $25 million in private equity on behalf of start-ups.

Deep experience in corporate finance; financial structures, funding strategies, methods, planning and structural implementation.

Deep experience in public relations, investor relations and the development and creation of investment materials.

Deep experience in research, organization, formulation, writing and implementation of business plans, offerings and agreements for the formulation of corporations, joint ventures, associations, partnerships and limited liability companies.

Background in sales and marketing of consumer products.

Advanced communication and problem solving skills.

Proficiency in computer hardware, software and the Internet Web development.

Specialties: Bilingual - German

Spouting Off

Spouting Off with Karen Kataline
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Karen Kataline

...because, you're better off, when you're Spouting Off!

Karen is well-informed and opinionated, but she also believes that protecting others’ rights to free speech protects our own.

Topics range from the timely to the timeless, but always includes a healthy dose of debate and discussion.

Karen has a healthy sense of humor and a nose for news. She stays on top of the topics people are talking about and often brings you stories you may not have heard. Whatever the subject, Karen usually has an opinion and she welcomes yours too!

If you can’t stand a little rabble-rousing or even some passionate disagreement, you may want to listen with caution. But if you just love mixing it up about the hottest issues of the day, tune in. You might have your mind changed or even change someone else’s!

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