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Soul Mirrors, February 16, 2021

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Soul Mirrors
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Guest, Kenneth Ballard, beings seeking more than travel, and once in a lifetime memories

Soul Mirrors with Master Lady Kira Raa

Guest, Kenneth Ballard, beings seeking more than travel, and once in a lifetime memories

Ken is a beautifully unique, Divine expression of reverence, respect, compassion, and Love. As a guide, his heart is called to bridge cultural, geographic, and spiritual for beings seeking more than travel, they desire the experiences of which once in a lifetime memories are made.

Soul Mirrors

Soul Mirrors! What is your life reflecting?

Hosted by: Master Lady Kira Raa

WAKE UP and travel beyond the illusion! What is the mirror of your life reflecting around you and what does it mean? 

Engage your day to day experience with the Unique voices of consciousness that matter!  Master Lady Kira Raa’s provocative commentary and fresh interview style provides fascinating perspectives about the “big questions”.  Relax and open your mind…even more…as your consciousness EXPANDS!  Lively, entertaining, and refreshingly authentic, the hour goes quickly! 

Extraordinary guests, from the cutting edge, add depth & dimension to the fascinating conversation.  Be sure to call in early, (lines fill fast), to share your perspective or request one of Kira Raa’s famous mini soul readings!  

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