Sex_and_Happiness, April 17, 2011

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Title: Is there really always a price for sex?
High Priestess, erotic arts instructor Bhakti Iyata joins Laurie to discuss people paying for sex whether in trade, energy or currency. An intimate look into the terms of engagement when regarding sex with another be it your significant other or a person hired to teach you erotic arts.  Eye opening to say the least.

Sex and Happiness

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Laurie Handlers

Dive into a world where amazing sex is just around the corner and happiness is available to everyone! Join Laurie Handlers as she explores sex from every angle -- rediscovering hot sex with your spouse, deepening intimacy after having children, talking to your kids about sex and to your partner about infidelity - and learning, asking, chatting about, and most of all, having great sex. You deserve to share real intimacy and to experience real happiness. That's why you absolutely must listen to Laurie every week!