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Bringing Intimacy Back, May 20, 2021

Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr April Brown and Dr Kelly

Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr. April Brown, Dr. Kelly Bushey and guest Kanya Ford "Coach Kay", Sexuality Coach

Bringing Intimacy Back, May 4, 2021

Bringing Intimacy Back with Dr April Brown and Dr Kelly

Dr. April and Dr. Kelly discuss aphrodisiacs

Guest, Coach Kay

Guest Occupation: 
Sexuality Coach

Guest, Dr Lee Phillips

Guest Occupation: 

Guest, Holly Richmond

Guest Occupation: 
Somatic Psychologist, Certified Sex Therapists, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Guest Name, Dr April Brown

Dr. April Brown - Relationship and Intimacy Expert Therapist
Dr April Brown
Relationship and Sex Therapist

I am a Licensed Mental Health Christian Counselor, Board Certified-TeleMental Health Provider, Sex Therapist, a National Certified Counselor, and a Florida Qualified Supervisor. I specialize in relationships, intimacy, sex therapy, anxiety, depression, couples retreat, pre-marital counseling, self-esteem, and emotional support animal (ESA) documentation. If you contact me, you will get a direct response from me because I believes in having a direct connection with my clients.
I view counseling as helping you with your struggles in life and increasing the intimate connections in your relationships. I will support and empower you to work through your challenges with insight and motivation. I will take the time to provide you with an empathetic and nonjudgmental atmosphere, and you will receive coping resources and skills. You will realize that you are not alone in your struggles, and you will have the inner strength to change and reach your goals. In fact, my motto is “Quality counseling services that provide insight, motivation, empowerment, results, and action in a nonjudgmental environment.”

My counseling style is a multicultural, cognitive-behavioral, family system, and a solution-focused treatment with an interactive client-centered approach. These treatments are proven effective and they will you gain insight, coping skills, relationship skills and empowerment. They are good for stress, depression, anxiety, anger management, loneliness, relationship difficulties, and many other mental health problems or job and career issues.
Since 1998, I counseled children, teens, adults, couples, and families. I have worked in community centers, public schools, universities, businesses and private practice. In addition to being a well-known relationship and anxiety specialist therapist, I have been recognized as a “Lee County Counselor of the Year” and “Black Girls Rock -Women in Health” Award for Southwest Florida. Plus, I supervise local registered mental health counseling interns. 

My Podcast/Radio Show – Bringing Intimacy Back https://bringingintimacyback.com/

In 2018, I started her own radio show and podcast called “Bringing Intimacy Back” to provide different information and resources on increasing intimacy.   In fact, increasing intimacy for all has become one of my missions in life. The mission statement of the show is to provide an atmosphere to discuss and demonstrate ways to increase closeness in one’s personal relationships with significant others, families, friends, Higher Power, and oneself.  In fact, research has shown that as we increase our intimate connection with ourselves, our Higher Power, and others, it will help decrease the conflicts, anxiety, and depression in our lives.  Thus the show give you the secret power to intimacy. Bringing Intimacy Back can be heard on BBS Radio on Thursdays at 3 pm or your favorite podcast

My Couples Retreat – Vacation Counseling -  https://www.vacationcounseling.com/
In 2020, I will also be starting Vacation Counseling, an intimate, exclusive and effective couples retreat.   At Vacation Counseling, I am deeply committed to your success as a couple and as an individual.  Thus at this couple retreat, I will only work with one couple at a time.  Therefore as a couple, you will work with me and at least 2 additional therapists – relationship therapist, personal therapist, and a sex therapist - to ensure your relationship treatment is specific and effective to your needs. For your vacation, you will be staying at one of Roelens Vacations’ luxurious villas that include amenities such as pool, hot tub, custom robes, and magnificent master bedroom suites.  You will have the opportunity to enjoy all that Southwest Florida has to offer such as boating, fishing, kayaking, shopping, golfing, and dining while you gain skills and resources in communication, empathy, and intimacy from relationship experts. As a relationship expert at Vacation Counseling, I want to make sure that you have a very personalized experience with us and that my team of therapists can meet your needs to the fullest.   To attend a Vacation Counseling retreat, you will be required to complete a comprehensive application package – which includes a written application, introduction video, and short interview. 

Finally as a relationship therapist, I believe can be a resource to you either through in-person or online therapy, providing information to you through the Bringing Intimacy Back show or online blog on my website, or by providing you and your partner an exclusive, intimate opportunity to gain skills in your relationship while you are on a Florida vacation.

Guest Name, Susan Allan

Susan Allan
Susan Allan
Certified Mediator and Coach

Susan offers a one complimentary hour-long telephone session to discuss relationship for each of your listeners and she has already offered 10,000 free sessions in 19 years!

Does your audience need help right now so that they can navigate relationships more successfully? Do they want more peace and wish that they had a marriage coach or divorce coach who whispered in their ear? Do they need to save their money and their sanity or even their life in a difficult divorce? Do they feel hopeless about finding the best new partner for a fabulous relationship or marriage?

Susan Allan is a world-renowned life coach and relationship coach offering unique tools and skills and dating advice to create and transform marriages and all relationships. Since 1975 Susan has devoted her life to developing a unique system, Heartspace®, so that she can share skills that create greater peace, love, cooperation, joy and success in every relationship and environment. If you're looking for intimacy skills to create a new relationship or relationship advice to improve your partnership or a successful mediation for a peaceful no-court divorce An expert in various Western and Eastern methodologies Susan is a certified mediator of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, she is certified in the Herrmann Brain Dominance™ thinking styles used by 90% of Fortune™ Companies and she is an expert in Nonviolent Communication®, studying with founder, Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. Susan has also made 57 trips to India including attendance at The Oneness University and Susan is a meditation teacher for Sixth Star cruises. Now she trains and supports you to navigate relationships and find the lifelong love that you desire with her skills as a world renowned dating coach; marriage and divorce coach and certified mediator.

Susan’s has 3 EBooks on amazon that offer skills and tools for loving relationships and peaceful divorce and she has 200 video trainings on her youtube page; many from her bi-monthly appearances on Santa Barbara television and numerous news shows. Susan has been a guest on more than 100 radio shows from coast-to-coast and in Canada. 

Guest Name, Christopher Ostrowski

Christopher Ostrowski
Christopher Ostrowski
Owner/Advisor at Papa Coyote's
Owner/Advisor · January 1, 2009, to present · Mohnton, Pennsylvania
I grew up in an area of Pennsylvania where there was a practice called “Pow Wow Medicine”. This is a type Root Medicine and Conjuring that is used by the Pennsylvania Dutch. It is a combination of Eastern European folk Christianity and superstition, ceremonial magic, Cabbalistic influence, Judeo-Christian folklore. And depending on what part of the Appalachian Trail you are from, shamanic practices, Native teachings and Hoodoo practices derived from the beliefs of Africans brought to the U.S. during the time of slavery. The word Pow Wow is early 17th century: from Narragansett powáw ‘magician’ (literally ‘he dreams’). The proper name is Speilwork or Braucherei. Adepts are called Braucher, Hexenmeisters, or just Hexens.


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