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A Fireside Chat, December 7, 2013


Barbara Hand Clow returns to share her vast multi-dimensional perspective on historic events as they play out through astrological aligments, kundalini awakening and the future we're creating.  We speak about the Mayan Calendar, "brain orgasms", the fall of the Catholic Church and dynastic rule.  Barbara has a new work of fiction "coming out" with revelations galore - The Ruby Crystal.  Stay t

Guest, James Sevan Bomar

Guest Occupation: 
Radio Personality - Internet T.V. Show Host - Author - Motivational Speaker

THE HEALERS SECRET, November 23, 2012


Joe Mullaly, an Irish Shaman, will be my guest this week. He is a traditional healer, diviner, psychic reader and teacher. He lives and works from the ANAM Center just outside of Dublin City, Ireland where he teaches workshops in dowsing and divining, Tantra Yoga, Angel Healing Therapy, Celtic Shamanism, making and using flower essences, land healing, and energy networks of Sacred Sites.

Guest, Joe Mullaly

Guest Occupation: 
Diviner, Psychic Reader, Teacher, Healer, Meditator

Guest, Goddess Charmaine

Guest Occupation: 
Reiki Master, Hynotherapist, Aromatherapist, Tantric Energy Specialist, Sex Educator, Counselor, Personal Empowerment Facilitator, Author

Guest, Corynna Clarke

Guest Occupation: 
Doctor of Spiritual Counseling, Holistic Health Practitioner, Tantra Educator, Therapist, Intimacy and Relationship Expert, Sex Researcher, Spokesperson, Teacher, Writer

Guest, Mahasatvaa Sarita

Guest Occupation: 
Tantra Master, Healer, Author, Consultant, Teacher, Speaker

Guest, Richard Diaz

Guest Occupation: 
Teacher of Tantric Sex, Founder of Sexy Spirits, Ballroom Dancer, Taoist Teacher, Lecturer, Speaker


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