Sex_and_Happiness, April 10, 2011

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Title: Burlesque Featuring All Ages All Sizes All Varieties of Woman!

Ms. Lucy Morals joins Laurie and explains how she started her cabaret theatre and how it honors the spirit of women feeling sensual and sexy in their bodies. Conversation develops into how women can make seduction slow and steamy like they did in days of old.

Sex and Happiness

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Laurie Handlers

Dive into a world where amazing sex is just around the corner and happiness is available to everyone! Join Laurie Handlers as she explores sex from every angle -- rediscovering hot sex with your spouse, deepening intimacy after having children, talking to your kids about sex and to your partner about infidelity - and learning, asking, chatting about, and most of all, having great sex. You deserve to share real intimacy and to experience real happiness. That's why you absolutely must listen to Laurie every week!