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Science Sound and Spirituality, March 9, 2016

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Science Sound and Spirituality
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Incorporating Vibrational Sound Tools with Massage - with David Hulse, Developer, - Guest Pat Krause

Science Sound and Spirituality with David Hulse and Tim Leach of SomaEnergetics welcomes Patricia H Krause, LMT

Guest, Patricia H Krause LMT

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Patricia H Krause LMT
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Certified SomaEnergetics Teacher, Massage Therapist, Business Owner
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This is my story, my spiritual journey and why I am here to serve. I spent over 30 years in the Technology field as a Software Engineer and IT Professional. I have been thinking that there must be more to enjoying life than sitting behind a desk and computer all day long. Personal happiness, joy and stress free living is my goal.

I have been studying Science of the Mind for over 25 years and continue to read and study many metaphysical and self-help books in an attempt to figure out who and what I truly am. I always try to keep an open mind about every topic of conversation and always treat people the way that I want to be treated, with love, respect, kindness and caring. I found that if I follow my intuition (that little feeling or voice inside) it is always right and if I didn't there is always a consequence, whether it be good or bad. 

Coming from a scientific background I have always been analytical and have to know the details of how everything works. I have learned about the various religions, psychic abilities, scientific theories, art and music and realize that none of these things are separate. I have learned about belief systems and how every individual has one. I learned that there is a common element to everything in my world and it is ENERGY! It is everywhere and in everything! At times it is difficult to understand and wrap my mind around the concept.

I believe that we are energy beings or spirit and we create our own worlds by our belief systems. When I think with focus and intent, I manifest that experience, whether it be positive or negative. I am learning to be aware of what I'm thinking so that I don't create negative experiences. I have created UEM to provide YOU with healing modalities such as massage, reiki, sound, vibration and gemstone therapies to assist you in stress relief by using these methods to calm your nervous system, relax your tense muscles and cleanse and re-align your energy fields in an attempt to return your physical body to optimal performance.

Won't you join me in relaxing, renewing and enjoying our physical existence here on Mother Earth?

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Science Sound and Spirituality

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As a student of “A Course In Miracles” in the late 80’s, I was faced with a dichotomy in the idea that we are not a body.  I never understood this statement fully until I began to study Quantum Physics which tells us that everything is energy and matter is not as solid as we perceive it to be.  I believe what is stated is that at the deepest level we are not separate, as a body, as a spirit, as a soul — we are just energy-beings. 

I developed and founded SomaEnergetics at the turn of the century.  I put much thought into this name, combining the Greek Word soma, meaning ‘body’ with energetics, to reflect the ‘wholistic’ idea of the body as a vibrant energy field.  I firmly believe that these sacred tones actually serve as a “vibrational bridge” to wholistic reintegration of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the individual.  With interest growing, SomaEnergetics workshops were developed to teach and empower people to discover and use these long lost frequencies to enhance their lives on all levels.

Currently, SomaEnergetics conducts training classes throughout the country and is the exclusive source for the color-coded tuning forks. As of 2015, over 2000 practitioners – worldwide – have completed SomaEnergetics workshops and the number continues to grow!

Quotes from my book, Our Journey Continues... A Fork In The Road

I do believe this is the beginning of a new way in which we can bypass the resistance of the human ego and its powerful belief systems. I see natural healing therapies moving in the direction of using frequencies therapeutically as we head further into the 21st century.  This view is corroborated, in the book Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, M.D.

“Vibrational healing methods represent new ways of dealing with illness. Practitioners of subtle-energy medicine attempt to correct dysfunction in the human organism by manipulating invisible yet integral levels of human structure and function.  Healing at the level of human subtle energy anatomy is predicated upon the new physics understanding that all matter is, in fact, a manifestation of energy. As science and technology evolve to make that which was formerly unseen visible, more scientists and physicians will be forced to change their viewpoint about the extended nature of human beings…”

I invite you to be a partner with me as we take this adventure together…

David Hulse

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