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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 10 May 2021

Science Sound and Spirituality with David Hulse

Show Host:

As a student of “A Course In Miracles” in the late 80’s, I was faced with a dichotomy in the idea that we are not a body.  I never understood this statement fully until I began to study Quantum Physics which tells us that everything is energy and matter is not as solid as we perceive it to be.  I believe what is stated is that at the deepest level we are not separate, as a body, as a spirit, as a soul — we are just energy-beings. 

I developed and founded SomaEnergetics at the turn of the century.  I put much thought into this name, combining the Greek Word soma, meaning ‘body’ with energetics, to reflect the ‘wholistic’ idea of the body as a vibrant energy field.  I firmly believe that these sacred tones actually serve as a “vibrational bridge” to wholistic reintegration of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the individual.  With interest growing, SomaEnergetics workshops were developed to teach and empower people to discover and use these long lost frequencies to enhance their lives on all levels.

Currently, SomaEnergetics conducts training classes throughout the country and is the exclusive source for the color-coded tuning forks. As of 2015, over 2000 practitioners – worldwide – have completed SomaEnergetics workshops and the number continues to grow!

Quotes from my book, Our Journey Continues... A Fork In The Road

I do believe this is the beginning of a new way in which we can bypass the resistance of the human ego and its powerful belief systems. I see natural healing therapies moving in the direction of using frequencies therapeutically as we head further into the 21st century.  This view is corroborated, in the book Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, M.D.

“Vibrational healing methods represent new ways of dealing with illness. Practitioners of subtle-energy medicine attempt to correct dysfunction in the human organism by manipulating invisible yet integral levels of human structure and function.  Healing at the level of human subtle energy anatomy is predicated upon the new physics understanding that all matter is, in fact, a manifestation of energy. As science and technology evolve to make that which was formerly unseen visible, more scientists and physicians will be forced to change their viewpoint about the extended nature of human beings…”

I invite you to be a partner with me as we take this adventure together…

David Hulse

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David Hulse C.M.S.T.T.
SomaEnergetics Developer, Certified Master Sound Therapy Teacher, Minister of Education at Unity of Charlotte and Talk Show Host

David Hulse, D.D. - Sound Therapy Pioneer

With over 40 years experience as an acclaimed Minister, Teacher, Author and Healer, David is renowned in the world of New Thought as a "Cultural Creative." Barbara Marx Hubbard writes, "David Hulse is bringing good news to the world...his charismatic style, loving nature and open mind make him a leading spiritual guide for our time."

David's earlier years...

Throughout his years of spiritual searching, David has challenged many traditional doctrines, theologies and dogmas. He has inspired numerous individuals toward a journey of self-discovery by sharing his own journey.

After receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit at the age of 16, David was challenged to look again at many of the beliefs taught to him during his fundamental literalist upbringing. David was shown by the Holy Spirit that God’s pure word was locked up in (inside) the parables for a generation to come who would not walk as their forefathers [Psalms 78], but who would speak these mysteries plainly of the Father. [John 16:25] Confronting the challenge of his childhood beliefs, David wrestled with the emptiness and loss, leaving him angry and anxious about his future ministry.

After searching for answers in the traditional realms, David was given some information about a new scientific discovery which revealed that what was once perceived as empty space in the human cell is actually a unified field of potential intelligence. This information resulted in an experience in what David now refers to as a "cellular awakening": That the mind of Christ is everywhere and is not held in the confinements of the physical brain.

As David has traveled through various ideas about God, he now sees himself as a bridge between the old and the new. Each has a contribution to make to the enrichment of the other.

Today David is dedicated to assisting the body of Christ to grow up in every way and into all things… to full maturity, building itself up in love. [Ephesians 4:15-16] His stirring presentations of intuitive wisdom will inspire and challenge you to move from believing in God to the experiential realm of knowing God and your co-creative role toward manifestation of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

David holds a Doctorate of Divinity Degree from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, certification in Pastoral Psychology, and is the author of "Take Another Look: A Scriptural Review of Traditional Christian Doctrines"; "Relationships: Starmates, Soulmates and Twin Flames"; and "Coming From the Heart". 

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