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Saving with Steve, December 6, 2022

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Saving with Steve
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Guest, Chris Klesh, Luxury Travel for Pennies on the Dollar

Saving With Steve with Steve Sexton

Guest, Chris Klesh, Luxury Travel for Pennies on the Dollar

Saving with Steve

Saving with Steve with Steve Sexton
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Steve Sexton

The Save With Steve Show, hosted by Steve Sexton will help you with ins and outs of money. We talk about financial issues that that could be costing you thousands of dollars and keeping you up at night.

We talk about “money”… tax reduction, saving more, how to spending less and get more, 401k’s, risk management, retirement, and everything under the sun that relates to you having a healthier happier relationship with money.

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are you happy lately thinking about<br> I believe it could be something good has begun<br> Adam Mackay Australian author and filmmaker known as Angel a releasing his second book holy parent this month only parent is in the latest novel catered to the emerging Millennium that offers new mythology in pioneering solution to combat suffering is this a tale that presents the emerging with all the sheet for the emerging Age of Aquarius the story of sif's to bridge the gap between scientific method and spirituality it also seeks to create delicious things are coming together religions under a common fate it is for people who are scientific who are curious about matters and behaviors of faith and for people of Faith who are curious about potential ways of moving forward on their spiritual path visit Angel Lee. Calm to learn more<br> welcome to Sasa talks like he's such a loving spending time with you today to be a writer and filmmaker what Journey brought you to release the second book from a pretty much Focus originally on Music Theater and then I moved to film and then why I had the last Nobel all the first novel I wrote I wrote as a script and then I took it to a lot of the film festivals in the script was excellent and now it's saying you really need to sort of now create an audience for this project and the type of bicycle a sign or something like a Noble at turns out that 70% of films have either a noble a comic or some pre-existing full match in 02<br> I didn't see the film has been generated from Soto okay will my T-Mobile and so much would say let's see about turning this into a novel and so I did which was a mess of Journey in itself and it was a big fight through to see what my writing could hold out for Noble so I didn't know and then that one particularly well at was very successful at 1:14 awards I think first and then so there was a case of once I'd recovered from that it was like well I've got the next project. It is a script and then it exists is ascriptin Off the Wall puppy do the same thing I tell which will expand the story and expand my understanding of the nuances of the story I could you can have so much more to another and now that Noble is done and it's just about to be released so yeah<br> your breakfast is in the second book between the scientific method and spirituality nonfiction and fiction or nonfiction only what's a fiction with a purpose so it's a book that if you've read a book that I say something like The Alchemist you know it is a fiction but then you look back and say what was the purpose of that narrative and as some of the reviews that have come in I have led to that conclusion decide something to pass people should read in a book club so that would read the book and then discuss it in the whole club of that what the values of the book called the elements are in the book of of human nature and personal discovery on and then it's up to the individual what I wanted to I come from that I think I like the process of a of a noble I think or the narrative which will allow the the rated to type their own version of their own interpretation from up or is it nonfiction sometimes it's it's a little too instructional for me<br> and so I think it's more gracious to say well he was just a story take from a will part where the story takes place in Columbia Birch and how did he come up with the idea that this is going to be playing the pivotal role to prove your thing it's very much an analogy to what happens in the the biblical narratives so there is even though it's not documented to my understanding in the Bible of how old Mary was in the Bible is a belief that she might have been around 16th and and so I was working on that premise that there's so many parallels in this story I know how these<br> elements May coincide with the spiritual element of what is it in the Bible where looking to say what I said that's what I was doing some people who are 10 verse in the Bible will see a lot of elements which could correspond with Biblical stories<br> the touch up on the theme of miracles in the past I've had a couple of cases way I had strong emanations of events and it's not that I could see exactly what I had a very strong feeling that something very very important was going to happen and I was going to have a very strong emotional response to it and that kind of money that is so perplexing at the time until you actually have the advantage with all my God that is so literally what I was having his feeling about but in the event happens and I had it I have the feeling beforehand and I don't know whether you'd call that a miracle I would just say that it made me really wonder about the nitrous Lifetime and spirituality who we are and when is consciousness begin when does Consciousness and some people<br> Consciousness is just within moments like that made me very much question what is the nature of reality particularly beyond what we could hold in the birthday of our special teams that are touched upon how were you introduced to spirituality in your life and I found my personal style of spirituality was having this exclusive ownership of divinity or over God answer that just kind of didn't make sense to me and I was growing up in an area where there are other fights in the area and so are these were just kids on my Straight as in the world is playing together<br> I thought they must be something bigger than each of these little groups saying we are really for me that I was looking for that I guess you could call syncretism which is the the the thing that you know it's all very keen to discuss what divides people but what you not us and in this store particularly Holly power I think I'm really seeking to answer that and I love that<br> my parent's name is Gabriel and Gabriel plays a pivotal part in religious history as one of the angels and this is what God Gabriel is in the story and Gabriel is apparent in the story The locals call Gabriel a spirit or an angel because Maria sits in front of his parents and rocks back and forth Each Day signs that I will be a good tight ends for the parrot parrots excitement and in doing so the people took that statement is being a blessing and it just became this notion from the village before she started talking about what the prophecy was that the village was already referring to the parrot as being an angel and Annette's really part of the the setup of the story.<br> the book also touches upon the coming of the price of a 2000 years and attended me 2000 years so where did the saying some is his historical information doesn't always match exactly what's in the Bible and so they were Christ like figures before Christ and possibly some Egyptian stories for the early stories and I was reading when in my enthusiasm to read about spirituality and sing about mythology of stars is that as another element I started to read about historical factors outside of Christian faith and Joseph Campbell hopefully was one of the line Roshes that I would refer anyone today if you think<br> sit in this topic cuz I would definitely not Scion I'm not a historian by any man's so I was just interested in the stories of of the other cross like in the story was a living going resurrecting God man this is quite a few versions of that story in and you could possibly use if someone's listening is interested in that I could look that up and and Joseph Campbell would possibly a good source of those stories high if if they're interested<br> the privilege of traveling to different parts of the world and the story is based in the village of buritaca have you listed at the actual Village happened was that I I I wrote the the treatment I guess you would call it for the story in Australia and it was based on the fact that I had been to South America Colombia and and that was fading pirates on my balcony and could I Colombian friend who was visiting without a Colombian friends and moved his talkin about religion in the area and I get Superstition as well was a big part of our conversation and it just really doing to me that that I had this idea of a bringing the store in my can't Colombian because they the demographics seemed perfect for what just popped into my head is banging idea and so then I put it together then I realized yes I'm going to go to Columbia to finish the story and we all thought about it was that I actually had<br> strangely a few injuries I physically just cuz I'm caught sporting that plaid majoring the rising of this and one of them was that I was doing swimming Rice's out here in Victoria and the gun went off for one of the races and I rent a pass and you in in those big snapping my leg and I'll see if I don't know what that was but I was at the top of the Saint Jude by then and so then I just sort of stumbled down the same June and if it will be heard on just do the rice and I I did the rice and I came out the other end and I couldn't walk and so I had to help himself sand across the finish line and I didn't work for 2 weeks and I had a 14 cm in my car and from that I was meant to be in Columbia five lights light up and not turn on my God now I can't go to Columbia so actually change my plans I was actually originally going to rise The Villages being a very remote Village in the Pacific side of Columbia cold and I was thinking to myself<br> remote to me to turn out with such a bad. I should probably be coming anyway but it's been such a bad injury so they'll find this town and and so I turned out I was in a mood and I was just trying to get myself around I would difficulty and then I Surplus near Fort Akhenaten portica at either Tyrone a national park and then when I found this is perfect and so I pretty much just about the store in mind it's a little bit disoriented because of time and so if you seeking to be creative<br> Delirious a little wild and the guy with the discomfort with Maria is he someone who is special and has fake or is it just a student with a lot of curiosity but no higher police created the opposite between the two and so the people in bertica were very keen to embrace a spiritual story where a t z meant to be the person is meant to say or not this couldn't possibly be true and so he actually represents to some degree the as being with an eraser of the story he's trying to look<br> where is this all going to fall I'm going to find that there's a scientific explanation for everything he had a very old be a scientific explanation and he struggles to find it because things start happening which it can explain and I think a big part of the story is actually Leo's development than a right to that he grew up as we found out in a very scientific environment and he's under a lot of pressure to really be successful with in that environment and he'd never really contemplated his spirituality before that and the experience for him for his hand to find out how big of The Human Experience he's beyond what can be measured in science and particularly when he starts hearing Maria talk as she's meant to be channeling the spirit of Gabriel she brings a lot of loss of life in in why did he never contemplated<br> and so into the experience and I'm wanting to help Maria and wanting inadvertently to protect or he has to answer these questions within himself so it is really is largely about his Spiritual Development in and have difficult that often use for a scientific critical mind to be able to expand into Realms which cannot be measured so easily with the reductionist methodology which is his world so I think yeah he came for my an environment which walls and spiritually never contemplated it and he was just thrust into it and ride in the deep end and we see how difficult it is for some people to to break out of a paragon or a logic that they've been trained with his ABCs reality this is truth and then all the sudden that reality net truth is just throwing out the window and and he has to find a way through and I believe he does<br> Maria discovers that she's pregnant and knowing that she's situated in a village<br> regardless of the cultures in the world typically in a village like environment there are you can say it somewhat traditional belief systems that when she discusses this to our father does not respond well to how she got pregnant so I think that's a very important moments in the story way I guess that's what we would call and storytelling the inciting incident is when Maria has to announce to everyone really that she is pregnant and and it's not a traditional pregnancy that she honestly believes that it's a virgin birth and she honestly believes that her Gabriel told her what was going to happen and it and then it manifested he's really set up so that he's first 40 lb sleep I believe that she's walking around with someone in the village but then the circumstances occurred<br> he immediately find out that there's a potential for a financial gain by all this story that everyone is wanting to bring gifts and and pay homage in some respects and Maria and the hare unborn child and he looks it is a business potential and sorry he's taking us to chastise his daughter is quickly turned around as he's as Maria's mother tries to defend her she he says okay I'm up and make something of this and he does and that's another element in a very personal gain contacts in and tell you to send that wrong because through vulnerability and going through all of these unexplained changes there's a bit of suffering in order for her to also grow as a woman and a human being<br> he's probably one of the key topics of the things of the story I guess we find that out towards the end I couldn't probably discuss it and I think oddly in The Human Experience there is a degree of suffering that seems to occur commonly for people to then transmitted in the limiting beliefs to become something greater than they once were but I think The Border's often refer to the ID or all of the locusts have to grow from the mud and and so I think this has really old main characters in the story that we find out where they have been suffering and what is suffering with and how they deal with it and all three of them have very distinctive like different wise<br> deal with Dan Pastore's and and how they need to move forward and grow and develop so I think in the storytelling a look back as well at the film I made in France, so the lounge and Wilson Mariposa at the book before only part I say that this theme of suffering and transcending suffering is clearly important to me and I believed to be part of the pathway that we need to know necessarily be so frightened of it and and look at the lessons in some of these Journeys that we all experience<br> how do you get to transcend self-limiting beliefs what is one stop limiting belief that you had once upon a time that you were able to transcend kind of look back and NSYNC. I believe because once you're into a certain frame of mind you wonder what will you bet I think possible that we have I think we built a house of cards someone in a mind and we structure our thoughts and beliefs of that what reality is with this house of cards and we seem quite so that we know what is real and what is it and how things are going to turn out where I'm going to go and what I'm going to do and sometimes in these inside the incidents lakhs written in a store is the House of Cards collapsed and all of a sudden you realize that everything you built up to be true or real or correct is just something to build up in your mind and that reality is far more fluid and we have to be<br> gracious and accepting of a of a greater reality that is not held within a mind and so that is so I realized everything we thought we were on top of we would on top of you just took a while okay now I have to start again Rico much rate create my mind with a new understanding that is probably the things are Noah and the things are. Not at this time I just that I don't know that I don't know that I have to learn about and I think it opens you up to a far more inquisitive mindset when you realize is so much you don't know I'm done very humbly King on holy element<br> are we able to access happen and how is having tied into the Journey of the three characters so this one of the topics in the in the concept of literalism and literalism is a a more modern Concept in in a religion as far as throwing spirituality where people get to believe that heaven is a place and it's possible that heaven is more of a state of mind and so the book has challenges some of the literalism that we now have in religion and to look at it from a different perspective to say what we meant figuratively what was it the meaning of something or the reason of something not so much the the little demographic of something so referencing Heaven it may be something that people can explorers I want her and then again I don't want to challenge anyone else<br> Elsa's Feist it's more to say well even maybe a state of mind and then what do we need to do to access that and I asked that very question the The Narrative actually covers that topic and Maria brings it up so when she's channeling a garble she actually answers that question and I feel if I answered that he and now I'm maybe you might be spoiling the book so yeah so I feel that it is addressed in in the book and and Leo being a scientist is confronted by and he keeps his interpretation all the information and of course I'm very interested in absolutely welcome to see it how they choose and to take from it what they choose but no idea was to say that he's literally is an appropriate and should we be looking at spirituality more figuratively in the<br> stories of spirituality and has a question and it's up to the individual have I choose to answer that<br> so Robin is a mythologist from Louisiana and he really comes in as a character took to give us somewhat it's a dangerous character to create someone who provides Exposition and the idea of exposition is someone who feels in all the gaps that someone may be missing when they were reading a story and it's like you know if you think some of the place where people looking down I am aquascope and one person explains the other person next to the Marcus got what they looking for under the microscope in that takes position and the two people in front of the microscope would already know what they're looking for but they they say it for the audience that he wouldn't consider cash out so Robin in understanding mythology and understanding Romanian mythology is the person who someone brings together the Synergy or the secret is mmm all the the commonality of a fight which is emerging around<br> Maria and so he's often point to get out to Leo who the different demographics I walked a fight and how they're happy to embrace Maria and her story from a from a completely different perspective to the other work and and so he's role is to really bring us all together and and he has a mission to that to do that and he explains why he has a mission to do that based on his back story on pattu suffering as we mentioned earlier and we get to see whether he succeeds or not and and Leo and understanding his mission mission is again confronted because he is wondering whether he is then part of that or a is he a barrier to that and what should he do if Robin is trying to bring people together what what is his role so it's very important in a relationship and how they relate to each other what they learn from each other<br> the transition to the age of Aquarius this is one of the elements said I was reading about sand and getting my head around all of the I guess the Jesus age is meant to b-be the piscean age and that's why he was referred to as a a fisher of men and there's a lot of days if you look to the comparative mythology stable explain it's a lot better than I thought I could hear for you but the idea of the street has a transition is the astrological Transitions and so we've coming out of these two thousand eyes of the piscean age coming to the Aquarian age and the people who who follow these different elements and different energies that are associated with these ages I think the eyes before the parsonage was the Taurus age I might be wrong but I think it was and we had a goddess age before the car about your backside the patriarchal age one of the things are ready.<br> a commonly suggests that the new ID query and I age is far more the union of the masculine in the feminine so we went from the the goddess Fry's now to the god fight and now we're going to move into this new phase which will bring both to get a towel besides we don't know but that's a sort of speculation of what the Aquarian age will be<br> listen to our conversation how would you catch the book holy parent to them for scientific method applied science myself so I get to understand that you're the scientific mind is Too Tall that you can rationalize if you need down introduction us involved that way if you get it works but the problem with that model is it doesn't see how things are Beyond just playing a pardon to the smallest pots it we look at it from the point of view as one of the concept of the reality of existence is that drivers test at the end of existence I love lost lost love is very difficult to measure scientifically ignored in the scientific realm it's difficult to qualify it's difficult to quantify and so if you wanted to run into a song<br> if experiment that really deals with the topic of love you would struggle because it's very difficult to set the foundation of where 15 or not so if you look at some elements of elephants I will it's just a bunch of whole mines oxytocin and drive home together and exciting us and that's all it is but that isn't prudent that's just a theory so if we were to say that Consciousness was the beginning and then lost followed Consciousness the scientific model is the Life Begin and then and then consciousness of all that is so you could possibly have a conversation with a scientific person to side where did Consciousness begin no end by now already. I can answer it but it might get some thinking about where is conscious and when did Consciousness begin because the spiritual version of advances to play<br> play the opposite to the song TV version of events they often talk about Consciousness and then the imagining of reality and then from that imagining of reality than life emerges and as I said the scientific model says none of that is true proteins carbohydrates and fats against the wall often enough eventually they'll all join together and crawl away and it's up to the individual which one they choose to believe because we don't have a lot of evidence evidence of ADA<br> time to do in Boston to search it in writing the story brought a story so I'm definitely going to be a prolific writer ticket from novels because I think I remember you say research it's not like you're sitting down with a specific and I'm looking for this off and it's just stuff comes across your title and you've already got an idea in your head and it just reinforces what you were already looking for it I find that an aspect of a fascinating as soon as you start to focus on something then elements appear in front of you that sort of answer the questions that you'll do you put up inside your own mind that you do I sync up here because I'll be thinking about that and he has never appeared to me before and that's part of the spiritual part to me off on fascinating<br> have to be very aware of what you focus on because it will very much be create and harness your reality so I had to pay the idea of the story and then the research was it because I've had such an interest in comparative mythology and spirituality and how it does somewhat conflicted in society in conflict with science the story just was oh my see the part that was obvious and and and the rest of it gets was was already searched but not specifically you know when creating<br> characters that he did not mention is<br> on the town. You really enjoyed developing he had played a critical role to support the main story of the three characters so there is possibly one of them is the mother of his young boy Pablo in the store who disappears and a Maria is accused of killing him and she plays a pivotal role as an antagonist and I think what are the important things in any stories to have a believable and taking us to who believe in themselves and so her role is really to make a difficult for Maria and she does and but then she has her own narrative Arc as well of of what she needs to learn and grow from in the story so I gave her a complete narrative Arc as well but it really her role was to show that when people do have their own I guess limiting beliefs and Anna<br> find Fierce this woman was very driven by SIA what that does with people and she's very threatening in the in the story and Annette possibly motivates Leah was well cuz they were very aware of the power of this woman of what she could do potentially do to Maria and her child to the extent that they discuss it and and they're very easily a moment where it becomes quite dangerous and so I think she's quite comfortable that you do need a strong and taking us for any growth so when people are eating their own laws and sign all these difficulties are they necessary because they are the difficulties that I put there is somewhat the the barriers that you need to learn how to hurdle and get over or get around and so don't begrudge them find out what it is and and and literally bar from it<br> Riders<br> you have discovered in your profession that could help other people would definitely help for people to understand the nature of a narrative Arc so when you're writing a story it's very e s s a lot of people say I have a story There are rules and I like to follow one at to x-ray narrative with an inciting incident and a number one or number of moments in the story which you would call a Dyess ex machina and the diocese mackinder is Latin for God of the machine and so what happens in that moment when you believe All Is Lost something happens that external to Iran understanding that propels the story forward in a in a New Direction and the inside he is and it is usually at the start of the story where you think life is going along and then something happens that while you can<br> do you have to change then and back to is what the changes in the end the struggle of that so I think learning the craft I should side of of Storytelling that's a cape point it's probably side is persistence whenever you have anything to do you really like it I story telling you you're the person who has to turn up every day and do it and it's not easy not would you not going to be celebrated early or no one's going to roll out the red carpet for you early it's something that you just need to work and work and work and it's and it's sometimes it isn't pleasure of all right by me when I was hopping around in my moon booting in Columbia must have been in the lower case is heard sometimes doesn't ease with time but if something was so important to me so I think the whole point is is assistance and if you really want to believe in yourself<br> well it's really from a point of view of donkeys out and and me to do that and you didn't also studied at the Nitro storytelling The Art of Storytelling then that be the two elements said I would recommend do you have a riding rich. I would find it a lot of the times I I probably want to make sure that I'm in a spice way I can be very relaxed or sometimes I have to exercise is good because I can't I am I to believe that sometimes you got to get past your mind you're so damned logical mind you to get into that creative space so I can find that are paddle and I swam and do things like that will put me in a spice where are I feel a lot right now I'm in that moment where I can really open up a little bit more and so it's almost like what Gabriel was doing in the story why you should have open up and see what comes in you do feel to some degree that you're channeling something greater than yourself I think I'm at the point where I would say<br> did I do think the Consciousness is greater than something within a mind I know that Nikola Tesla said that he knew that they could prove that they just didn't know where the signal was coming from and once I read that it's really cool so where is that Consciousness and where do we get our ideas from so I I sometimes somewhat kind up with the idea that the mind is a bit like a a modem for a computer where it's actually me to filter information and so sometimes we need to sort of hoping that out a little bit of that filter and see what's an update I said that's my rich girl on and I've been recommended by a friend to do is light a candle when washing I think that's a beautiful thing to do as well you have that little moment of reflection and you just wondering where where am I what am I writing just staring and gazing at a candle is is a beautiful moment of present unconsciousness because I think it says I'm just been traveling grace at like staring at a fly and it just<br> I just saw a present and I think so a candle is possibly one of those things I find is a beautiful moment of a ritual to you have received achieved at the sporting a horse out there on a global platform do you have a mentor or writer shelter I what happened as far as it was going to say from the actual writing side of it in my a high school that was your 11:00 so I just decided I can speak let you know I'm so lost from 17 they had a competition for writing it just to do a short story and it's okay well I'll go in then I've been very much being pushed into science and I was doing all the songs I was doing a Music Theater back then. So I thought into this competition and I want to answer<br> you have a moment like that and then when I was working on the scripts and and writing the scripts for the films I've never really thought of take me to show that to being a novelist until enough people said why don't you do this you know you rot well you can do this and and I didn't have that fighting myself I guess I'll give it a go and and then from then I love my style as I realized then I did a lot of reading open at about the algebra of what elements should be involved and then I think the the books are probably my mentors and then from then I have more really I would argue to say I have spiritual guards of people in my life who I bounce ideas from an unwitnessed who can insert of allow me to sort of develop concepts of how I want to communicate through the narratives and so so yourself to it for the for the Nobles<br> and then the spiritual side I got some wonderful people in my life who really taught me well said that my favorite part of riding is the first Pop Evil if I was to say that these three stages in The Wire Rod is the first to a treatment then you do a script and then I'll do the novel by the treatment is there is a fun part because that's where you just really put down you know where it starts where it goes where it is and some of the nuances of all the night through the feeling in the stains of of of of what the story is going to be a I really enjoy that and I can write that very quickly and I'm sitting on treatments that I'll I'll work my way through this reasonably because it's a fast style of writing they just cut to the Chase and where you are what the people say<br> happens and you can move and then of course the part that I find most difficult to Easley the part where you wrap it all up into a very precisely worded narrative which is what the Napoles because it's that Precision of making sure you have all the elements in all the narrative box being properly represented as so many ingredients to the north are sometimes get a little lost in making sure I'm keeping them all working and keeping them all on track and and that's mind-boggling sometimes but I sometimes lose sleep at all yes I'm going to finish that often do I set up and yes I was going to make sure that works and and that's hard work that's that's that's definitely a very difficult person typing it takes me a long time to finally<br> are there any activities related to the Holy Spirit or your filmmaking that audiences should keep an eye out for things are coming up directly cuz I'm working the next project they're working on is a graphic novel which is a story about working for a long time we're just putting the illustrations to get at school. Bring me to wash and that's about a ghost someone who goes to 6 to return to life and so it's a metaphor off again all of us being lost in the in the darkness and the fania white back to low and tell me the scripts off of both Mariposa and Holly parents are always in development and so I really can't say anything about those because until something signed and fully official I really want is closed so I have to decide know what's this by Sandra months things are moving forward.<br> definitively I'll definitely say something last question from all of the characters that you have created in your career so far you have to play a character what character that you created and York well I'd probably move towards the easiest to the character because it's going to be the person that you could possibly four try most realistic place in in Holley parent Leo is really someone of a parallel to my own Spiritual Development so I can probably side playing him I would be easy because you can I can really rely too many times to his confusion and where he has to push himself through different ideas and so he's his personality and otherwise that yes I could pull it off and<br> so they receive the website Angels late so it's Angels the best place to look at I'm so sorry that I'm terrible social media I'm going to try and prove that there is also a Facebook page for Angels Lake that's it just Ares at all just need to really I think I have been focusing on the writing itself and so then to broaden the possibility of Ben Pena to interact with audiences focus on that now that the story's finished I've just completed I called the Big Lots in Australia where you drive around Australia and I did some where to buy a travel log that I put together and I'll be a sharing that with the audiences through the Facebook pages of angels light and and just anywhere else I would share that Napoleon has life is where I would share that and so people are interested in looking at the journey that we had to share that<br> experience that went once I start uploading which I'll be doing very soon so yeah that's the latest news please thank you so much Sasha thank you for you talk<br>okay<br>

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