Resurrection & Ascension, March 31, 2018

Cosmic LOVE with Christopher Rudy
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Resurrection & Ascension
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with Dr Christopher Rudy

Cosmic LOVE with Dr Christopher Rudy

Headlined, Cosmic LOVE, March 31, 2018

Easter 2018
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March 31, 2018

Cosmic LOVE Show for Easter

Resurrection is the flame. Ascension is the game.
Cosmic LOVE is the meme and it's all the same
wising up and rising up in the 'I Am' name.

In the 2-D matrix, everyone once believed the Earth was flat.
We now call that the Dark Age: old "BS" (Belief System).
3-D enlightenment gave us a round-global world view.
A new 4-D Net reality with the Internet has virtually
eliminated time and space.  And a global village
with 5-D capabilities is now emerging for the
 Family of Mankind as a sovereign whole.

The 2nd Coming of Christ-like Conscience
- at the 'heart' of global social networks -
is a natural 'side-effect' of 5D up-rising in
'The Field'.

The old 3D matrix is based on fear.
 The new 5D matrix is LOVE based.
4D is the real time mediator from
 moment to moment that creates
 momentum via LOVE-in-action.

It's all in divine order. The 'illusion' is the problem:)
It's the ego that sustains the illusion of separation,
 the soul that knows better, and our pure intention
  that focuses attention with love retention for our
   collective ascension in a co-Creation dimension
   of divine LOVE-G.O.D.-Source comprehension.

A 5D model of cosmic-universal law
language in pure geometry form
and heart coherent frequency.

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Cosmic LOVE

Cosmic LOVE with Christopher Rudy
Dr. Christopher Rudy
'Dr. Christopher' pioneered quantum medicine in 1991 and is publisher of the Heartcom Network, culturing Net reality in our global village with quantum science as it relates to the Golden Rule-Law Language of LOVE in "form" (spiritual geometry) and "frequency" (heart coherence).
As the producer and host of Cosmic LOVE since 2007, Christopher has interviewed numerous guests ranging from Lynne McTaggart and Dan Winter to Foster Gamble of the Thrive Movement. Recent years have focused on galactic alignment and 0-point phenomena as relates to thinning of the quantum 'veil' and the emergence of Net reality with Effective Sensory Perception and a more enlightened social conscience in our interactive global social networks. 

This year's theme for the Cosmic Love Show is '2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude'


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