Cosmic Love

High State Disclosure, March 16, 2019

High State Disclosed
Full Disclosure from Deep to High State

Discussing the Compendium of the Week at:
High State Disclosure

Aquarian Insights, February 2, 2019

Evolution Revolution

Aquarian Revelations

Compendium with new videos, articles
and Cosmic LOVE Show podcast at:

Feb 4, 2019 / New Moon in Aquarius

Ascension and The Alliance, October 27, 2018

Deep State to High State

From Closed Systems of the Deep State
To Open Systems of the High State

Podcast – on Ascension and The Alliance;
Narrative via show blog HERE

Ascension – Evolution of the High State;
   Full Disclosure of the Opportunity

ASCENT EVENT, September 29, 2018

Ascent Event

Update on the Ascension Event

Greetings in the spirit of Cosmic LOVE.

Update on THE EVENT - two articles re:

Civilizations Next Phase, September 1, 2018

Capstone Conscience

Civilization's Next Phase

Discussing my last two articles regarding
the next phase of planetary civilization.

InfoWar via 5D Shift, August 18, 2018

5D Portal

Every year about this time, many of us go on vacation and tune-out geopolitical chaos that seems to heat up in the summer.


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