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Discussing 3 compendiums on
the 2020 Presidential Election:
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Global Reset to Heaven or Hell?
Nov 8, 2020

Trump Prevails with Sting Operation
Nov 6, 2020

Two Compendiums to Contemplate:

Making Sense of the Media Madness
20-20 Vision of Our Election Made Sure

  The Great Awaking has come upon us folks.
 The ancients knew of this time of Aquarius.
   The Bible prophesied this time of tribulations
   leading to 5D Revelations - mass upwising -
     via the Aquarian '2nd Coming' (Christ mass).

Discussing two recent compendiums:

The East-West Power Struggle for
Domination of AI and the World

Oct 1, 2020 / Full Moon in Aries
The High State 5D Mandate and Deep State 5G Agenda

Propaganda Watch – Rigging the Election?
Oct 10, 2020
The Deep State Deception Corrupting Perception

Compendium of 11 Videos plus Articles

Here’s my new compendium with some
excellent videos and articles HERE.

Keep the Faith - See the Good
And Make it So!


2020s Global Co-Creation Series

August 29, 2020 /

Battle for the Soul of America

A Compendium on the Great Awakening

The Transformation to a ‘Global Village’;
the ALL-connected Family of Mankind

Global Crisis Challenges & Opportunity

The Aquarian Mandate – Prime Directive

The 8-8 Lion's Gate Portal
 The energetic high point of the Lion's Gate

Summer Soul Soaring
and Crisis Update

(Reality Report)

A new compendium with a guided meditation…
soaring over the world while taking inventory of
 the current events with global mass awakening.