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Summer Reading & Viewing Compendium
With 7 new videos plus much more
   There's something here for everyone.
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Flashpoint in the rEVOLUTION

Kind Men Unite Among Mankind - Here's How!

Cosmic LOVE Show References

Three recent compendiums
discussed in this show:


The rEVOLUTION We've Been Waiting For
Deception Correction for Disruption of Corruption

This is a mini-history of the global
evolution revolution revelations
shaping profound world change.

Three Recent Compendiums
Discussed in This Show

Follow the show narrative of these articles,
pausing to watch videos or read links.

 Reality Report:
Urgent Alert - WWIII False Flag

Game Over:
Deep State Loses / High State Wins

A Vision for the Future of Humanity

Keep the Faith, See the Good
and Make it So!

Discussing timely videos
and articles of the week:

1- The Julian Assange arrest, and
     Joseph Campbell's 'hero myth'

    Assange is the archetype of
global press freedom

Full Disclosure from Deep to High State

Discussing the Compendium of the Week at:
High State Disclosure

We live at an amazing time of REVELATIONS.
Mankind is waking up fast... with 'side-effects'.

Deep State demise goes with High State rise.
It's a natural process folks. Shift happens!

Aquarian Revelations

Compendium with new videos, articles
and Cosmic LOVE Show podcast

Feb 4, 2019 / New Moon in Aquarius

This is the Spirit of Aquarius and
the subject of this compendium,
both opportunity and challenge.

Serious Issues - A Prayer Alert

for Global Holistic Healing