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Global Crisis - Prayer Alert
Five Stages for Resolving the Crisis

2021 Easter and Aquarian Spring:

The cat is out of the bag...
and airborne!


March 13, 2021 / New Moon
Metaphysical Musings Midst Mahem
March 3, 2021
March Method to the Madness

Discussing 4 compendiums over
the last 8 days:

1st – Feb 27, 2021 / Full Moon
Conscious Navigation of Inner Space

2nd – Feb 18, 2021
Intelligence Report of the Week

Cosmic LOVE with Dr Christopher Rudy

This is the time of the Great Awakening;
 a time of long-prophesied ‘Revelations’.

 Full Disclosure – Declassification – Debriefing
   - Mind-blowing exposure of the Deep State’s takedown;
   - Exceptional overview of the backstory for events now;
- Relief from the grief of not knowing what’s going on.

Kevin Raphael Fitch on Cosmic LOVE

Raphael is a widely known writer and teacher
of advanced astrology for detective work,
trend reports and self development.

Listen to Raphael's 'Cosmic Weather Report'
with astrology portents now and for 2021.

In this show, we will discuss 1st principles
of ‘cosmic’ (quantum) law framing the
unique astrology and psychology
 for each and all at this time.