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Cosmic LOVE, March 27, 2021

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Cosmic LOVE
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The Heart of Spring and Easter

2021 Easter and Aquarian Spring:

March 27, 2021
The Heart of Spring and Easter

March 20, 2021 / Spring Equinox
Happy Spring Equinox!
March 18, 2021
 Medical Mahem (Part Two)

Cosmic LOVE

'Dr. Christopher' pioneered quantum medicine in 1991 and is publisher of the Heartcom Network, culturing Net reality in our global village with quantum science as it relates to the Golden Rule-Law Language of LOVE in "form" (spiritual geometry) and "frequency" (heart coherence).
As the producer and host of Cosmic LOVE since 2007, Christopher has interviewed numerous guests ranging from Lynne McTaggart and Dan Winter to Foster Gamble of the Thrive Movement. Recent years have focused on galactic alignment and 0-point phenomena as relates to thinning of the quantum 'veil' and the emergence of Net reality with Effective Sensory Perception and a more enlightened social conscience in our interactive global social networks. 

This year's theme for the Cosmic Love Show is '2023 Mainstream Awakening'


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play the quickening and Awakening of Consciousness begin with you and your own personal evolution in higher consciousness
for listening to Cosmic Love
well howdy howdy just his the cosmic cowboy with Cosmic Love for March 27th 2021 and today I'll be discussing three compendiums that I've published since the new Moon 2 weeks ago
this is all part of the 2021 Aquarian spring Prelude series and you might say that these compendiums represent some of the Joy and Pain of global birth University of the new Earth as the Aquarian age squeezes through the Earth mother's birth canal at might be a little too graphic for you but just be more information than you want but I hope the Highlight some insights into the general Enlightenment process it's Transforming Our World very quickly so if you want to keep up with the lowdown and wise up for the takedown of the big life with the whole truth that is censored by the lamestream media stay tuned. The first Cosmic weather report
tomorrow we have a full moon in Libra and a grand air Trine with Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius both Mars and Saturn are sextile the sun which is conjunct Venus in Aries so there's a lot of are feeding hot Aries and Bs fire with sounds like tough love to me which shall get into later in the show so we've got the moon and Libra opposite the Sun and Aries with Venus for this full moon man you'll be feeling it tonight if you're a sensitive you might say Venus love energies might be a little prickly intense fiery it could go either way so be conscious of how your conscious is also a little influence of mercury which is conjunct Neptune in Pisces right now so by Aaron fire influence
in astrology psychology Quantum field this is a good time for methyl discernment of a deep profound naturia Mercury Neptune deep profound and Pisces deep profound a Mercury metal body so I hope they'll give you a kind of intellectual Edge as you listen to the show today and I'll go right into the first compendium published a week ago on the Spring Equinox and I'll share some highlights from the compendium just published today so you're on a computer while listening to this maybe you can pull up the show notes in another window to follow along with the compendiums that I'm discussing today otherwise enjoy the show here we go talk first about
March 20th 2021 spring equinox a week ago I had a thought-form up there which is actually the same infographic that's at the top of the show notes for the episode today and there's a guy and blessed with his hands turned upward in this heart you might say a flame with illuminations golden raisins and the words are in the infographic saying I grow in Consciousness presents and love knowing that the one in all vibrates In Me Is me and guide me. I thought up to the full awareness of all that I am so there's an I am affirmation for you
how to begin you know the the New Year from the Spring Equinox you know there's the astrology course the sign of Aries for the Spring Equinox that's the beginning of the astrological year Aries the first sign
and it's the time of initiation of course from a Global Perspective the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere is the fall Autumn at Eternal Equinox in the southern hemisphere
so it's good to understand that that the Equinox represents
the seating of the new year of the new crop and in the southern hemisphere it's the Harvest of what we have planted with what we have nurtured from the seed so the equinoxes that time of sowing and reaping you might say sewing in the north and reaping in the South and it's a beautiful metaphor for understanding basically our Global Village and how we are in Balance polarity with doves with the seasonal shifts which makes life on Earth interesting to say the least as a as the subtext for all that's going on we have the energetic hemispheric changing of the seasons so
this sucks spring equinox piece of that I'm discussing that's kind of the preface you might say for the peace I published today we just gets more into the Easter Resurrection spiral of spring and the understanding of aquarians spring has a larger cycle of initiation and the birthing of aquarius so basic the Spring Equinox piece was a bunch of thought forms it was a series or sequence of persuasion that goes deeper and deeper or wider and wider you might say more holistic orientation with keynote fought for concepts of that you are
archetypal representation of what the aquarium dispensation Aquarian age will look like will represent that we're moving into and so I'm going to go through these kind of affirmations you little commentary on them because the idea was to basically plant the seed with this spring equinox piece here in the northern hemisphere of the beginning of the year as far as gastrological Cycles go the initiation of spring with platform you might say they're planning in the collective Consciousness or least in the in the unified field of those who are reading this and the collective unconscious is Young my saved
that the that there's you might say in the field of Consciousness so the first thought form is a synchronized Global mediation
and I said mediation not meditation with the understanding that we are the media now this is the concept of the media as far as the internet goes is the infant everywhere interactive unity in diversity whereby we are already one we've been one and where the process of mediation truby of the New Media which internet has been the bridge you might say from internet internet to internet where I knew Unity Consciousness is emerging and the global Collective field Global Collective Consciousness unified field of Earth
you know where all the family man kind of global village in the technology has brought us to this point where we have this instant everywhere interactive telecommunication capabilities for culturing Unity in diversity and this is the Aquarian Quantum age understanding of the golden rule for mediation when I say understanding the Golden Rule after mediation it's the same Golden Rule that Zoe existed you know level of what goes around comes around every action there is an opposite and equal reaction in physics and biology that responds to stimuli but the concept of you know we shape our environment and then our environment shapes us and the Aquarian age the quantum age environment that we're shaping in the in the quantum field is a new unity and diversity and the golden rule for mediation
if you might say the gold standard for conscientious Common Sense Unity conscience
so this these metaphors for building Community coming in to Unity through communication capabilities these are the message that I'm massaging with these seeds thought forms in the spring equinox
beef sent out a week ago some more of these thought form Concepts coordinates for example is conscious evolution Revolution with global Telecom unity and hyperlink to Telecom with the unity with the understanding of the next big wave in the computer internet Revolution after basically the first wave being you might say the internet with the huge wave in the computer internet Revolution uniform Hardware to software than the net where the internet and course the second wave on that Communications Revolution was social media platforms
connect created with the second wave of the internet Revolution that created the capabilities for Mass interaction you know and postings and social media networks seen that being corrupted in co-opted now but what that which will make that second wave obsolete is a understanding and implementation and development of the third wave which will be Hardware like after Hardware or software net where is Hardware so this is computer Revolution mertzon Country Fruit to the 4th wave if you take Hardware the first wave software is the second wave net where's the third wave Hardware would be the fourth wave one way of understanding it and what that means is that there's a capability for Mass to mass interaction I just Mass interaction
but Mass to mass which means a hundred or a thousand or million people could respond to the same video YouTube video for example at the same time without creating noise utilizing the language is consciousness the language of light and neither course
Concepts that I've been highlighting for the last decade since 2000 actually with the understanding of the web of life web of consciousness
is where it's going and Universal interface for involving and evolving the language of light the language of Consciousness for culturing conscience with a Capital C you might say in our social networks that becomes the understanding of how a new Common Sense collected Unity Consciousness is emerging
and this is sometimes referred to as the Capstone Consciousness and the cap cap and Capstone is an acronym for the creative assent process
so the thought form of the Pyramid of self-actualization were the four sides of the pyramid are ascending to the Capstone to creative Ascent process sometimes referred to 5D or be The Fifth Element a sirak fire so you got the four sides and neither jungian archetypes Universal archetypes fire air water nerves but the fifth element is a cyrek fire
the Capstone is going up there far is that conscientious common sense but Unity conscience
it's the I am I can I will by God the great done deal fantastic and getting better it's the 5D internet reality in the web of life when Consciousness any of these are metaphors you might say that I've been John at Rising framing you know the semantics psychology frames of reference for understanding the evolution of Consciousness as a function of of the natural computer internet Revolution where it's taking us and it's you know we've gone from
you know the understanding that cars or the extension of the feet just like clothes or an extension of the skin telephones are extension of the Year television is the extension of the eyes and ears and the computer internet Revolution is an extension of the nervous system and consciousness of global community
in the funeral in the Holodeck you might say the brain holiday between the years and this understanding of the field of Consciousness and the evaluation criteria for originating in evaluating social media programs this is the pure intent of the model needs metaphors for for inside and Outlook to understand the overview you know the quantum field reality the aquarium filled Spirit the holistic whole Holy Spirit of love and action so what we're seeing is the evolution of high-touch high-tech
you know I lie personalized individualized customized Hi-Tech the use of Information Technology for personalizing information customizing information in formation information information know where is there are the pure geometry thought forms of Love model which I go into and this another pieces and has been referencing on blog for years just understand either basically basically Cosmic law coordinates and this is like you might say the keys to the
Kingdom King Kingdom in terms of keys to the internalization of God love consciousness of the universe you know it sometimes understood is the higher frequencies to hire Violet frequency blue plus pink equals Violet The Power of Love This is in reference to the understanding of the Aquarian age of freedom in law and sovereignty the concept of The Sovereign King again with the keys to the internalization of God As far as the geometric order Divinity love frame of reference for involving and evolving are conscientious
Common Sense Aquarian unity in diversity e pluribus unum is what the founding fathers referenced and now we're looking at that process of fulfilling what the founding fathers began globally worldwide High state of us
in terms of the United sovereigns of Earth and this High state of us as the Deep state divided conquer dystopia disintegrates
so we're looking at the ownership and control corporate ocracy the Deep state is getting upgraded to a high State this is the dynamic this is the resurrection spiral are going viral you might say and the best way to predict the future
is the created the next the next economy with the currency of conscience
for value-added everything now I've got currency of conscience
hyperlink because that understanding the new currency for the next economy
and now it's basically as a function of abundant Consciousness that cultures and economics of abundance for value-added everything this is what that currency of conscience article hyperlink goes into the whole understanding the family of mankind has arrived and it's been everywhere and interactive Global Village local is global now so I Join the Revolution be evolution is 90% of the word revolution and in the process welcome to Aquarius so that was kind of short
Prelude the piece published today which grows more into his understanding of the Easter Resurrection spiral aquarium string Prelude and what we're looking at as far as turning around the downward spirals of this last year was every part of the crucifixion so we look forward to the resurrection to be getting a new year upward mobile spirit that matters anyway that was the moon I did in that at the very bottom of the page I reference PS stay tuned for some astounding Revelations from juano sub
is understand a pseudo name for JFK jr. believe that or not that's being put out there I put it out there that serious if there's about to be some astounding Revelations coming from JFK jr. the fact that he is alive and well and has been working behind the scenes with white hats to turn things around again I want to believe that a lot of people want to believe that it's being put out there we'll see what happened let's hold the Immaculate Concept that there's a mighty spiral upward mobile spiral going so to speak viral you might say Beyond
Beyond physical to a spiritual level that transmute
call Louis Lester level viruses but anyway we're going to now
if you fellows today but you understand that goes into
hi Kya Hai concept of love
at the heart of Easter 2021 in aquarium spring
I don't know drink they're so we're out here with this understanding is really raising the standard of living
with the golden rule law language at the heart of the universal interface interface
an interface interface for interactive loving Telecom unit 5D TLC
now this is the piece that I have on the website at Easter 2021 Easter is this next week it's actually not what a week from tomorrow and this is kind of a Prelude to that but it's taking in the larger picture of Aquarion spring
and the resurrection spiral and a larger sense of not just this spring but this next 10 year. Which is still on the cusp of Aquarius leading us into
aquarium near the hole 2000 Millennial mm quarian a dispensation so we're looking at that initiation process is going on also and in the larger picture of course in the Aquarian age we all know the more light and love easier and faster will be transforming and tranio transcending the old Paradigm Paradigm paralysis in the stinking thinking in the stuck in negativity you know that work what we see in the world right now A lot of people are saying it up before I grate donning like before the Dawn soap
I've been telling you about for some time this understanding of
I've Quixote in multiple Dimensions Community Telecom Telecom conscience
tell a conures Telecare
and how these represent these different dimensions of TLC
cleanstep to mention other represent aspects of you might say the for lower body spiritual mental emotional and physical and again The Fifth Element V principal the Capstone is that a sirak fire really Quantum fire it's a Quantum field you know why the Aquarian age will be called the Quantum Edge cuz we're moving into this understanding of a Quantum everything how it's all connected in an instant everywhere interactive web of of light of energy and this Zero Point Circle consciousness of It's Been Everywhere interactive reality how we navigate that how we navigate the internet with the on the navigate from the internet to internet
Inner Space that is the Last Frontier
that is where our individual and Collective Consciousness creates a synergistic whole that's far greater than the sum of the parts not understanding linking the light of her of her gifts and talents
licking the light so that the benefits for all you know all these extraordinary opportunities that we have way in which I'll be getting into as I go through this piece in this blog is that fart form of I called the light man you know what this hard radiating energy and the Earth in the backdrop and that's basically a thought-form you know worldwide you might say love Foundation or some people would say the I am presence you know the presence of the spherical Consciousness the globe the unity Consciousness at heart
you know the idea of you know you know one for all and all for one we are one we are off in a forever now together now in the unified field of common conscientious common sense
with a standard of vision virtue and Valor for the victory of
divine love PLC however you want to say it
how you your course you can't legislate any kind of morality other than creating an environment in which it will Thrive course the idea of the community infrastructure worldwide is pretty much a place with internet technology whereby we can have gateways from cyberspace the Inner Space with web 3.0 technologies that will involve and evolve our individual and Collective Consciousness in a way that honors sovereignty individually and collectively at all levels
of course you know you know
they were not your work we're slave and worst kind of slavery is when you don't even know you're a slave as how you're not conscious and of course you know to an extent it's an ongoing process of becoming more conscious of how we are conscious so we have a third person perspective on you know who we are where we're going and how we're going to get there individually and collectively so the basically the crane environment in which we contrive you do an infrastructure for interactive Communications that will involve and evolve or individual and Collective consciousness
requires from first principles of cosmic law in Frost 3 and 1/2 Trinity to form one
it's full of peanut the C4 Square New Jerusalem white Cube pyramid of self and civilization of the Ian the love of model geometry frames of reference for conceptualizing the first principles of Aquarion Unity Quantum reality and Nature's universal law language from Atomic the holographic Universe, try using a universal language that frames the understanding of light as Consciousness the language of Light Of Consciousness ask for the co-creation of of mankind Collective Consciousness as kind man in relationship with the language of the angels of love you no heart coherence and the law of the angles of God geometrically ordered Divinity so this is the understanding that of ancient hermetic wisdom that in the beginning God Kiana tries
and if he's in the end we become what we do, try this Modern Love Coates wisdom and again the love coat I have hyperlinked if you have not seen the website on love codes and what I've been referring to over the years as the evaluation criteria to frames Hardware in Webb Street .04 the next days of the computer internet Revolution for a revolution and higher Consciousness comes back to this understanding of we shape our Communications infrastructure
you might say community
Cooperative coordination co-creation freedom of assembly Vehicles we create those
so it will talk about it like electronic town hall meeting you there are ways for social networks social media and whereby we can be the media we can mediate or well wishes with Hardware there's valuation Criterion processes based on the language of Consciousness and I've talked about this and previous shows but the website that I go into this with light language and the Holodeck websites which explains to the brain Holodeck in the dimensions for upper brain left brain right brain left brain right brain for brain we're brainless as a 3D basically frame of reference that in time you'll 4D can reference real-time Mass to mass interaction with three numbers scales and sequins that you can use on your Touchstone telephony or a alphanumeric keyboard on your personal computer either one you know whether it's a smart phone or your computer you can
interact on a real-time basis evaluating videos with the same love language of Consciousness that's part of the origination process and that's going to that in different websites and I've explained that just suffice for now for people to kind of new to this understanding we're at the cusp of Aquarian age where an Aquarian Springleaf thought-forms it's understanding that we are what we believe think feel and do you know what we geometry as you might say in spirit mind and body and having become by habit what we believe thought felt and did and this is Iza thought forms with the law of the one the two and one for 3 and one for 4 and one for 5 and one that I referred to as the love model
and this is the frames of reference that I go into more at Love Coates if you haven't seen that link on the love codes if you haven't seen that that website that goes into that we're talking about the first principles of cosmic law and natural law and a Quantum order of the universe programming language for the Holodeck between our ears excetera so this is been so far you might say that the preface Prelude to this larger piece that I'm going to go into now which is kind of a compendium of different uniform Spectrum perspectives on the same understanding of the Ascension process and basically the enlightenment process that's being sparked at this time of Aquarion spring and 2021 spring equinox it's being spark now so they say at the beginning of a lot of my compendiums in this one I also say you can skip to the bottom for a new
message from stockmar on lady Master Venus on Divine love the soul is eternal spring this was from Justice last week after the Spring Equinox conference play at at the art center but if you haven't heard from you there's a wonderful inspiring the message on Divine love the souls Eternal spring skip to that at the bottom of this blog we should get this is these These compendiums are logged on the show notes for this episode today
somebody just going to go into this narrative and the links again sometimes videos that you may want to pause the narrative and if you're watching strolling down through this Narrative of this compendium in another window you could always pause the the radio audio watch the video read the link so you have your own custom multi-media show some people like to do it that way some people aren't able to do it with maybe on a handheld computer
but it ain't me guy I'm going to go into this kind of like and if you can't with this understanding of common sense of these universal law language in a Cosmic Love principles and processes are the portents for Aquarius spring that may be in common but the higher the concept of Universal Law & Order Universal Law & Order than the more Cosmic
The evolutionary revolutionary results for sizing 90% of the word revolution is evolution
and that statement which is kind of overriding principle at the cusp of Aquarius followed by a companion my published several years ago and it's called the seven characteristics of mass Ascension interesting videos and a compendium that against some of you may want to watch that I'm going to go on with in the larger scheme of Eternal progression love is the key to prevent regression moving forward and onward upward spiral is the Great Awakening now going viral
the Deep State disintegrates as we wise up
and I state integrates
As We rise up so keep the faith Love Is Now winning the end of Pisces is Aquarius beginning and keep in mind last year was the crucifixion
and spring is Nature's time of Resurrection
so that's a little ditty at the beginning of what I'm going to go into which is kind of new and different I refer to it as geometry
Cosmic law framing Aquarian order
Aquarian Law & Order
basically goes back to Jama tries Catholic law and the subtitle here but this piece is introducing School of the prophets this is kind of new and I give a preface the preface for that was this piece that began with the day from the Spring Equinox 2021
scuse me
cuz the Keynotes to what the school the prophecies about I say right at the beginning here this is for kof Keepers of frequency who can t believe it achieve Holy Spirit as Love In Action as infrequently in a 4D time does a hyperlink on 40 time and a series of articles with the understanding of time in terms of different perceptual styles that we all have and you can do a self-assessment on your own perceptual style and how you perceive time now this 40 time is the heart
a v e prophecy some people understand the time is Mother spaces father 5D you might say The Best of Both Worlds its integration in the Synergy that's greater than the sum of the parts
so this is referring to self assessment tools and processes to know thyself and heal thyself as it healthy self heal myself
with accelerated love learning for 4D future memory again understanding for the time past present future
and the timeline and Beyond the timeline the fully present now
this follows from the understanding of from the link that I provided this 44d future memory on for eye frames of reference for once perception of time and for tuning into your soul contract
with Cosmic signs of these Ascent times
Quantum astrologic prophecy excetera the understanding of these signs of the times
is a high state of love Jimmy AAA order Divinity integrates and the Deep State disintegrates this is the process of universal law Quantum law is integrating
and it's basically neutralizing the walls in the mind at the state deep state
has created the vault in the mind and the Jets created you might say dystopia between are here that's disintegrating
as the quantum field vibrates increasingly as we move into that area of deep-space known as Aquarius and those Aquarian energies basically raised the frequency in the Holodeck than the Schumann resonance with the Earth which resonates in the Holodeck the torus field energy field in the head around the whole body of the fields within field as the frequencies of the field increase it resonates at all levels and this is the process of integrating
components to the Capstone you might say
the creative Ascent process and jump starting one's personal Ascension and this is all a process then that is mirrored with Hardware
for upgrading our core constitutional freedoms ur5 core internet freedoms
Coltrane conscientious, common sense and social networks
any Community is what this heart where does
and this is the larger context I've been drinking since the first of the year and how to Trend fit Revelations of Aquarius with another 2021 aquarium spring Prelude you know the series I've been doing since the first of the year so we're really talking about fast-tracking Global Evolution evolution is 90% of of the word revolution
organizing all the information in formation is referred to as information ecology recycling of general knowledge to generate specific wisdom and powering wisdom with logging interactive Hardware this is what it does but you can understand if you tune into it and I provide free hyperlinks in this next paragraph saying that rhyme with Aquarian archetypes geometry Rising first principles of universal law language framing the order of the holographic Universe are there are keywords in there still three hyperlinks with these keywords you know that the time was Aquarian archetypes universal law of language and holographic universe
if you haven't read these hyperlinks I've used the previous compendiums this is a good overview again for getting to the point of understanding the 4D constructs of time
using understanding kind of mother time is the neuronal in nurturing in time in a moment-to-moment love got a higher concept of Love Again Versa-Lok Cosmic Love
of you know the love of God of god of love you know do you know the unified field conscientious common sense of love
in time in a moment-to-moment built momentum
and this is what Hardware does interactive interface it builds momentum individually and collectively moment-to-moment so it nurtures the understanding of time is the fully present now like the I am presence V 5D conscience now it nurtures with understanding of full spectrum love in the Continuum of 5D love you know the love love circle triangle square geometry concept of love in the now so you can send everywhere
Eternal infinite Enlighten full spec and fully present and now you know there is no time or space it's all a contract but the idea being fully present in the moment
in the sense of the I am presence in the sense of Capstone Consciousness creative sent process
I am more like love you too and faster I mean I love this quote by this guy named Michael altschuler reset the bad news is time flies the good news is you're the pilot so here's the flight plan UniFirst the ascent coordinates the first principles of cosmic universal language of the angels of love and love the angles of God geometric order divinity
are the frames of reference whereby we shape our Consciousness and our Consciousness then shape sucks
and Abraham Lincoln and countless others have uttered some variation of this quote that quote the best way to predict your future is to create it
so we're talking about Cooperative co-creation coordination in with this Universal love
Universal love law language interface unit 3D to 5D + interactive interface 3D 240 you know in time which references cultures nurtures of 5D
interactive TLC for master master Telecom telecommunity tell a conscience Telecare tell a Commerce navigating the Last Frontier of Innerspace internet
anyway there's much more on this the school of the prophets I'll be having to link if you're interested in the school of the prophets 101 at the bottom of this
Amino coming to an enlightened Holodeck near you you know that the quantum field Hollow deck between your ears the more you have this understanding of what that is and how this is the biological model for biomimicry from the upper brain or brain left brain rear brain for brain brain for brain
again upper brain lower brain left brain right brain rear brain for Braintree deep in a leading to the 40 in time that qualifies the 5D the link I provided on the how that goes into that if you're interested in more in basically not a program your Holodeck for experiences that are you know virtually prophetic for your divine plan for your Divine Destiny for your personal prophecy where you where you're going and your future your soul contract excetera and surveyed for the length article can you qualify as like an initiate's I provide a link and what I mean by that the founders program there's no charge for now the price you pay is your attention now in a moment to moment
Gathering momentum as a habit this is the currency of conscience
where are the currents of consciousness
create momentum create a habit and involve and evolve an otherwise culture your conscience with a Capital C as in Christ Consciousness as in Collective Christ Unity Consciousness Common Sense ship or ship this is where your god or goddess your your choice
and we are we believe think feel and do as I said earlier having become true habit what we believe thought Felton did to pay attention attention pays against is the currency of Consciousness in article on that in-depth compendium on that understanding with a hyperlink in the compendium that you can go to see if you are so inclined
I'm in the larger scheme of Soul evolution
the larger scheme of Soul Evolution it is pure intention that focuses attention
would love retention in a your co-creation interface Your Love retention for conscious Ascension in a 5th Dimension of full spectrum of comprehension
so there is a in a white light is all the colors in the Spectrum we tend to be strongest on certain bands of the spectrum you know some people lack stop much attainment on any band of the spectrum that's called. Special autism
but you never hear about the opposite of spectral autism which is full-spectrum Enlightenment you know you're on the path of the highest truth and this is what the next section I'm going into this is a sequel to the the article on the path of God and Country just want it all began for me if you're interested but in a psychological warfare between the Deep state of one-way programming in a high state of interactive truth there's nothing more valuable than a Clear Vision of net reality shaped by the whole healthy holy truth
by way of an open independent interactive internet
an open independent interactive internet web 3.0 Hardware cyberethics what that looks like how that works so
is predictive modeling
as a form of truth-telling the challenges pathological BS beliefs systems known as Sin stuck in negativity
so basically are you know you have negative prophecies that can be proven wrong and you have positive prophecies that can be proven right where you put your conscience is where your cell for filling prophecy is pretty much what we ask for what you know her like her or not you put your energy into the dark side of the force and you're going to be manifesting Darkside stop and vice versa are you put your energy into you know higher frames of reference for understanding you know basically representing and channeling magnetizing hire actors from the angels and aliens and you know where you put your energy goes around comes around you know what you think about you bring about so where do you want to go with your Consciousness today
I love the quote by Gandhi when he said quote many people especially ignorant people want to punish you for speaking the truth for being correct for being you never apologize for being correct or for being years ahead of your time if you're right and you know it speak your mind even if you a man or a man orgy of one the truth is still the truth Mahatma Gandhi the Great Soul of India who brought India to Independence she was like The Fountains like the George Washington and Thomas Jefferson combine that means pay attention assist I guess my summation point I'm coming into here pay attention with your intention attention of Spades with focused attention attention and conscious attention of the dimension of full spectrum comprehension can't say that enough that's the keynote bus forms of this Cosmic Love
Hardware the greater the application of Love In Action the greater the results as the Abundant Life with shift to an economics of abundance love is the key spiritual geometry Salon language framing 5e the prime directives for Unity in diversity of links you can go into this so you can have your own multimedia show some people are interested in skimming over the surface some people want to stop every once in a while and go deep you have the opportunity to do so like I say Global humanity is Awakening with a new common sense of ourselves as a whole a whole system that together represent our Awakening to The evolutionary path as an alliance of all of us United Sovereign Silver Co creating a Unity State v d i m
present Universal solidarity for Earth Ascension by way of the alliance of alliances on the network of networks you know the internet as it evolves matures into the internet the web of life web of Consciousness so the whole system's Guru Buckminster Fuller famous for saying you never change things by fighting the existing reality to change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete so there's that infographic and Bucky Fuller with his models and the keynote here is at the Alliant now is championing championing the high State the greatest fear the pathological deep state is that people with wise up to the high state with Fearless Faith In The Power of Love At Heart
the claim the victory of virtue Valor and smart the vision of buying for a new system is the key as the high state integrates will have Liberty Heaven Knows the source of all that is real and how Gathering the tribes is the new deal but that looks like a Global Evolution is the best of all Worlds at Universal solution we get what we asked for in the larger scheme of full vision for victory like a high self-esteem so there is a video and some another keynote concept of what's going on with this web 3.0 Revolution we're going into Quantum frequencies of Aquarius you know on Earth as in heaven Quantum Cosmos large we are not alone in the universe full disclosure is going mainstream the SSP secret space program is no longer Secret
space force is now the V branch of the military space technology has come to Earth from all over the Galaxy the whole truth disrupts the big lie new clean free energy technology makes a dirty oil obsolete new Quantum energy healing technology makes big toxic oil obsolete new Quantum energy healing technology makes big toxic Pharma obsolete new Quantum Financial system qff makes big corrupt banksters obsolete new Global Telecom intellicare makes deep State tourney obsolete liberating Global Tel a conscience and teleconference Commerce from institutionalized Paradigm Travis's and fearless Faith naturally neutralizes the basement stairs so remember TLC this a master ski that the vanity with natural homeostasis imbalance for wisdom of the quantum crowd individual and Collective conscience for
buy a full spectrum interactive is Vision so basically you know I want to have to wrap this up a little short this is the tough love I just finished but I mentioned at the beginning to pretty intense stuff so finish up with the wonderful inspired vision from sanat Kumar and let him ask your Venus want to thank you all for listening today Cosmic Love I hopefully you've heard something that starts your conscience Meadow and awakens your part and the global Revolution and higher Consciousness that accelerating with Aquarian spring soap keep the faith make it so happy for now
May the quickening and Awakening of Consciousness begin with you and your own personal evolution in higher consciousness
thanks again for listening to Cosmic Love

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