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Cosmic LOVE, August 1, 2020

Global Reset
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Cosmic LOVE
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Social War vs Social Conscience

2020s Global Co-Creation Series

Social War versus Social Conscience


The Mask Debate, Tyranny Tactics

And the TLC Alliance

Either we wake up, wise up and rise up

with a unified field of social conscience

or a corrupt medical-industrial complex

make a killing reducing population

"for our health".
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Cosmic LOVE

Cosmic LOVE with Christopher Rudy
Dr. Christopher Rudy
'Dr. Christopher' pioneered quantum medicine in 1991 and is publisher of the Heartcom Network, culturing Net reality in our global village with quantum science as it relates to the Golden Rule-Law Language of LOVE in "form" (spiritual geometry) and "frequency" (heart coherence).
As the producer and host of Cosmic LOVE since 2007, Christopher has interviewed numerous guests ranging from Lynne McTaggart and Dan Winter to Foster Gamble of the Thrive Movement. Recent years have focused on galactic alignment and 0-point phenomena as relates to thinning of the quantum 'veil' and the emergence of Net reality with Effective Sensory Perception and a more enlightened social conscience in our interactive global social networks. 

This year's theme for the Cosmic Love Show is '2023 Mainstream Awakening'


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